Kamiak opens new track with dedication

MUKILTEO – The first meet of the season is always exciting.

The non-conference season opener was extra special for Kamiak, which had a special ceremony beforehand to honor Erv Ellis, a longtime track coach who passed away last summer.

In the end, Everett came out on top 83-62 at the newly-christened Erv Ellis Track, but Kamiak girls head coach Bill Costello liked what he saw from the Knights.

“Both teams competed extremely well,” Costello said. “Everybody brought it.”

Costello was happiest with Sean Beighton, who pole vaulted 14 feet.

“That’s great for a first meet,” Costello said.

As far as Everett went, Costello said Andrew Stiger’s javelin throw of 184 feet was “really impressive.”

“Those were the two most outstanding individual performances,” Costello said of Beighton and Stiger.

Axel Stanovsky started the season with wins in the 1,600- and 3,200-meter races, finishing in four minutes, 45.6 seconds and 10:22.4, respectively. Joseph Giesick helped Everett along with wins in the 100 (11.4 seconds) and 200 (23.1).

Kamiak named the track for Ellis, a volunteer track and field coach at Kamiak for 12 years.

“After the opening introduction both teams competed inspired,” Costello said.

Costello said he enjoyed the meet because there was “healthy competition” but still “great sportsmanship.”

The Knights were not at full strength, with four of their top athletes nursing injuries.

“Our relays are gonna start coming in to place” when they get back, Costello said.

In the meantime Kamiak is looking ahead at the new season with plenty of optimism.

“Spring has sprung,” Costello said. “We’ve seen what we need to work on.

“We’re excited about the upcoming season.”

At Kamiak H.S.

110 hurdles-Hopkins (E) 16.1; 100-Giesick (E) 11.4; 1,600-Stanovsky (E) 4:45.6; 400 relay-Everett 45.30; 400-Logue (K) 53.50; 300 hurdles-Hopkins (E) 41.9; 800-Ordona (E) 2:20; 200-Giesick (E) 23.1; 3,200-Stanovsky (E) 10:22.4; 1,600 relay-Kamiak 3:44.7; Javelin-Stiger (E) 184 ft; Discus-Krebsbach (K) 134 feet; Triple jump-Jones (E) 41-9.5; Shot put-Finrow (K) 42-10; High jump-Swarthout (K) 5-10; Long jump-Cho (K) 20-10.5; Pole vault-Beighton (K) 14.

Lake Stevens 116, Shorewood 30: At Lake Stevens, Vikings teammates Daniel Russum, Kelly Kurisu and Ashton Mott each won two events as Lake Stevens won the non-conference dual meet.

At Lake Stevens H.S.

3,200-VanSanten (LS) 9:51.1; 110 hurdles-Russum (LS) 18.8; 100-Mott (LS) 11.2; 1,600-Bywater (LS) 4:28.3; 400 relay-Lake Stevens (44.8; 400-Molstre (LS) 54.2; 800-Chesik (LS) 2:04.3; 200-Mott (LS) 23.0; 300 hurdles-Russum (LS) 46.8; 1,600 relay-(LS) 3:38.1; Javelin-Kurisu (LS) 152-6; Discus-Neubuaer (SW) 122-8; Triple jump-Graham (LS) 39-7; Shot put-Kurisu (LS) 47-7.5; High jump-Lee (SW) 5-10; Long jump-Gruge (SW) 20-1; Pole vault-Cole (LS) 10-6.

Mountlake Terrace meet: At Edmonds, Edmonds-Woodway’s Eric Greenwood set a school record of 6-feet, 7-inches in the high jump in the non-league meet.

At Edmonds District Stadium

Team results-Bishop Blanchet 80, Edmonds-Woodway 77, M. Terrace 71, Juanita 27.

110 hurdles-Doyle (MT) 15.7; 100-Guttormsen (BB) 11.4; 1,600-Yilma (E-W) 4:37.1; 400 relay-M. Terrace 46.7; 400-Wafer (E-W) 51.5; 300 hurdles-Parks (BB) 44.1; 800-Swenson (BB) 2:00.9; 200-Guttormsen (BB) 23.7; 3,200-Reisenauer (BB) 10:22.3; 1,600 relay-Bishop Blanchet 3:45.8; Javelin-Weber (MT) 153-7; Discus-Routen (E-W) 114-11.5; Triple jump-Koreyasu (MT) 35-11; Shot put-Routen (E-W) 43-2; High jump-Greenwood (E-W) 6-7; Long jump-Greenwood (E-W) 18-9.5; Pole vault-Kemly (BB) 9-6.

King’s 101.5, Cashmere 50.5, Cascade-Leavenworth 18: At Shoreline, King’s Josh Fuller won the 100-meter race (11.64 seconds) and 200 (23.76) to help the Knights win the non-conference tri-meet against Cashmere and Cascade. Ty Daugherty raced and won both the 110 (17.53) and 300 hurdles (45.52) for Cascade.

At Woolsey Stadium.

3,200-Mellenberger (Cashmere) 10:54.77; 110 hurdles-Daugherty (Cascade) 17.53; 100-Fuller (King’s) 11.64; 1,600-Pierson (Csh) 4:50.75; 400 relay-Kings (Blauert, Fuller, Ayers, Yakovich) 46.65; 400-Dull (K) 54.55; 800-Geers (K) 2:16.45; 200-Fuller (K) 23.76; 300 hurdles-Daugherty (Cas) 45.52; 1,600 relay-King’s (E. Dull, J. Dull, Fuller, Ayers) 3:40.15; Javelin-Callahan (Csh) 151-7; Discus-Swanson (K) 128-7; Triple jump-Yakovich (K) 42-08; Shot put-Swanson (K) 42-10.75; High jump-Talbot (K) 5-10; Long jump-Yakovich (K) 19-05.5.

S. Whidbey jamboree:

At S. Whidbey H.S.

110 hurdles-Snyder (A. Murphy) 15.27; 100-Snyder (AM) 11.57; 1,600-King (Coupeville) 4:27.0; 400-Chong (Oak Harbor) 55.48; 800-Royce (OH) 2:13.87; 200-Poolman (S. Whidbey) 24.27; 3,200-Dix (OH) 10:30.8; 1,600 relay-Coupeville 3:42.22; Javelin-Miller (C) 135-7; Discus-Davis (AM) 107-3; Shot put-Hunter (OH) 46-10; High jump-Rumble (OH) 6-2; Long jump-Bennett (SW) 18-11; Pole vault-Butler (Lakewood) 8-6.

Girls track

Mountlake Terrace meet: At Edmonds, Edmonds-Woodway’s Jennifer Quick was a double winner, taking the 300-meter hurdles and the pole vault in the non-league meet.

At Edmonds District Stadium

Team results-Bishop Blanchet 85, Mountlake Twerrace 78, Edmonds-Woodway 62, Juanita 43.

3,200-Barlag-We (BB) 12:55.8; 100 hurdles-Hanson (MT) 16.9; 100-Mercier (BB) 13.1; 1,600-Southcote-Want (E-W) 5:57.7; 400 relay-Edmonds-Woodway (Tougas, Esonu, O’Banion, Howard) 54.9; 400-Ris (J) 1:05.5; 800-A. Toulouse (BB) 2:35.9; 200-B. Toulouse (BB) 27.2; 300 hurdles-Quick (E-W) 52.7; 800 relay-M. Terrace 2:00.4; 1,600 relay-Bishop Blanchet 4:21.0; Javelin-Hovick (MT) 106-0; Discus-Rundle (J) 84-1; Triple jump-Dinh (MT) 30-9.5; Shot put-Rundle (J) 28-11; High jump-Smith (E-W) 4-8; Long jump-Mercier (BB) 15-11.5; Pole vault-Quick (E-W) 8-0.

Lake Stevens 108, Shorewood 42: At Lake Stevens, Brittany Aanstand won the long jump (15-feet, 11.5-inches) and the javelin (133-2) to help Lake Stevens defeat Shorewood in the non-conference dual meet. The Vikings also swept the Thunderbirds in the relay events .

At Lake Stevens H.S.

3,200-Goldor (LS) 12:51; 100 hurdles-Whitsell (LS) 17.8 100-Franklin (LS) 13.4; 1,600-Minor (LS) 5:41.7; 400 relay-Lake Stevens 53.0; 400-Wright (LS)1:04.8; 800-Levey (S) 2:33.6; 200-Manchant (S) 28.5; 300 hurdles-Anderson (LS) 51.5; 800 relay-Lake Stevens 1:56.8; 1,600 relay-Lake Stevens 4.28.9 Javelin-Aanstand (LS) 133-2. Discus-Tri (LS) 93-11; Triple jump-Kipola (LS) 33-4; Shot put-Christenson (S) 35-6.5; High jump-Caroline (S) 5-2; Long jump-Aanstand (LS) 15-11.5; Pole vault-West (LS) 7-6.

Everett 77, Kamiak 72: At Mukilteo, Kamiak won all three relay events, but Ally Lund and Suzy Olsen each won two events for Everett and the Seagulls went on to defeat Kamiak in the non-conference meet.

At Kamiak H.S.

3,200-Gebert (E) 13:55.7; 100 hurdles-Lund (E) 17.7; 100-Sittauer EE) 13.6; 1,600-Olsen (E) 5:35.9; 400 relay-Kamiak (Miura, Kussman, Stewart, Ellis) 54.1; 400-Sittauer (E) 1:04.0; 800-Olsen (E) 2:34.10; 200-Ellis (K) 27.6; 300 hurdles-Lund (E) 52.5; 800 relay-Kamiak (Church, Ellis, Taylor, Hermes) 1:58.0; 1,600 relay-Kamiak (Davis, Chittick, Abbey, Moore) 4:32.30; Javelin-Brinsk (E) 101-5; Discus-Smith (E) 92; Triple jump-LaBuhn (K) 31-1; Shot put-Smith (E) 31; High jump-Tomak (E) 4-6; Long jump-Church (K) 15-4; Pole vault-T. Fjeran (K) 9-6.

Kings 95.5, Cashmere 52, Cascade 28.5: At Shoreline, King’s Erin Bremond anchored first-place finishes in the 400-meter relay, 800 relay and 1,600 relay as the Knights won the non-conference tri-meet. Cascade’s Carie Gwenna took first in the 100, 200 and 400 dashes. King’s multi-sport star Danielle Clauson won the javelin (132 feet, six inches) and the shot put (30-2.75).

At Woolsey Stadium

3,200-Eslinger (K) 13:03.97; 100 hurdles-Louie (K) 17.90; 100-Carie (Cascade) 12.95; 1,600-Thomas (K) 6:04.03; 400 relay-Kings (Bremond, Lampe, Mayhle, Jack) 54.09; 400-Carie (Cas) 59.88; 800-Thomas (K) 2:34.13; 200-Carie (Cas) 26.73; 300 hurdles-Blackwell (Cashmere) 53.70; 800 relay-King’s (Bremond, Northey, Jack, Mayhle) 1:51.75; 1,600 relay-King’s (Thomas, Bremond, Northey, Quinn) 4:25.11; Javelin-Clauson (K) 132-6; Discus-Abbott (Csh) 78-07.25; Triple jump-Jack (K) 31-05; Shot put-Clauson 30-02.75; High jump-Edmonds (Csh) 4-10; Long jump-Downs (Csh) 14-03.

South Whidbey jamboree:

At S. Whidbey H.S.

3,200-Gordon (S. Whidbey) 12:29.4; 100 hurdles-Howe (Lakewood) 16.54; 100-Sandri (SW) 13.05; 1,600-Smollack (Oak Harbor) 5:28.0; 400-Smollack (OH) 1:02.03; 800-Moran (A. Murphy) 2:39.10; 200-Sandri (SW) 27.07; 1,600 relay-Lakewood 4:50.12; Javelin-Sweeza (L) 75-10; Discus-LaFave (L) 104-6; Shot put-Hulsander (L) 30-3; High jump-Moran (AM) 4-8; Long jump-Schireman (AM) 16-2; Pole vault-Hoidal (L) 8-6.

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