Explosive found at Edmonds home

  • By Lauren Salcedo Enterprise reporter
  • Wednesday, August 18, 2010 11:49am

EDMONDS — A suspicious looking bomb-like explosive device was found outside of a residential home in the 24100 block of 105th Place West in Edmonds on Aug. 9.

Edmonds police officers were called to the scene to assess the situation and determined that the device was wrapped in duct tape and looked similar to another explosive device that was found at the same home on July 22.

Police determined that the first device was made of fireworks which had been wrapped in duct tape. The occupants of the home were awakened in the middle of the night on July 22 to the sound of an explosion and found the remnants of the device in their yard the next morning.

On Aug. 9, when the resident discovered a similar looking device which did not seem to have exploded yet, she called 911. Due to the suspicious appearance of the object, the Snohomish County Bomb Disposal Team was contacted by Edmonds police officers.

The street was blocked off and neighbors were instructed to stay inside their residences away from any windows until the device was removed. A bomb technician arrived and took the device into his possession. The remainder of the yard was searched but no other devices were found. The resident of the home stated that her teenage daughter had previously been harassed by fellow students at Edmonds Woodway High School.

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