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Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Oct. 21

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Costs of I-976 would be too great to bear

It would gut funding for state and local road and transportation projects, and could stop ST3.

Viewpoints: What impeachment trial in Senate might look like

Chief Justice John Roberts would hold the gavel, but Majority Leader Mitch McConnell holds the reins.

Comment: R-88 assures best students, workers aren’t overlooked

Health care and other fields need well-educated applicants. R-88 would aid equity in opportunities.

McArdle: Democrats, focus first on patient care, then bills

The candidates ought to consider The Cleveland Clinic, which was a model for the ACA’s reforms.

Parker: Now that truth is out, Mulvaney can get some sleep

A freed conscience — and a change in employment — should help the acting chief of staff rest easier.

Robinson: Trump’s in tailspin and taking nation down with him

His dealings with Turkey and Ukraine are only the latest proof he is not fit to serve as president.

Vote no on I-976 to maintain transit and roads

Voting against Initiative 976 is a no-brainer. Although it contains too many… Continue reading

Forbidding food, such as holidy candy, isn’t healthy

I am writing in regard to Jennifer Bardsley’s Oct. 13 column, “A… Continue reading

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