Police beat

  • <I>Enterprise staff</I>
  • Thursday, March 27, 2008 3:18pm

Here are selected reports from the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police:

March 20

Theft. 16200 block 41st Ave NE. A female reported bank checks were stolen.

Theft. 17400 block 37th Ave NE. A cell phone and a wallet were taken from a female while she was in a classroom.

Disturbance. 18500 block 36th Pl. NE. One suspect hit another person over their head with a glass.

Theft. 18200 block 30th Ave. NE. A vehicle license plate was stolen.

March 19

Burglary. 16200 block 38th Ave NE. A woman said an unknown person went through her garage and stole items.

Vandalism. 17400 block Ballinger Way NE. Police documented graffiti in the city.

Vandalism. 16500 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone scratched a vehicle with a key-like object.

March 18

Motor Prowl. 5300 block NE 201st Pl. Backpacks and a laptop computer were stolen from a vehicle overnight.

Suspicious circumstance. 3500 block NE 147th St. A male was seen going through recycling bins.

Theft. 16200 block 38th Ave. NE. A bike was stolen.

Motor prowl. 20300 block 42nd Ave. NE. Cash was stolen from inside a vehicle.

Motor prowl. 5300 block NE 201st Pl. Someone stole a cell phone recharger cord from an unlocked vehicle.

Animal. 3300 block NE 158th St. A female suffered a bite to her hand as six pit bulls fought in a residential backyard.

Juvenile. 17100 block Bothell Way NE. A juvenile approached two women and asked “how to walk like a girl” and to “be spanked.”

Larceny. 1100 block NE 205th St. A suspect stole $138.65 in merchandise from a business.

March 17

Fraud. 3000 block NE 204th St. An unknown suspect opened a credit card in a resident’s name and attempted to charge $504 in merchandise.

Vandalism. 2400 block NE 177th St. Someone shot a BB at a vehicle window.

Motor prowl. 1300 block N 152nd St. Someone attempted to pry a car door open with an iron toll.

March 16

Suspicious circumstance. 16700 block 41st Ave. NE. A homeowner called police to report an unknown vehicle parked in front of their residence.

Disturbance. 3300 block NE 158th St. A woman and her son were yelling at each other.

Burglary. 19500 block 38th Ave. NE. Power tools were stolen from an unlocked shed.

Motor prowl. 16500 block Bothell Way NE. A catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle.

Auto theft. 14800 block Fremont Ave. N. A vehicle was stolen.

Burglary. 17000 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone broke a lock off a business door and entered a business after it was closed for the day.

March 15

Juvenile. 3200 block NE 198th Pl. Four juveniles were skateboarding and being loud on a residential street.

Vandalism. 16500 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone kicked a cab door during an argument with a cab driver.

Vandalism. 15300 block 25th Ave. NE. A car window was smashed out.

Vandalism. 19100 block 1st Ave. NW. An unknown object damaged a front windshield of a vehicle.

Vandalism. 15700 block Aurora Ave. N. A vehicle window was smashed by unknown persons.

March 14

Fraud. 5000 block NE 184th St. A resident called police when they became aware of a credit card that was connected to their bank account without their knowledge.

Malicious mischief. 3000 block NE 205th St. Someone threw eggs at a vehicle.

Malicious mischief. 4000 block NE 178th St. An unknown male threw a rock through a front window of a residence.

DUI. N 155th St. and Westminster. A person was arrested for drinking and driving.

DUI. N 145th St. and Dayton Ave. A person was arrested for drinking and driving.

Fraud. 700 block NE 198th St. An unknown person called a residence claiming to owe money from an account and saying they just needed a credit card number to send the money.

Larceny. 15700 block Aurora Ave. N. A suspect attempted to steal car floor mats and a remote starter valued at $94.98.

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