It is not de facto gun registration

In Thursday’s Herald there is a letter by Mike Meisner that claims I-594 is gun registration and an attempt to end private gun ownership.

First he argues that making it harder for criminals to buy a gun will not deter anyone from getting their hands on one; this is like saying locking your doors doesn’t stop thieves. Yes, some criminals will still easily get guns, but not all of them.

Next he argues that I-594 won’t stop legally authorized gun owners from committing crimes. These people usually don’t commit crimes because they are responsible. Trusting people who have thus far proven trustworthy is a risk most of us are willing to take to protect our Second Amendment rights.

Finally he argues that this new law will force people to register their guns, like car registration, and restriction on alcohol. He reminds us that despite these restrictions people still drive drunk. Well, yes, drunk driving is still a big problem, and even if I-594 is passed, gun violence will likely still be a problem. However, since the crackdown on drunk driving, there are far less alcohol-fueled collisions.

Thursday’s letter lacks a stated thesis, but it seems to be: I-594 won’t stop all violent crime, therefore let’s make sure it doesn’t pass. And while we’re at it, why don’t we get rid of alcohol laws and license requirements? Since some people still drive drunk we may as well make it legal for 12 year olds to do it.

Jay Vandenberg


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