Jennifer Bardsley

Parents deserve time-outs too — especially during the teen years

Here’s an exhausting metaphor for you: Raising a teenager is like running 97 marathons in a row.

Processed vs whole foods: Helping kids evaluate what they eat

Her Girl Scout troop was earning their Staying Fit badge. In front of them were 10 snack items.

Clean bathrooms in a snap with white vinegar and Dawn dish soap

When you combine the two, they become a potent cleaning force that will transform your shower.

Coming home from a long vacation is part of the journey

When you return from Hawaii to find yourself locked out of the house, vacation is officially over.

In case of emerency: Why you should pack yourself a go bag

If you needed to leave your house in a hurry, could you do it?

When you email your teenager, but they would rather get a text

Today’s communication problems between parents and teens seem to be getting more about technology.

How learning to say her own name inspired her latest book

A character in Jennifer Bardsley’s new novel speaks with a lisp — as she did when she was a child.

Give your Valentine the gift of relaxation at the naked spa

The Olympus Spa in Lynnwood is for women only. Sorry guys, this Valentine’s Day treat isn’t for you.

When mom tried the Whole30, the entire family learned a lesson

The popular eating challenge taught Jennifer Bardsley a thing or two about food and behavior.

Pot problems: They just don’t make cookware like they used to

That matching set of pots and pans you got for your wedding? Yeah, they probably won’t last 20 years.

A subscriber’s plea: Support journalism before it’s too late

We are raising a generation that places their faith in social media instead of vetted journalists.

A family game of Monopoly is equal parts joy and frustration

Toys R Us is dead, but don’t worry — America’s favorite board game is alive and well.

This mom’s favorite family meals to cook in the Instant Pot

Did you get a pressure cooker for Christmas? Here are two recipes to try that busy families love.

What’s a mom to do? Photos in camera’s gallery have snowballed

The last photo album she finished was in 2015. Soon it will be 2019, and she’ll be four years behind.

Family-friendly Disney cruise makes fantasy become reality

The Bardsley family spent a week on the Disney Fantasy cruising around the Caribbean.

Pledging myself to family fun aboard a Disney cruise ship

She hasn’t even boarded the boat yet, but she can already tell it won’t be like any other vacation.

This mom’s looking forward to a Christmas that is just ‘enough’

Have you heard of the Swedish principle “lagom”? Loosely translated, it means “just the right amount.”

Parenting teenagers requires the courage of a lion tamer

Danger lurks around every corner, especially on social media. Gun violence, drug use, depression …

Put down those needles! Struggles of a recovering yarn addict

She gave up knitting and crocheting 13 years ago due to tendinitis and carpel tunnel. It hurts.

Edmonds bakery and cafe a cozy neighborhood gathering place

The Red Twig Bakery & Cafe makes this columnist’s (unofficial) list of Snohomish County hall-of-famers.