Police Beat

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  • Monday, March 3, 2008 1:07pm

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park Police.

Oct. 4

Suspicious circumstance. 17400 block 37th Ave. NE. A woman called police after noticing a man smoking near bushes at a school.

Malicious mischief. 19200 block 55th Ave. NE. A set of five mailboxes was knocked off their stand

Threats. 14800 block Bothell Way NE. A woman received threatening phone messages.

Oct. 3

Larceny. 17500 block 19th Ct. NE. A cash card was stolen from a bedroom dresser.

Theft. 17400 block Meridian Ave. A vehicle was stolen.

Malicious mischief. 16700 block 39th Ave. NE. A fence was spray painted.

Burglary. 3400 block NE. 160th St. Jewelry, cash, SSN cards, passports, a laptop, and an iPod docking station were stolen from a residence. The owners’ dog was locked in the bathroom with a chicken bone to keep it out of the way.

Juvenile. 4000 block NE. 178th St. Five juveniles were seen skate boarding down a roadway at high speeds.

Oct. 2

Larceny. 1800 block N. 203rd St. Two Pneumatic drills were stolen form a construction site overnight.

Larceny. NW. Innis Arden Way. Someone entered an unlocked truck and stole a wallet.

Larceny. 15700 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone witnessed the theft of a baseball cap and told police the suspect was last seen heading toward Aurora Ave.

Suspicious circumstance. 5000 block NE. 187th St. A vehicle with its trunk open was parked on the side of the road.

Theft. 17100 block Bothell Way NE. A laptop was stolen from a library.

Theft. 15700 block Densmore Ave. A vehicle was stolen from a private driveway.

Oct. 1

Fraud. 1600 block NE. 185th St. Someone’s credit card was used to pay for video chat services on two separate occasions.

Theft. 2800 block NE. 195th St. Gas was siphoned out of a vehicle overnight.

Malicious mischief. 2900 block NE. 193rd St. A vehicle was keyed from the front fender to the rear panel.

Juvenile. 17400 block Brookside Blvd. Kids were skateboarding in traffic lane.

Vandalism. 1800 block NE. 169th St. An unknown suspect placed a condom with unknown content on the front door handle.

Larceny. 15200 block Aurora Ave. N. Credit card machine stolen from catering bus.

Burglary. 14500 block Bothell Way NE. Unknown suspects attempted to make entry to restaurant overnight.

Burglary. 20000 block Greenwood Ave. A suspect entered a residence through an unlocked window.

Burglary. 600 block N. 182nd St. Suspect broke bathroom window to gain access to residence.

Sept. 30

Larceny. 18900 block 18th Ave. NE. Unknown suspect pried open window to enter car and then stole items.

Larceny. 1100 block N. 205th St. Items stolen from front seat of a parked vehicle.

Burglary. 19200 block 11 Ave. NE, an unknown suspect broke off a garage door handle and took out screws.

Larceny. 18300 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone stole items from a grocery store.

Sept. 29

Assault. 19100 block 3rd Ave. NW, Someone bit someone on their hand.

Larceny. 18300 block Aurora Ave. N. A teenage male stole a $42 shirt from store.

Suspicious circumstance. 14500 block Bothell Way NE. Three people were loitering in a parking lot and made an employee nervous.

Sept. 28

Threats. 1100 block NE. 197th Ct. Suspect stated that something would happen to the victim’s car.

Larceny. 19000 block 16th Ave. NE. A tarp was taken from a horse trailer.

Burglary. 18300 block Aurora Ave. N. A suspect was arrested after violating trespass order and shoplifting.

Larceny. 18500 block First Ave. NE. someone stole items from a parked vehicle.

Suspicious circumstance. 16300 block 35th Ave. NE. Homeowners came home to find their garage door pried open.

Domestic violence calls: Three domestic violence calls were reported between Sept. 28 – Oct. 4.

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