Hang up and buy

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

People who called this number also called… Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to unveil an Amazon smartphone at a Seattle hotel on June 18. As with its Kindles and Fire TV box, Amazon isn’t looking to make a lot of money from the devices; it’s hoping to sell more e-books, music and movies.

Those who have seen the Amazon phone say it’s a model of simplicity. It has only one button: “Buy now!”


They saw the light: A Seattle city council committee has proposed increasing the pay of Seattle City Light’s chief executive officer to $305,000 a year to put it closer in line with the salaries of utility CEOs at Snohomish County PUD and Tacoma Public Utility, who make $367,000 and $319,000, respectively.

That does seem a little much to pay a public servant. It’s not like this is a job crucial to the community, like a university football coach. (University of Washington head football coach Chris Petersen makes $3.6 million a year.)

But fair’s fair. Having recently approved a $15 an hour minimum wage, Seattle’s city council apparently thought more people should get a little bump in pay.