Jennifer Bardsley

Mom is trapped in house with kids this summer due to smoke

It’s 85 degrees inside and they don’t have air conditioning. So she sits still and drinks water.

Memories of gold from a visit to the Canadian Rockies

A Snohomish County family visits Banff and Jasper national parks. The best news? It’s affordable.

Too close for comfort: A hike to remember in bear country

Her family was hiking at Canada’s Valley of the Five Lakes and encountered a black bear on the trail.

This mom has a secret — and you can read all about it

Jennifer Bardsley is self-publishing a new series of books, but you won’t find her name on the cover.

Doing math at home: Now’s the time to stop the summer slide

A former teacher shares her favorite resources for mathematics that she’s used with her own children.

Need an amusement park fix? Head to Silverwood in Idaho

At Silverwood Theme Park, the lines are short and the opportunity for fun and adventure is huge.

That time when the family shower had 8 bottles of shampoo

After a great stock-up sale, it kind of looks like a barbershop exploded in the bathroom.

Camping in style: This camper just ditched the hobo look

Now 40, Jennifer Bardsley doesn’t have to camp in hand-me-downs anymore. So she went shopping at REI.

8-year-old’s new playmates also mean newfound independence

A neighborhood in Edmonds is reborn when families with young daughters move in next door.

Obituaries are a family tribute to a life that mattered

They tell about the extraordinary, everyday people who might never have made front-page news.

A knotty situation: 8 minutes to give daughter French braid

Why doesn’t she let her mother do her hair more often? This is the tangled story.

A solution for drudgery of lunch packing? Make the kids do it

Some parents have their children pack their own lunches to teach them self-reliance.

10 easy steps to make over your kitchen — $50,000 not required

If you’re dreaming of a remodel but don’t have the budget for it, it’s time for some elbow grease.

A love letter to Roomba from a woman with dust allergies

Vacuuming daily is one of the best things to do for dust allergies. But who has time for that?

Bunnies beware: Elderly miniature poodle is backyard hunter

Poodles can do everything Labrador retrievers do — and look fabulous while doing it.

When you turn 40 on Mother’s Day, it better be spectacular

She wants presents, nice behavior and a decent meal — and she doesn’t think that’s too much to ask.

When cold and flu viruses attack: ‘I think I’m getting sicker’

Tissues, cough drops and steamers are some of Jennifer Bardsley’s not-so-favorite things.

Mom’s stamp of approval: Local meal prep box delivers value

ACME Farms + Kitchen from Bellingham offers local, mostly organic food kits at a competitive price.

Parenting is like one long road trip — just remember to brake

A drive to Kennewick leads Jenny Bardsley to reflect on her last 10 years of parenthood.

Tidying up’s a snap: Alexa is like a virtual Mary Poppins

Amazon’s voice-activated assistant — by way of the Echo and Echo Dot — helps this family stay on task.