Scholarship winners cheer Rotary

  • Thu Jun 3rd, 2010 10:56am
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By Eric Stevick Herald Writer

EVERETT — There were scholars with perfect 4.0 grade-point averages and late bloomers just happy to graduate on time.

In all, 34 high school and community college students raked in nearly $200,000 at the Rotary Club of Everett’s annual scholarship banquet last week.

Four students each received $16,000 Anthony G. Bozich scholarships to pursue science and engineering studies. The money comes from an endowment set up in the name of a thrifty Everett man who turned a modest living as a country club waiter into a multi- million dollar fortune in the stock market.

Bozich died in 2004 at age of 94.

Winners of the Bozich scholarships were Renee Geck from Everett High School, Yoo Jung Kim from Kamiak High School, Gabrielle Lefebvre from Cascade High School and Kartik Rishi from Henry M. Jackson High School.

All had glowing resumes. Kim, for instance, has a 4.0 grade-point average and has taken 14 college-level Advanced Placement classes, and Lefebvre has a 3.96 GPA and served as the vice president of the Washington Technology Student Association.

The rewards also served as a reminder that students who struggle early can finish strong.

Cassidy Haase, a senior at Kamiak High School, received a scholarship despite performing poorly in middle school and falling what seemed hopelessly behind as a self-described “sullen and moody” freshman and sophomore.

“I was like a sarcastic, cynical person,” Haase said. “It was a complete personality change I had to make when it came to my school.”

She has been making up credits with longer school days than most other students and earned a 3.6 GPA her first semester of her senior year.

Haase’s turnaround earned her a $2,000 Tiz’ Door Sales scholarship. She will attend the Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo in the fall.

Scholarship winners by school were:

Everett High School: Amber Ackerson, a $2,000 Evelyn Hoffman scholarship; Molly Burton, a $1,200 Adelaide Dykstra scholarship; Alexandria Nielson, a $6,000 Fluke Corp. scholarship; Eric Ofori, a $6,000 Sanford Wright Sr. scholarship; and Garrett King, a $6,000 Frontier Bank scholarship.

Sequoia High School: Morgan Harrington, a $2,000 Suskin Foundation scholarship.

Henry M. Jackson High School: Ioannoa Ilarionova, a $4,000 Rubatino Refuse Removal scholarship; Andrew Mak, a $1,250 Fred Sjoholm scholarship; Balkham Thind, a $7,000 Brett Jensen Memorial scholarship.

Kamiak High School: Shelly Shin, a $1,000 Bernie Webber Memorial scholarship; Alice Oh, a $6,000 Frontier Bank scholarship.

Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School: Megan Torkildson, a $2,000 Perteet Engineering scholarship; Jillian Stampher, a $4,000 Cascade Bank scholarship; Maddy Huggings, a $2,000 Providence Foundation scholarship; Joey Eichinger, a $12,000 Loren R. Baker scholarship.

Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center: Erik Young, a $2,000 Dwayne Lane Auto Centers scholarship; Andrea Price, a $5,000 Puget Sound Kidney Centers scholarship.

Meadowdale High School: Enjoli Walsh, a $5,000 Donna Johnson scholarship.

Everett Community College: Jennifer Pena, a $5,000 Pearl Ballew scholarship; Sarah Beach, a $15,000 Laurie Ivens Memorial Scholarship.

Cascade High School: Mintahm Nguyen, a $2,000 Botesch, Nash and Hall scholarship; Alice Nguyen, a $5,000 Everett Clinic scholarship; Kaylee Freshman Caffrey, a $4,000 Ed Hansen Family scholarship; Kaitlin Kloes, a $2,000 Hol Mabley scholarship; Sibani Das, a $2,000 Gamut 360 Holdings scholarship.

Mariner High School: Laura Pfeiffer, a $2,000 Pat Miller scholarship; Rabiah Ahmad, a $2,000 Suskin Foundation scholarship; Anupreet Sidhu, a $2,000 Moss Adams scholarship; Samantha Harmon, a $6,000 EverTrust Foundation scholarship.

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