The mother of all mothers

Jon Bauer, Herald staff

A star is born. And another. And another: Astronomers have discovered a galaxy 5.7 billion light years from earth that has been dubbed “Supermom” because it’s churning out stars at a fantastic rate. While our Milky Way galaxy creates a new star about once a year, Supermom pumps out about 740 baby suns each year.

Pointing to its output, the CEO for Milky Way Galaxy Corp. announced that it will be outsourcing future star production to the Supermom galaxy. The CEO thanked Milky Way’s gaseous nebulae for their eons of heavenly body production but said that economic realities forced the decision.

Goes by the name of Monty: Seattle animal control staff are watching for a 7-foot-long python at Cowan Park after a homeless man reported losing his pet snake.

That’s understandable; it’s not easy keeping a python on a leash. But there is a trick: Secure the collar between the snake’s last two meals of small yappy dog.

It’s a chimp: A chimpanzee’s pregnancy at a sanctuary in Louisiana has surprised staff. Ginger, 42, gave birth Monday, even though each male chimp at the shelter is given a vasectomy. Since the pregnancy, a newer type of vasectomy is given, and all females are given birth control.

There’s also been a change in the shelter’s movie nights. A recent showing of Ronald Reagan’s “Bedtime for Bonzo,” apparently was too suggestive.