Nickcole Richards

  • Saturday, June 12, 2004 9:00pm

We are the seniors of Scriber Lake High School and we all have striven to be here this evening. Each one of us has a unique story to tell. We all come from different places, and we each have overcome our own struggles. Our stories are of perseverance, courage and sacrifice. Every person here receiving his or her diploma tonight is here for a reason. We wanted it. We made the decision in our heads years ago and we have been planning for this, four years of work and dedication is finally paying off. The gratification and pride felt here in this room is overwhelming.

Each one of us had taken a different path to get here, and through ambition and time we will continue to make the right decisions. Each one of us has a different goal and for many of us the journey is nowhere near over. Instead, this diploma is an opening to a new and different kind of world. New challenges are coming our way and now we must take the knowledge that we have gained here from these years and access the next step. Some of us will go on to college, while others move out on their own, creating new memories that we hope will last a lifetime.

I wonder five years from now where will we all be. Will our aspirations to achieve take over and continue to drive us in the right direction? Will we allow ourselves to reach our full potential? As I stand up here this evening representing my class, it is easy to see the abilities and skills that we all possess. It is an honor to be among people like these. I have seen these people come together in times of need, bond and form relationships with one another. I also noticed that at Scriber, the relationships are just a little bit different than those at other high schools. There tends to be a bond between people that just cannot be broken. Through the soul seeking and identity searches, I have found friends that I don’t think that I could have found anywhere else but at Scriber, and I will cherish the memories of people and experiences here for always.

People often state that high school years will be the best of our life. I, however, feel that high school was about finding out who you are so that moving on with your life can be a smooth transition. Along the way you pick people that you choose to bring with you on your journey. We now must take on the responsibility of choosing our own influences. We are at a time when anything is possible. Our ideas and minds are taking new shape every day. We are about to embrace a whole new form of adulthood. We have the ability to use our knowledge to shape the minds of a new, younger generation. Take our experiences and lessons to heart and truly realize what we are about to become, and the future is up to us. We have been handed down the torch of life and the journey is now up to us. Many of us have already accepted its challenges and are well on their way down the road, and for those of us who haven’t started, may your journey be smooth and successful.

I would also like to take a moment to thank the staff here at Scriber Lake High School. So many of you have been a resource, offering your support. Many of us may not even be here tonight if it weren’t for many of you. Thank you to the counselors and everyone in the office who has helped us out in more ways than we can count. For all the parents who gave support, and thank you to the friends who helped us get through it all. This night makes it all worth it!!

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