Name new Everett park for Emma Yule

The park located on Colby Avenue near the new YMCA remains nameless, and Everett finally has the opportunity to honor one of its founding mothers. Street names and parks all over Everett are named for the founding fathers, yet female players in Everett’s history are completely ignored.

Let’s change that. This petition will tell the city council we want a woman’s name on Everett’s map.

Emma S. Yule was Everett’s first hired teacher, first principal, and first female schools superintendent. She started school programs that still exist and her values aligned with the values of the Y.

The city’s other name choice is Arthur Grossman. He was a beloved family doctor, involved with the Y. Let’s name the new Y building after him. Then it’s a win for all.

This petition is not just about honoring a person. It is changing Everett’s map and finally putting an important and influential woman on it. It is acknowledging a 126-year-old legacy that has almost been forgotten, because she is a woman. Naming the park after Yule says what we value. It says that we honor women contributors and that we are an inclusive, forward-thinking city.

One hundred years — even 50 years from now — will Everett’s map still be a collection of men’s names? If we name this park for Yule, Everett’s map will include at an important woman in Everett’s history. It will have more impact, and be more inspiring to see a woman’s name than any other choice before the city.

Deb Fox


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