Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Nov. 3

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Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Nov. 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Voters spoke, but I-976 must get court review

Too much is at stake to allow the measure to gut transportation revenue without a constitutional vetting.

Viewpoints: Pick a side, America: Law-and-order or conspiracy

Which ‘frame’ of the impeachment issues is accepted may determine the outcome of the process.

Commentary: Amazon’s klutzy politicking backfires in Seattle

Barging into Seattle City Council races, Amazon handed the race to those who are now ready to tax it.

Commentary: Finding a way forward on Casino Road

To help the Everett neighborhood’s residents out of poverty, provide them skills and resources they need.

Candidate’s win in Lynnwood an encouraging sign

Even though affirmative action measure Referendum 88 failed in the recent vote,… Continue reading

Stick with the gas tax for transportation revenue

Now that the voting, taxpaying public has spoken regarding I-976 and $30… Continue reading

Climate change or not, pollution is harmful and must stop

The recent letter to the editor, ” Clean air causing global warming,”… Continue reading

Editorial: Ballot numbers better, but still short of half-bad

Voter turnout improved over recent off-year elections but is still below what’s needed for good government.

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