Congress must do its duty and impeach Trump

Impeach Trump

Congress must now do its duty

The impeachment of Donald J. Trump is long overdue. Democrats — and all Americans who love this country — need to speak up and demand impeachment.

The wimpy House of Representatives seems to be saying, “Mr. Mueller, we don’t know what to do; please, tell us what to do.” Robert Mueller is a patriot, a man of true integrity, and he has laid out an entire case for impeachment, but he refuses to do (and cannot do) the job of Congress.

Some say we should just wait for the next election and vote Trump out. But Putin and the Russians are even more emboldened, even more expert at manipulating our elections and our electorate. And what if Trump wins?

Our founding fathers included the impeachment clause for a very good reason, —so that if our country somehow ended up with a president who was obviously incapable, corrupt and without morals, a president who was an unindicted co-conspirator involving a felony, in other words: a man such as Trump, Americans would not have to leave him in office for his entire term. We would not have to endure additional damage to our Democracy and to our Country.

Right now, the House is badly in need of courage to begin the process of impeachment, and the Senate is badly in need of courage to ignore Trump’s tweets and morality to stand up to Sen. Mitch McConnell and to do what is right.

I urge you to call your representatives, call your senators, call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, write to your newspaper, talk to your friends. Be a voice now for what is right and what is moral.

Fran Ervin

Mill Creek

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