Rants and raves over the crisis at the southern border

Rant to border officials who tried to prevent pictures of the current conditions of immigrants at the border.

Rave to Ted Cruz and others for publicizing the conditions there.

Rave to the official who repeatedly requested that the dignity of the people at the border to be respected.

Rant to the millions American drug users fund the violent gangs in Central America.

Rave to all programs foreign and domestic who are trying to curb drug usage.

Rant to the Trump administration for cutting foreign aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador making it more difficult for them to address their gang problems.

Rant to the Trump administration for defining the flood of immigrants as “the problem”; rather than addressing the cause.

Rave to the Biden administration for wanting to work with the three countries to lessen the causes of their citizens fleeing to America.

Rant to politicians and capitalists who have refused to support sensible immigration reform in order to continue to have a source of cheap and vulnerable labor.

Rave to all organizations and individuals who have work for fair and equitable treatment for immigrant labor.

Rave to all of the immigrants who work at low paying jobs that few Americans are willing to do.

Rant to all who blame people for wanting to live a safer life.

Rave to all who understand that we will continue to have immigrants as long as America is perceived as the best country in which to live.

Gary McCaig


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