Covid changes will be toughest on high school juniors

I will be a senior in high school this coming September. While I, like many teens, don’t enjoy school, I do value learning and the education school provides. This pandemic was really bad for those graduating this year, because they missed out on prom as well as all the other perks that come at the end of senior year.

When looking from a purely educational perspective it was far more detrimental to my grade because we missed much of our junior year and have no time during our senior year to make it up. Junior year is the most crucial year when it comes to learning, and many of my classmates and I are still required to know stuff when we enter college.

From what I have seen it seems like the school district has put the education of younger grades like elementary schoolers above high schoolers when integrating safe-distancing practices this upcoming school year. It is assumed that high schoolers can learn from home much better than elementary schoolers. While this may be true, learning is far more efficient when done in a classroom setting, even for high schoolers.

In my mind they have failed to consider the needs of the later grades. High schoolers have far less time to prepare and recover from the amount of education lost from the pandemic. This should be considered when a decision is made coming this December.

Clifford K.

Class of 2021


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