Police beat

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:36am

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police.

Oct. 29

Larceny. 240 N. 202nd Pl. A cell phone was stolen and 12 calls made on the phone.

Forgery. 1100 block N. 205th St. Someone tried to cash a forged check at a bank.

Larceny. 2200 block NE 195th St. Three bikes were reported stolen from a back porch.

Vandalism. 1600 block Interlake Ave. N. A bedroom window was reported broken.

Larceny. 15400 block Westminster Ave. A license plate was stolen from a car.

Oct. 30

DUI. 14000 block Fifth Ave. NE. Someone was arrested for drinking while intoxicated.

Larceny. 1200 block N 175th St. A woman had her purse in her shopping cart and later noticed her credit cards were missing.

Vandalism. 2300 block NW 198th St. An unknown person used a pumpkin to dent someone’s car.

Oct. 31

Larceny. 1900 block N. 195th St. Suspects forced entry to a car and stole a flashlight and tools.

Commercial burglary. 2300 block N. 165th St. Someone attempted to burglarize a transfer station office.

Disturbance. 18800 block Eighth Ave. NW. A man was restrained after causing a disturbance at a church. He also fought off officers.

Suspicious circumstances. 15500 block Wallingford Ave. A woman reported she was being stalked by an unknown person.

Vandalism. 1800 block N. 198th St. A man reported a crack in his front door and window.

Vandalism. 300 block NE 156th St. Someone reported their living room window was egged.

Vandalism. 19800 block 25th Ave. NE. A woman reported her bedroom window was broken.

Nov. 1

Commercial burglary. 1200 block NE 175th St. Unknown suspects kicked in a back door to a business, rummaged through boxes and stole $600 cash.

Larceny. 1200 block N. 175th St. A man ordered chicken tenders at a grocery store, put them in his backpack and left the store.

Residential burglary. 17700 block Second Pl. NE. Suspects entered a garage and stole a vanity set.

Larceny. 20300 block Aurora Ave. N. A power washer was stolen.

Residential burglary. 19300 block Greenwood Ave. Unknown persons slid open a rear window, entered a house and took items.

Larceny. 19200 block Aurora Ave. N. A woman reported license plates were stolen from her car while parked on the street.

Nov. 2

Larceny. 1400 block N. 185th St. Someone stole money from a locker inside a fire station.

Larceny. 15200 block Aurora Ave. N. A woman reported someone stole her wallet from her car.

Residential burglary. 200 block 201st St. A man was working in his yard with the garage door open. He took a break, went inside, and after a few minutes saw a man walk into his garage and take tools.

Nov. 3

Larceny. 20200 block Ballinger Way. Cash and a debit card were stolen from a locker inside a gym.

Residential burglary. 19400 block 27th Ave. NW. A man reported a pressure washer was taken from a detached garage at his home.

Editor’s note: In an attempt to make readers more aware of domestic violence in their communities, the Shoreline Enterprise reports the number of domestic vice calls in this police beat section. Other details on incidents are withheld out of respect for alleged victims.

Domestic violence calls: One domestic violence call was reported between Oct. 29- Nov. 3.

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