Here are 10 reasons why I didn’t vote for Trump

In response to Ron Jinkens’ Aug. 29 letter to the editor, “10 reasons why I voted for Trump”:

1. I voted for a woman who knew about government, foreign affairs and finishing a sentence.

2. I want a Supreme Court that bases decisions on law not money.

3. I voted for someone who respects a woman’s right to choose. Men should not be making decisions about child bearing until they can bear one themselves.

4. I care more about people than a wall.

5. Trump hasn’t jump-started an economy. He gave the top 1 percent of the wealthiest people a huge number of deductions. I think the lower and middle class should have gotten one too.

6. Trump has a 50-year history of not paying taxes, bills or people he has contracted to work with. His own foundation was shut down because he used the money for himself.

7. Trump doesn’t drain swamps, he makes them bigger.

8. I voted for someone who is politically correct. That means no name calling, reading pertinent information, listening to people who have more experience and tells the truth!

9. I voted for someone who cares about people. “Socialism” means taking care of each other. Where do you suppose Social Cecurity, L&I, welfare, Medicare, health insurance, minimum wage and food stamps came from? Have you used public highways, public education, hospitals. Fire and police or telephones? Surprise, “socialism” has benefited you too.

10. I care more about people than guns.

I voted against Trump in 2016. I will be doing it again in 2020.

Lynda M. Dawson


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