Flight Paths

FHC mechanics begin annual inspections

Fly Days and “annuals.” Now that the flying performances are finished for the year,… Continue reading

FHC Fly Day features rare aircraft

The Flying Heritage Collection’s final free Fly Day of the year on Sept. 21 will be “Air War Over Russia Day.” The FHC’s Focke-Wulf Fw… Continue reading

Venturi tubes power gyroscope

The FHC’s Polikarpov Po-2 is equipped with a pair of Venturi tubes, one on either side of the cockpit. Since you are all familiar with… Continue reading

Canopy bubbles allow for visibility

An improved version of the P-51 Mustang, the D-model, had upgraded weaponry and a single-piece bubble canopy. Making a large canopy with virtually no visual… Continue reading

Plane’s clever seat allowed gunner to face front or back

The gunner, situated in the back of the FHC’s Fieseler Storch sat on a unique seat made to accommodate two positions. For regular flying (with… Continue reading

Hellcat mascot uses literal translation

So, what exactly is a Hellcat? One definition in the dictionary says, “a violently temperamental person; especially: an ill-tempered woman.” The boys at Grumman Aircraft… Continue reading

Identifying helicopter battalions a matter of color and shape

Similar to Navy planes during World War II, the helicopters of the 1st Cavalry had a distinctive but intentionally vague series of colors and symbols… Continue reading

F-15 belly lumps hold electronic countermeasures

The Flying Heritage Collection’s “Wild Weasel” F-105G has distinctive lumps on its belly that set it apart from the standard bomber versions of the Thunderchief.… Continue reading

Slow it down: F-105 engine’s rear panels aren’t for style

Many think that the “clover leaf” panels at the rear of the F-105 are part of its engine. However, they are there for another, actually… Continue reading

Colors of war as seen on vehicles, artillery

The base color of the Flying Heritage Collection’s M55 self-propelled gun is quite different from the Shermans and Jeeps of World War II. After the… Continue reading

German Kettenkrad a popular pilfered item during World War II

The Germans’ Kettenkrad (SdKfz 2) was so useful on the battlefield that everyone wanted to use it, even the Allies. The scene in “Saving Private… Continue reading

The many lives of F-105 Number 336

Quite often, when we talk to F-105 pilots, they dig into their log books and discover they flew the FHC’s Thunderchief, number 336, in combat.… Continue reading

Wings of the P-51D Mustang housed extra firepower

You can see evidence of a major addition in the wings of the Flying Heritage Collection’s North American P-51D Mustang. One pair of guns, the… Continue reading

Piloting a vintage warplane takes extra study

You know that uncomfortable feeling when you first sit in a rental car? Finding the seat adjustment handle, the fuel door release, and twisting the… Continue reading

Thunderbolt’s turbo charger a well-oiled machine

The Flying Heritage Collection’s aircraft are much more complete than many warbirds out there. Part of the preflight for the Republic P-47D Thunderbolt is pre-oiling… Continue reading

Replaceable engine one of Hellcat’s virtues

Why fiddle around with some cantankerous component in the engine compartment when you can pull the whole thing off and bolt another one on? QEC… Continue reading

Il-2 Shturmovik went by many names

Squadrons of Il-2 Shturmovik aircraft pounced on the Germans during the invasion of Russia. The enemy knew the plane as “der Schwarze Tod” (Black Death).… Continue reading

Historic photos of Flying Heritage planes

The Flying Heritage Collection includes many historic planes, which are carefully restored to their original condition. In addition to the planes themselves, the FHC has… Continue reading

A Hurricane with the heart of a Buick

Automobile companies turned to other jobs when war swept the world. The FHC’s Focke-Wulf Fw 190 is powered by a BMW engine. The Messerschmitt Bf… Continue reading

The B-25 Mitchell: ‘I’ve been everywhere’

Like the famous song, there’s pretty much nowhere that a B-25 Mitchell hasn’t been. The hearty medium bomber is credited with flying in every theater… Continue reading