Safety watch

  • Wednesday, January 27, 2010 2:53pm


Jan. 21: Narcotics. 20400 block 76th Ave. W. A man was cited for having drug paraphernalia.

Jan. 20: Theft. 15900 block 70th Ave. W. A package was stolen from the victim’s porch.

Jan. 20: Domestic. 9700 block 231st Pl. SW. A woman called the police because she didn’t want her adult daughter at her residence.

Jan. 20: Suspicious circumstances. 230 block 3rd Ave. S. A young woman called to report her mother might be suicidal.

Jan. 19: Auto theft. 7800 block 196th St. SW. An unknown suspect stole a wallet from an unlocked vehicle.

Jan. 19: Suspicious circumstances. 21200 72nd Ave. W. Officers are investigating a report of a vehicle possibly being used to impersonate a police vehicle.

Jan. 19: Theft. 21900 block Highway 99. A woman was arrested for shoplifting at a grocery store.

Jan. 19: Theft. 8600 block 200th St. SW. A resident reported his checks were stolen from his mailbox.

Jan. 19: Theft. 23200 block Highway 99. A man reported someone broke into his vehicle during the night.

Jan. 18: Domestic. 7600 block 195th St. SW. A former couple was arguing. No assault.

Jan. 18: Theft. 22800 block 100th Ave. W. A man fled after not paying for his cab ride.


Jan. 24: SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES. 5300 block 200th St. SW. Report of someone jumping over a fence in the middle of the night.

Jan. 24: ASSAULT. 18300 block Hurst Rd. Mother versus daughter. The mother was intoxicated and arrested for assault.

Jan. 23: TRESPASS. 5400 block 196th St. SW. A man stopped someone who was trying to break in.

Jan. 23: MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. 16600 block 56th Pl. W. Window broken.

Jan. 23: MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. 5900 block 164th Pl. SW. Another window broken.

Jan. 23: BURGLARY. 18700 block Hwy. 99. Report of a commercial burglary.

Jan. 22: AGENCY ASSIST. 4400 block 224th St SW. Brier police assisted Mountlake Terrace police in the apprehension of a burglary suspect.

Jan. 22: THEFT. 3000 184th. St. SW. Inventory was stolen from a mall retailer.

Jan. 22: MALICIOUS MISCHIEF. 5700 block 202th St. SW. A woman was booked on domestic violence and malicious mischief charges for broken plates.

Jan. 22: AUTO THEFT. 6500 block 208th St. SW. A ’93 Honda Accord was stolen.

Jan. 22: THEFT. 18300 block Alderwood Mall Pkwy. Items were stolen from a vehicle after the window was shattered to gain entry.

Jan. 21: BURGLARY. 6000 block Dale Way. The door to a residence had been kicken in and items were stolen.

Jan. 21: THEFT. 18600 block Alderwood Mall Pkwy. An employee was arrested for theft of money from the register.

Jan. 21: FRAUD. 19500 block Hwy. 99. Report of a counterfeit $20 at a local grocery store.

Jan. 21: BURGLARY. 5200 block 176th St. SW. Someone cut out a window screen during a burglary.

Jan. 21: THEFT. 3000 block 184th St. SW. Three teenagers were arrested for shoplifting.

Jan. 21: VEHICLE PROWL/THEFT. 2000 block 214th St. SW. A Brier man reported someone entered his locked 2006 Toyota Tundra pickup by uknown means and removed cash.

Jan. 21: VEHICLE PROWL/THEFT. 2000 block 214th St SW. A Brier man reports someone entered his locked 2003 GMC K2 pickup by unknown means and removed a camera.

Jan. 20: THEFT. 17500 block Hwy. 99. Someone shattered a car window and stole a purse.

Jan. 20: THEFT. 4200 block Alderwood Mall Blvd. A man is suspected of theft of company deposits.

Jan. 20: THEFT. 18200 block Alderwood Mall Pkwy. A woman was arrested for shoplifting from a local consignment store.

Jan. 19: DUI. 22400 block Brier Road. 32 year old male from Brier driving a 1999 Acura was stopped for speeding. Odor of intoxicants detected. Further investigation resulted in arrest and issuance of citation for Driving While Under the Influence of Alcohol. He was then transported to his residence and released. Subject signed a Vehicle Impound Waiver and the vehicle was left parked at the scene.

Jan. 19: THEFT. 18100 block Alderwood Pkwy. A briefcase, four check books, money and 15 vehicle titles and other miscellaneous vehicle papers were stolen from a 2005 Chrysler.

Mill Creek

Jan. 21: Theft. 15100 block Main St. Two pairs of designer jeans worth $559 were stolen from a boutique.

Jan. 20: Theft. 13300 block SR 527. A woman was arrested for stealing groceries.

Jan. 20: Warrant arrest. Officers arrested a man who had a felony Department of Corrections escape warrant.

Jan. 20: Theft. 1200 block Mill Creek Blvd. A 1995 Acura Intergra was stolen.

Jan. 19: Malicious mischief. 16400 block SR 527. A car’s rear window was damaged by a flying object during a road rage incident.

Jan. 19: Found property. 15000 35th Ave. Police recovered a large roll of rope from the street.

Jan. 19: Burglary. 2900 block 139th Pl. An iPod, jewelry, a tobacco rolling machine and $4,000 in cash were stolen from a home.

Jan. 19: Theft. 13300 block SR 527. Twelve cans of similac formula were stolen.

Jan. 19: Burglary. 15000 block 35th Ave. 4,500 feet of electrical wire was stolen.

Jan. 18: Hit and Run. Country Club Dr. A man crashed his vehicle into a ditch and collided with an electrical box and a small building. He then led the scene, leaving his vehicle.

Jan. 16: Harrassment. 4100 block 142nd St. Police responded to a domestic dispute between a landlord and tenant. The tenant was arrested and booked on felony charges.

Jan. 15: Found property. 15100 block SR 527. An intoxicated man fell of his bicycle and was transported to the hospital. His bicycle was inventoried at the police department.

Jan. 15: Burglary. 15300 block Main St. Officers responded to a commercial alarm and arrested a man burglarizing the business.

Jan. 13: Possession. 14800 block 35th Ave. A man was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug parapharnelia.

Jan. 13: Theft. 14500 block North Creek Dr. Items including credit cards, debit cards, a surveillance video and ID cards were stolen from a vehicle.

Mountlake Terrace

Jan. 25: Burglary. 22800 66th Ave. W. Victim discovered his back door was kicked in and more than $100 in cash was stolen from his home.

Jan. 24: Information. 21900 64th Ave. W. A self-proclaimed transient said he wanted to get arrested so he could sleep in jail rather than outside.

Jan. 24: DUI. Southbound I-5 at 128th St. SW. A female was arrested after swerving back and forth between lanes. She had mixed amphetamines and alcohol.

Jan. 24: Malicious mischief. 6000 block 237th St. SW. Graffiti was discovered at Evergreen Elementary.

Jan. 23: Domestic, no assault. 4000 block 231st Pl. SW. Relatives got into a shoving match while arguing about how to properly care for their elderly mother and grandmother.

Jan. 22: Assault 4. 4000 block 212th St. SW. A male told his female friend his PTSD was coming out before he pulled her into her bedroom, pressed his knee into her chest and muffled her screams with his hand.

Jan. 21: DUI. 21200 block 44th Ave. W. Intoxicated driver caught police officers’ attention after failing to signal and for a burned out tail light.

Jan. 21: Assault 4. 4400 block 228th St. SW. A man threw a stack of CDs at his wife’s face.

Jan. 20: Suspicious circumstances. 4100 block 236th St. SW. A Creekside Apartment resident reported seeing a man masturbate in the bushes while staring into a female resident’s window.

Fire District 1

Jan. 14: COLLISION. Firefighters responded to a multi-car collision in Edmonds at 100th Ave. W and Edmonds Way. No one was injured.

Jan. 15: COLLISION. A pickup truck rolled on northbound I-5 south of 128th St. SW. Firefighters took one patient to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

Jan. 16: CAR FIRE. Firefighters responded to a car fire at 180th St. SW and Alder Way.

Jan. 16: COLLISION. A pedestrian was hit by a car at 220th St. SW and Highway 99 and was taken by firefighters to Stevens Hospital.

Jan. 17: COLLISION. A car crashed into an embankment at a Taco Bell in the 5000 block of 132nd St. SE. Firefighters transported the driver to Providence Regional Medical Center Everett.

Jan. 18: WIRES DOWN. Firefighters responded to five calls for downed power wires due to high winds.

Jan. 18: TREE ON HOUSE. Firefighters were called to the 100 block of 170th St. SE to check on a house that was struck by a tree that fell during the windstorm. The tree crashed through the roof and bedroom ceiling. No one was injured.

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