Jogger able to defend against cougar because heard it coming

The Colorado jogger who fought off a cougar attack made mention of the fact that he had a heads-up on the cougar because he wasn’t listening to music while running. This fact may have been lost on many, as it has been for many years.

Decades ago I was a member of the Guam safety council. I brought up the issue that the introduction of the Walkman had also introduced an element of danger to pedestrians and bike riders by impairing one of the principal senses that would keep them safe. This was something we thought we could regulate on the military facilities, but found it more challenging in the civilian world.

People are essentially free to be stupid about personal risk. Of course, the situation with devices of distraction has only become worse as has the allure to ignore common sense in the pursuit of personal pleasure and status. There, unfortunately, are times when a victim can be blamed, especially when one has chosen to impair a vital sense needed for survival.

Thomas J. Munyon


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