Forbidding food, such as holidy candy, isn’t healthy

I am writing in regard to Jennifer Bardsley’s Oct. 13 column, “A sugar addict realizes willpower is no match for candy corn.”

As a Health at Every Size Registered dietitian, may I suggest to you and your readers picking up Linda Bacon’s books “Health at Every Size” and “Body Respect.” Let me explain that the model has five principles and you can find them at It teaches self-respect and compassion for all, size diversity and eating for well-being.

Well being does not mean portioning out 18 candy corn once a year. Think about teaching yourself and children that there should be no moral judgment on food. Stop listening to diet culture. Candy in homes that allow it, does not become something to be hoarded, because it is allows availability, just like fruit and veggies. Nor would you be shoveling scoops in your mouth.

A way that does not include diet culture respects you and your family. If families want to teach their children about candy, or any “forbidden” food, stop forbidding the food. Eat and enjoy the food you want. Do not shovel them into your mouth. You can put them away and not worry about “overeating ” a portion size, because you determine the portion that you and your body wants. Do the same with your family, and you will be surprised at how long the candy corn can stick around.

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Thanks and enjoy the candy corn!

Faith Martian


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