James McCusker

President Trump’s tax overhaul plan is a matter of timing

If the timing is perfect, we will see a boost in consumer spending and corporate investment.


Research shows the value of deliberation in polarized times

Name-calling seems to be something that comes with language, whether we like…


UPS delivery woes are a symptom of growth in America

The level of optimism, consumer confidence and positive attitude are all good signs.


What can be learned from the optimism of Churchill, Elon Musk

A new movie, “The Dark Years,” depicts Winston Churchill during the perilous times he faced in 1940 when he first became prime minister. The country… Continue reading

Report finds a disturbing trend: stealing employees’ wages

Free markets depend on surprisingly high levels of honesty and trust.

Tax reform needs the public’s input on spending priorities

The GOP tax plan is a good idea, but the next step should give us a voice on how taxes are spent.

How Henry Ford set the stage for the CVS-Aetna merger

Henry Ford’s name is forever linked to the Model T, the automobile that revolutionized manufacturing and transformed America. But it was the subsequent model, the… Continue reading

Declining trust in institutions may have economic impact

America has moved from a nation where a person’s word was important to a “get it in writing” world.

Don’t let ‘what if’ become ‘what happened’

Even with limited resources, small business need to prepare contingency plans, because things do happen.

What is the key to boosting wages for US workers?

Liberals and conservatives disagree greatly on the best approach.

Economists could learn something from the Houston Astros

The World Series-winning team showed the importance of chemistry — and, for economists, wisdom.

Time is right for a tax cut for corporations and the wealthy

There is little question that the reduction in income taxes will boost the economy.

Be careful when testing job candidates

Managers should be aware that applicant testing is an area of numerous risks to the unwary.

Name-calling and partisanship obscure core economic issue

The debate over the effect of corporate tax reductions triggers the usual shrill rhetoric.

Behavioral economics still requires some development

It promises a better understanding of human decision making and a better economic model.

Electric cars make energy forecasting harder than before

Predictability in governmental regulations would make predicting demand easier.

Professor says public option could lower insurance costs

From an economics perspective, option is preferable to the coercive elements of Obamacare.

Research paper challenges conventional thinking on economics

The paper finds that firms have expanded substantially the margin between marginal cost and price.

Single payer is no panacea for our costly health care system

We must address the cost of health care before designing an insurance system.

Don’t rely just on productivity measurements to value a worker

The controversies swirling around the productivity data at the national level are not really a concern for individual businesses. Owners and managers can still make… Continue reading