Everett schools budget 101

  • Sat Sep 22nd, 2012 5:15pm
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Reported by Sharon Salyer / Herald Writer

One of the biggest and costliest functions of government is educating our youth. The Everett School District expects to spend $194 million this year to pay for everything from teacher salaries to bus service. This year, the district expects to spend more than the revenue its receives by a couple of million dollars but will make up that shortfall by dipping into reserves saved from last year. Here’s a breakdown of the money.

Everett Public Schools general fund, 2012-13

Beginning balance$11,714,403
Ending balance$9,610,387

Projected revenue: $192,064,818

State general$97,600,16250.8%
Local taxes$43,121,56422.5%
State special purpose$25,505,24913.3%
Federal special purpose$12,989,2606.8%
Local non-tax$12,718,5836.6%
Federal general purpose$130,0000.1%

Projected expenditures: $194,168,834

By program

Basic education$143,668,16874.0%
Special education$20,320,21910.5%
Targeted programs$18,348,8869.4%
Career and technical education$7,846,6414.0%
Federal special education$3,984,9202.1%

By category

Certificated salaries$97,839,87950.4%
Classified salaries$27,408,99314.1%
Pupil transportation$19,356,38110.0%
Supplies and materials$9,211,0504.7%
Capital outlay$258,4070.1%

By activity

Teaching and support$141,910,54373.1%
Other support activites*$30,529,96515.7%
Central administration$11,864,4626.1%
School administration$9,863,8645.1%

* Other support activities include food services, pupil transportation, maintenance, grounds, utilities, security, insurance and information systems.

Estimated enrollment: 18,658

Per-pupil cost: $10,406

SOURCE: Everett Public Schools