Vital Statistics


Bradley, Dillon and Suzanne, Dillon

Susan, Sarrazin and Michael, Sarrazin

Larae, Tisdel and Gregory, Tisdel

Leaha, Peterson and Scott, Peterson

Kenneth, Myers and Billie, Myers

Gerald, Pickford and Rashea, Pickford

Mark, Williams and Jennifer, Williams

Diana, Dujardin and James, Dujardin

Tracey, Heuslein and Jason, Heuslein

Susan, Vanmeter and Michael, Vanmeter

Candice, Vos and Samuel, Vos

Chad, Discher and Cierra, Discher

Gregorio, Lopez Madrigal and Judith, Ventura Zambrano

Rebecca, Peters and Jay, Peters

Jesse, Ellis and Danielle, Ellis

Daniel, SchmekEl and Jennifer, Schmekel

Cheris, Curry and Dean, Curry

Karianne, Eggink and Roy, Eggink

James, Nagle and Christina, Nagle

Oksana, Fjodorova and Sergey, Federov

Brianna, Betts and Brennen, Betts

Jennifer, Ly and Andrew, Tran

Mark, Allen and Galina, Allen

Kathy, Kondakjian and Robert, Kondakjian

Charlotte, Sawin and John, Sawin

Irene, Morales and Warren, Peneyra

Hope, Setzer and Michael, Setzer

Laurie, Willis and Charles, Willis

Christine, Malone and Israel, Malone

Brian, Lee and Reginna, Lee

Melissa, Repin and Jeffery, Repin

Jovon, Fears and Stephanie, Fears

Delbert, Bunn and Tiffany, Inman

Julie, Gilchrist and Robert, Gilchrist

Alla, Perlik and Konstantin, Perlik

Brandi, Dalseg and Jeffrey, Dalseg

Lisa, Boespflug and David, Boespflug

Alison, Doty and Warren, Doty

Marlee, Clark and Donald, Clark

Joaquin, Molina and Macarena, Delcarmen Vegademolina

Brooke, Burdick and Sherrie, Burdick

Tammerly, Evans and Ian, Evans

Gary, Kresge and Amanda, Kresge

Marcus, Whalen and Lindsey, Whalen

Ronda, Larivee and Keith, Larivee

Courtney, Craft and Daniel, Craft

Min, Mundt and Kyi, Min

Joe, Jhon and Christine, Jhon

Yvonne, Gaston and Jason, Gaston

Alicia, DeLoatch and Philip, Deloatch

Christina, Cope and Casey, Cope

Estela, Fazzone and Albert, Fazzone


Adcock, Lyle, 68, Edmonds

Alme, Sharon, 65, Bothell

Anderson, Dolores, 87, Marysville

Anderson, Lloyd, 86, Lake Stevens

Bailey, Verla, 85, Marysville

Banghart, Frederick, 72, Everett

Bannister, Judith, 72, Edmonds

Baron, Kathleen, 53, Tulalip

Barton, Alfreda, 89, Stanwood

Bauman, Evelyn, 91, Edmonds

Bayley, Kyle, 22, Arlington

Beatty, Brenda, 52, Tulalip

Beverly, Sr, Eugene, 77, Lynnwood

Blackburn Robert, 83, Monroe

Blaswich, Julianne, 70, Everett

Bobadillo-Arechiga, Filemon, 92, Everett

Bogart, Fred, 71, Marysville

Bogue, Alice, 86, Bothell

Bohag, Carram, 78, Monroe

Boney, Rose, 88, Arlington

Brentlinger, James, 74, Snohomish

Bronson, Clarice, 96, Edmonds

Burke, Gerald, 74, Bothell

Burns, Mary, 86, Everett

Burns, Timothy, 60, Lynnwood

Campbell, Timothy, 36, Snohomish

Carlisle, Richard, 67, Lynnwood

Carroll, Humphrey, 82, Brier

Carty, Marjorie, 88, Arlington

Cella, Marlene, 77, Everett

Champagne, Gene, 62, Everett

Coffman Jr, Arthur, 88, Stanwood

Conrad Jr, Gerald, 52, Snohomish

Cook, Eileen, 90, Monroe

Cooley William, 89, Edmonds

Cranfill, Marianne, 55, Marysville

Criswell, Stanley, 67, Sultan

Crolley, Janice, 78, Everett

de Sa e Silva, Elizabeth, 81, Bellevue

DeLaPaz Raved, Lourdes, 71, Edmonds

Delos Santos, Maria, 85, Arlington

Do, Lien Thi, 81, Edmonds

Dodgion, Orlin, 91, Marysville

Driscoll, Eugene, 73, Granite Falls

Duce, Legrand, 76, Marysville

Dudey, Karl, 85, Mill Creek

Duenas, Coral, 43, Arlington

Eisenzimmer, Betty, 73, Mill Creek

Elias, Charles, 94, Everett

Ellis, Pamela, 46, Tulalip

Elmer, Belle, 95, Bothell

Engle, Donald, 81, Everett

Engle, Eugene, 78, Sultan

Erickson, David, 46, Langley

Evancha, Ann, 100, Arlington

Farrar, Lori, 49, Monroe

Fields, Judy, 73, Marysville

Fitchner, Betty, 93, Stanwood

Fosse, Michael, 61, Everett

Frantz, Erich, 67, Everett

Freilinger, Loyza, 92, Lake Stevens

Frohne, Richard, 74, Stanwood

Garber, Billie, 63, Snohomish

Girt, Harry, 87, Brier

Gordon, Doreen, 88, Marysville

Greene, Myrtle, 97, Bothell

Gross, Reda, 76, Camano Island

Guy, James, 52, Snohomish

Halverson, Homer, 83, Mukilteo

Hammond, Thomas, 83, Monroe

Hanks, Nancy, 58, Stanwood

Haugen, Audrey, 89, Stanwood

Hawthorne, Isaiah, 22, Lynnwood

Heagney, Norman, 88, Bothell

Hildebrand, Fredrick, 66, Lynnwood

Hom, Bette, 80, Snohomish

Hopson, James, 80, Everett

Horton, George, 89, Arlington

Howell, Violet, 98, Seattle

Huang, David, 92, Edmonds

Huddle, Matthew, 48, Marysville

Hundley, Robert, 79, Marysville

Hurst, Carol, 63, Sultan

Insouta, Avouth, 67, Marysville

Jackson, Linda, 50, Monroe

Jensen JR, Jens, 70, Stanwood

Kennaugh, Bruce, 63, Lake Stevens

King, Dale, 85, Bellevue

King, Maxine, 90, Stanwood

Knight, Virginia, 82, Stanwood

Knoll, Edward, 81, Everett

Komurka, Patricia, 89, Arlington

Latawiec, Helena, 88, Everett

Leap, Harvey, 92, Arlington

Leger, Keneth, 67, Arlington

Lien, Viola, 87, Lake Stevens

Lilgreen, Willim, 85, Arlington

Little, Roy, 71, Burlington

Lord, Lila, 91, Seattle

MacKenzie III, Dougal, 86, Monroe

Magill, Henry, 96, Bothell

Martinez, Joseph, 64, Everett

McClain, Virginia, 70, Everett

McClay, Charles, 87, Marysville

McCollum, Karen, 52, Everett

McRae, Charles, 52, Everett

Moore, Barbara, 75, Lake Stevens

Morgan, Francis, 80, Stanwood

Morrell, Sarah, 89, Edmonds

Mose, Allison,

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