District violating noise ordinances

  • Tuesday, October 14, 2008 5:44pm

This is in response to the Sept. 17 story on Mike Shelton “being fed up with the negelcted lawns at Shorewood High School” (“Man fed up with school ground mows lawn himself”). My neighbors and I live on four sides of North City Elementary. There is a large, grassed field on the north side of the school. We have “endured” years of lawn mowing before 6 a.m. and before 7 a.m. Little did we know that under the Shoreline noise ordinance that is prohibited.

Noise such as that is not allowed until after 7 a.m. on weekdays, says a representative at Customer Response Team (CRT).

I telephoned the school maintenance division on Sept. 8. I told them none of us appreciated that noise so early in the morning.

Since my call, that field has been mowed three times in three weeks.

None of us recall that field being mowed that often before. Tell Mr. Shelton that he can have our service.

Since closing North City and it becoming a pre-school/co-op, the field is used very little. Soccer is played on the weekends. In August, a portable was bulldozed on a Saturday morning beginning at 7 a.m.

The noise ordinance says “no noise until after 9 a.m. on weekends.”

CRT wanted to know why someone didn’t call. They would have stopped it!

The school district needs to review the noise ordinance and give equal time to all lawns served by the Shoreline School District.

Virginia Blackwood


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