Top ten seniors to watch

  • By Philip Pirwitz, Tony Dondero and Frank Stanley Enterprise reporters
  • Thursday, August 28, 2008 11:47am

Olivia Thomas

Sports: Cross country, track and field

Age: 17

Achievements: Cross country athletic and academic state champions, 800 meter and 1,600 meter track and field champion last May.

All in the family: Parents Steven and Elizabeth; brother Ian, sister Sophia.

Role Model: Mom. “She’s been a strong influence in my life.”

Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps.

College plans: Still undecided – visiting East Coast colleges.

Interests: Swimming and other outdoor activities, school government, serving as link leader.

Career of choice: Possibly pre-med, “although that will likely change.”

Favorite subject: Math – entering AP calculus this September.

In the iPod or CD player: Rock, alternative, R&B, country, “almost anything.”

Favorite movie: Snatch.

Favorite book: Jane Eyre.

Number one weapon: “I have to come in prepared, ready to try my best.”

Pre-game ritual: Cross country team will pray together and recite its cheer . Also eats a type of athletic “goo”, which serves more as a mental enhancer “for marathons.”

Goal: To make improvements and be ready to compete against the best athletes.

High school highlight: When the cross country team won the individual, team, and academic championships. “That was really cool, to be that close as a team and come out with success.”

Josh Fuller

Sport: Track and Field

Age: 17

Main Achievements: State championships in 100, 200 and 400 meters and 1,600-meter relay his sophomore year.

All in the family: Father Steven, mother Kiyoko, sister Elizabeth, brother Jonathon

Role Models: Looks up to dad quite a bit.

Favorite athlete: Michael Johnson

College plans: Not sure.

Interests: Hanging out with friends, visiting family in Tokyo, driving, reading.

Career of choice: Not sure.

Favorite subject: Math

In the iPod or CD player: Rap and rock (Christian or mainstream – just no country).

Favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings.

Favorite book: Once and Future King.

Number one weapon: Preparation and hard work put in prior to meet.

Pre-game ritual: Eat all-wheat toast with honey every morning before going out for a run.

Goals: Set school records and win meets.

High school highlight: Winning all four events sophomore year. “I wasn’t expecting to do that. It was pretty fun.”

Dorian Lair

Sports: Football, Soccer

Age: 17

Achievements: Second team all-Wesco South goalkeeper, second team All-Wesco South punter.

All in the family: Grandfather Larry, grandmother Gean, mother Julie, sister Kendra, brothers Eugene and Marquise.

Role Models: Shawn Alexander.

Favorite athlete: Shawn Alexander.

College plans: Applying to local schools (UW, Seattle University, Western Washington).

Interests: Hanging out with friends.

Career of choice: Something related to construction – architecture, engineer.

Favorite subject: Social studies.

In the iPod or CD player: Rock and hip-hop (Lil’ Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube).

Favorite movie: Friday Night Lights.

Favorite book: Harry Potter.

Number one weapon: Punting skills.

Pre-game ritual: Tends to stay to self, thinking positive thoughts and getting psyched up.

Goal: To “get some wins” and “stay successful in school.”

High school highlight: Finishing last two games at state in shootouts in soccer and last year’s intense homecoming 7-3 loss to Jackson in football.

Gloria Tseng

Sports: Volleyball, basketball

Age: 17

Main achievement: Second team all-Wesco South in basketball.

All in the family: Parents John and Deborah, sister Mary, 20; brother Daniel, 23. Role model: Brother Daniel. “He works really hard, he always puts school before other things. He’s going to med school.”

Favorite athlete: Dwayne Wade.College plans: UW.

Interests: Piano, playing most sports, going out for bubble tea with friends, going to church at Seattle Christian Assembly.

Career of choice: Chiropractor.

Favorite subject: Science.

In her iPod or CD player:

Christina Aguilera, Rascal Flatts, Mariah Carey.

Favorite movie: Transformers

Favorite book: A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Lemony Snicket.

Top weapons: Rebounding and shot blocking ability.

Pre-game ritual: “I always pray before and try to focus.”

Goal: “To try our hardest to work hard in basketball. For volleyball, try to be a leader on the court because we have only have three or four seniors. It’s a pretty young team.”

High school highlights: Two wins against Edmonds-Woodway in basketball last year: first one when Rachel Schrote hit buzzer beater for win and second one when Tseng scored 21 points in the second half in two-point win.

Caroline Towles

Sports: Soccer, basketball, softball.

Age: 17

Main achievement: First team Wesco South as a goalkeeper.

All in the family: Parents Stephen and Karen; brother Jordan, 19; half-sisters Tiffany, 31 and Bridget, 32. Role model: Dad.

Favorite athlete: None.

College plans: Possibly University of Idaho, Eastern Washington, Western Oregon and Western Washington to play soccer.

Interests: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, guitar.

Career of choice: Education.

Favorite subject: English.

In her iPod or CD player: Hip-hop, folk music, everything.

Favorite movie: She’s the Man, Dark Knight.

Favorite book: Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer.

Top weapons: Speed, jumping ability, agility.

Pre-game ritual: Listen to music, eat cheese, visualize what I need to do in certain situation. Honking horns in parking lot.

Goal: Get as many shutouts as possible. Do as well or better than we did last year.

High school highlights: Last year’s tie over Jackson in soccer that ended Jackson’s win streak and going to state sophomore year.

Sarah Daigneault

Sports: Swimming, soccer, basketball, track


Main acheivements: Going to state three years in basketball and track.

All in the family: Parents: John and Nancy; brother KC 19, sister Claire 16, brother Cole 13, sister Louise 8.

Role models: Former Crusader hoopster Ann Barrick. “Ever since I switched to Shoreline I’ve wanted to be able to play basketball like Ann.” My track role model is my friend who graduated from Bishop Blanchet, Craig Kohring.

Favorite Athletes: Mia Hamm and Michael Phelps.

College plans: Not sure.

Interests: Sports of course. Snowboarding. Water skiing. Swimming. Camping. Family Vacations. Spending time with my friends.

Career of Choice: Not sure. “I do know that I want to work with children in some way.”

Favorite subject: Literature.

In your iPod/CD player: I love to listen to country music mostly, but I listen to a variety of music.

Favorite movie: Fight Club.

Favorite book: The Life of Pi.

Number 1 weapons: “In basketball and in track I rely the most on my teammates. They always encourage me to do my best in any situation but I think they help me the most by letting me know what I need to work on.”

Pre-game rituals: “Before every basketball game we listen to music really loud in the locker room. Last season we started banging on the locker room walls before our entrance to the gym.”

Goal for this year: Basketball: To be a good captain and leader. Track: To move up at state in the 100-meter hurdles and set a personal record.

High school highlight: Going to the state basketball tournament in March 2008. “There is always so much team bonding and I enjoy how much the fans get into the games. The school spirit is so overwhelming and staying in a hotel with all my friends is always a fun experience.”

Louise Albin

Sport: Soccer

Age: 17

Main achievement: First team All-Wesco South defender.

All in the family: Parents Herb and Susan; sister Lily, 19.

Favorite athlete: Michael Phelps.

College plans: Committed to University of Washington to play soccer.

Interests: Hanging out with friends.

Career of choice: Special education teacher.

Favorite subject: English.

In her iPod or CD player: Country, rap such as ‘Lil Wayne.

Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights.

Favorite book: Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer.

Top weapons: Jumping ability.

Pre-game ritual: Driving to games with teammate Erica Jensen and listening to loud music.

Goal: To get to state because team hasn’t gotten that far in her career.

High school highlights: Playing in Wesco all-star game.

Bobby LeCount

Sports: Baseball

Age: 17

Main achievements: First team all-Wesco in baseball, second team all-state, first-team all area.

All in the family: Parents: Bob and Pam, sister Amy, brother Tanner.

Role Model: Alex Rodriguez.

Favorite Athlete: Alex Rodriguez.

College Plans: Don’t really have a set plan yet, but anywhere I can go and play baseball.

Interests: Golfing, basketball with friends, bowling and football friends. “I also like going to the gym.”

Career of Choice: “I would like my career to be baseball, but if that doesn’t happen I would like to learn how to cook really good food and maybe became of cook, maybe a business guy not too sure.”

Favorite subject: P.E., DECA

In my iPod/CD player: Lots of country, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood. Rap, too, like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Tupac, and some Eminem.

Favorite Movie: Superbad, 21, Dark Knight, Step Brothers, and of course Hairspray.

Favorite Book: The Biography of Jackie Robinson.

Number 1 weapon: “If you’re talking about pitching I rely on my fastball. If I don’t have my fastball working then my other pitches will look like big beach balls to the hitter.”

Pre-game ritual: J.K. Dykes and I play catch at every practice and before every game, even if I’m pitching.

Goals: Make it to Safeco Field for final four in state baseball playoffs, play better than last year, become more of a leader and have fun.

High school highlight: Win over Jackson at Shorewood last year when he hit a walk-off grand slam.

James Robbins

Sport: Baseball

Age: 17

Main achievement: Elected to first team all-state

All in the family: Mother Vicky, father Rex, half-brother Kris

Role Models: His brother Kris.

Favorite athlete: Jackie Robinson

College plans: Committed to WSU.

Interests: Hanging out with friends and family, working out.

Career of choice: Nothing known for now, “hopefully baseball.”

Favorite subject: History.

In the iPod or CD player: Hip-Hop and rap – no specific artist.

Favorite movie: Miracle.

Favorite book: None.

Number one weapon: Competitive nature and constant desire to win.

Pre-game ritual: Listen to music and visualization techniques (visualize desired events of game, from hitting to pitching)

Goal: Get back to state and see how far team can go.

High school highlight: Hit home run at Safeco Field with Northwest Mariners.

Bryan Michaels

Sport: Swimming

Age: 17

Main achievement: State champion in 500 freestyle.

All in the family: Mother Katherine, father Jim, sister Dana.

Role Models: None.

Favorite athlete: Grant Hackett (Australian long distance swimmer).

College plans: In contact with several possibilities.

Interests: Working on cars – currently restoring a Chevy truck.

Career of choice: Nothing concrete, maybe lawyer.

Favorite subject: Social studies – history and politics.

In the iPod or CD player: Classic rock (Led Zeppelin, Queen, Aerosmith) and old-school rap (Tupac, Wu Tang Clan, Ice Cube).

Favorite movie: Pulp Fiction.

Favorite book: The Lord of the Rings.

Number one weapon: Stamina. “I train like an animal. On the block, I know I’m best fit.”

Pre-game ritual: “If there’s a Taco Bell around before a meet…”

Goal: To repeat state championship at 500 meters and win at 200 meters.

High school highlight: Finishing fourth at state as team overall. “Highest place in a long time and good position for state run.”

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