Art Thiel

Art Thiel: Seahawks’ tradition of unorthodox players continues

At just 5-foot-11 Poona Ford is not your typical D-lineman, but teammates are raving about his play.


Art Thiel: ‘Rock stars’ join Sounders, Hanauer still in charge

Seattle added big names to its ownership group Tuesday, but an original owners still leads.


Art Thiel: Seahawks’ Flinstones-like offense adds new wrinkle

Seattle coaches say they will rely on their quality running backs to catch more passes this season.


Art Thiel: Mariners add 4 youngster as rebuild continues

The haul wasn’t great, but Seattle adds minor-league depth at the trade deadline.

Art Thiel: Reed’s ban makes Hawks’ margin for error razor-thin

Seattle may find out how small a difference there can be between 10-6 and 6-10.

Art Thiel: Late season call-ups may be M’s only sign of life

In another lost season, September additions could pull back the curtain on Seattle’s future.

Art Thiel: Ballmer showing what could have been in Seattle

The billionaire, who tried to buy the Kings and move them to Seattle, is building a juggernaut in L.A.

Art Thiel: Ken Behring’s death stirs up lousy memories

The former Seahawks owner tried to move the team to Los Angeles in 1996.

Thiel: Mariners hoping ‘credibility’ makes up for lack of wins

Seattle chairman John Stanton has prioritized pleasing fans more than previous team owners.

Art Thiel: Mariners honoring Pilots by playing like them

At least this time, the club likely won’t go bankrupt and move to Milwaukee.

Art Thiel: Seahawks’ O-linemen are talking a good game

The group insists it will no longer be one of the Seattle laughingstocks.

Art Thiel: In Lockett, Seahawks have a go-to receiver

The Wilson-Lockett connection was statistically one of the best of all-time last season.

Thiel: Seahawks’ Wright surprised to still be on team

The linebacker is one of 3 players (Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner) left from the Super Bowl-winning team.

Art Thiel: Hopkins is elevating UW hoops to new heights

As the Pac-12 spirals downward, the energetic head coach keeps landing big-time players.

Art Thiel: Seahawks navigate perils better than most

Unlike, say, the Jets, Seattle has been able to maintain success through some tough circumstances.

Art Thiel: Seahawks reportedly get Ziggy with it

Multiple reports say Seattle will sign needed free agent pass-rusher Ezekiel Ansah.

Thiel: Sirmon staying at UW, but 1-year sit-out rule must go

The QB rescinded his decision, but fellow redshirt freshman Colson Yankoff still intends to transfer.

Art Thiel: Seahawks should try and go BIG in NFL draft

Mammoth Mississippi wide receiver DK Metcalf would be a bold choice for Seattle in Round 1.

Thiel: Wilson’s new contract is a good deal in a lot of ways

For Pete Carroll, it keeps alive the best shot to return his team to the Super Bowl.

Art Thiel: Seahawks in pickle with franchise quarterback

Russell Wilson’s new contract could be prohibitive, but what other choice does Seattle have?