Valley needs to support Monroe hospital with levy yes vote

We need to support our valley hospital.

There is no way I could name all the things a community needs. I do know of a few things I want. Strong schools, well-equipped libraries, strong leaders, parks, active churches, places for our children to gather and play and the willingness for people to get involved. My dad told me that if you live in a community you need to give back and be involved for your community to thrive and be successful.

A few years ago, we all came together to save our valley hospital. By doing this we ended up with a very good hospital. Now we need to take the next step to keep the high level of patient care and continue to make updates.

Can you imagine if we didn’t have our EvergreenHealth hospital in our valley and you needed to get to an emergency center and had to travel on Highway 522 or U.S. 2 and the Ebey Slough bridge to get that care. We all know that feeling when we are trying to get to an appointment or a meeting with friends and you are late, and the traffic isn’t going to help you get there on time.

Please vote for our public hospital and approve Proposition 1 for the sake of our valley community.

Mike Carlson


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