Woodway mulls fire and Hall options

  • By Katie Murdoch Enterprise editor
  • Tuesday, August 24, 2010 8:48pm

WOODWAY — Woodway officials have called upon the expertise of consultants to determine the feasibility of building a fire station and figure a cost comparison to update Town Hall.

Town staff is looking at the feasibility of opening its own fire department to help control costs, while relying on Fire District 1 and Shoreline Fire Department to provide back up services.

Cost estimates submitted by the Seattle-based consulting firm Prothman predict start up costs for a new fire department could cost between $480,000 to $905,000.

The consultant concluded a station staffed with off-duty personnel is a viable option.

Town officials entered into a one-year contract for fire and emergency medical services with FD 1 that expires at the end of this year. They have been analyzing how services should be provided in the future.

Councilman Tom Whitson said he wants more time to look through the information before making decisions.

Councilman Ken Saltonstall said building a fire department won’t meet the council’s vision of staying small. Additionally, adding a fire department will impact the town’s government.

“I’m not going to support a fire station in Woodway at this time,” Saltonstall said.

The council is also looking at updating the Town Hall and Public Works building, 23920 113th Place W.

Earlier this month, officials met with the architectural firm GGLO to hear preliminary feedback on updating the 48-year-old building. Estimated costs came in at $487,000 and includes structural repairs, improvements to become ADA compliant and electrical and plumbing updates.

“Town Hall…is in OK shape for its age,” town administrator Eric Faison said. “But the building has some repairs that are required for its continued use as a governmental facility.”

The staff is expected to prepare different scenarios for Town Hall for discussion at the Sept. 7 Town Council meeting.

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