Watch impeachment hearings and decide for yourself

I hope all Americans are watching the impeachment hearings being televised. It’s our duty, in my opinion, to watch and listen to the testimony, provided mostly at this point by career foreign and diplomatic personnel. No matter which camp you are in, it is impossible to disregard the gravity of what current and former public servants are reporting in their testimony and observations. In the absence of testimony and documentation from the administration, they are nevertheless providing us with critical information that gives us a view into the actions of the president. I believe he has committed crimes; the facts are simple and undisputed.

He withheld financial support to Ukraine which had been appropriated by both houses of Congress and approved by himself. He held it hostage while he extorted the newly elected Ukrainian president to help him in his political campaign. From the moment he withheld the aid, he was in violation of his oath to uphold the Constitution.

Trump extorted a young Democracy and its new president. He abused his power and the office of the presidency. Those things happened. He did them for his own personal gain and to subvert the 2020 election. He is guilty of the crimes of bribery and extortion. Those are impeachable offenses. Whether or not he is removed from office on a vote from the Senate, I have my doubts, but his behavior is impeachable.

Please, watch the hearings. Listen and decide for yourselves. The integrity and reputation of our country is on the line.

Mary Ellen Hardy


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