Jeopardized and marginalized


I’ll take Disgruntled Artificial Intelligence for $400, Alex: Computer giant IBM is looking to create a new version of Watson, the computer that famously defeated two “Jeopardy” champions. Watson 2.0 will be accessible from smartphones. Think Siri but able to do more than direct you to the nearest Starbucks. Already Watson is crunching financial and medical data (Page A5).

But after winning “Jeopardy” and researching high finance and a cure for cancer, we wonder if Watson is going to have a good attitude about settling bar bets and doing your kids’ homework.

Watch out, Joe: Detroit police are investigating the theft of a U-Haul truck rented by the Secret Service and carrying equipment for a visit by Vice President Joe Biden, D-Warm Bucket of Spit.

Wait a minute. U-Haul? The president has Air Force One and SUV limos at his disposal, but the Secret Service is renting U-Haul trucks to cart Biden’s stuff around? You’d think the White House would at least spring for a Penske truck. Or a Ryder.

Don’t know much about history: On this day in 1962, The Beatles and new drummer Ringo Starr recorded “Love Me Do,” but uncertain of Starr’s prowess, a studio musician played drums and Ringo was relegated to tambourine for the first session.

Ringo feels your pain, Joe.

—Jon Bauer, Herald staff