Collage art explores views of women

  • <br>Enterprise staff
  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:37am

Symbolism, feminism, pattern, collage, guardian angels and old picture frames collide to provide a window to the soul of an artist. Cynthia Gaub unites all this at Kindred Circle Art Gallery this month. Using paper collage to capture images, Cynthia explores cultural views of women that are easily recognizable.

According to Gaub, “my collage and mixed media work is a perspective of the female form, by a female. By reducing existing images to an elemental point, the resultant collages are sensual and colorful constructs that suggest redefinition of the cultural views of women. My work continues to be an exploration of my own femininity and my place in the world.”

Her unique approach results in a technique that could be considered painting with paper. The pieces end up as combinations of found images, handmade papers and her own philosophy. The textures and dimensions achieved by multiple layers of paper are as important to her as color. Because texture is a dominant feature, she tears rather than cuts. On some pieces, she has physically separated layers of the image to create more depth.

Gaub particularly enjoys working on windows due to the stained glass effect they have when light is cast behind them. Originally utilizing old window frames due to the high cost of regular frames, they soon became an elemental part of her artistic vision.

Cynthia Gaub’s works is on display at Kindred Circle Art Gallery now through Aug. 18. Find pictures of her works on the website at, or call 425-776-3778. Kindred Circle Art Gallery is located in downtown Edmonds at 409 Main Street.

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