Russians, racism, recession; it’s all untrue

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. False. Faux outrage.

Racist, racist, racist, and yes, more racists. False. More faux outrage. No traction.

Recession, recession, recession. False. Still more false outrage.

This is the Democratic Party’s mantra. Spearheaded by their nutty 22 or so running for president. Actually the Russians never were coming. Even an ultra-biased report had to give up on that one. Trump has never been a racist. Ask Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who couldn’t get enough of him before he was president. Heck, they even gave him an award from the black community he’d done such a good job of not being a racist.

Racists don’t do prison reform that primarily helps blacks. They don’t go into Democratically controlled communities to help better their life. Well that didn’t work so they decided to tar and feather all his supporters too. Heck, we’re all racists now. Media and Democrats are tag-teaming one another to destroy Trump and his supporters. Still didn’t work.

No, there is no recession looming in the near future. But by God they will try to scare the heck out you saying there is. Nothing is above this crowd. Nothing. One day of a downturn does not make a recession. Stock market headed back up the next day. All indicators for economy show it’s extremely healthy. My projection. Trump will win 2020 by a margin not seen since Reagan won. So please, keep up your faux outrage, hatred, and lies. It is the best way to assure Trump of victory.

Mike Mitchell


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