Robert Horton

Talented cast and director can carry ‘Greta’ only so far

Director Neil Jordan and star Isabelle Huppert conjure up weirdness before the movie comes undone.

Robert Horton’s Oscar predictions put foreign film ‘Roma’ at top

With snubs, score-settling and controversy galore, there’s more suspense than usual for 2019’s awards.

‘Hidden World’ brings ‘Dragon’ trilogy to a satisfying close

The movie allows its characters to grow older, and deftly balances jokes and action.

‘Romantic’ tries to both mock and embrace romcom cliches

Rebel Wilson is fun as an everyday woman whose life is transformed into a Hollywood fantasy.

Brilliant acting carries a story of survival in the ‘Arctic’

Mads Mikkelsen is absolutely terrific as a man who must save himself — and a semi-comatose woman.

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ is too staid and lumbering to be truly fun

This tale of a teen cyborg warrior girl is filled with action but isn’t as crazy as it needs to be.

‘What Men Want’: Good moments lost in the noise

An overabundance of plot strands mutes the funny bits — which include a fun performance by The Boz.

Everything’s no longer awesome in Lego world — but the sequel is

‘Lego Movie 2’ features non-stop jokes and pop-culture send-ups that will put a smile on your face.

Oscar nominee from Lebanon details street kid’s harsh life

“Capernaum” benefits from an extremely charismatic child actor in the lead role.

Brady Jandreau is tall in the saddle in “The Rider,” the best movie of 2018 no matter what the Academy says. (Sony Pictures Classics)

If our critic Robert Horton chose the Oscar nominees …

… “The Rider” would get the love, and mediocrities such as “Bohemian Rhapsody” would not.

Brady Jandreau is tall in the saddle in “The Rider,” the best movie of 2018 no matter what the Academy says. (Sony Pictures Classics)

Peter Jackson brings the ghosts of WWI to colorful life

‘They Shall Not Grow Old” uses digital wizardry to make the First World War newly vivid.

‘Stan & Ollie’ are created with affectionate precision

Gifted actors have replicated some of Laurel and Hardy’s classic routines with great affection.

‘Serenity’ weirdest movie to hit the screen in some time

This film noir set on an island starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway takes a bizzare turn.

‘Cold War’: Deeply romantic Polish film is absolute must-see

A canny use of music helps propel the movie, which would be an Oscar shoo-in if not for “Roma.”

Nicole Kidman dons grungy makeup in unpleasant ‘Destroyer’

Casting a woman in the cliche troubled-cop role doesn’t make the film any less trite.

Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ has nifty ending — after 100 turgid minutes

The filmmaker’s latest ties together his films “Unbreakable” and “Split,” but it’s mostly boring.

‘The Upside’: Unreality ungrounds this formula buddy comedy

Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart are capable, but setting the film amid lavish wealth was unwise.

‘Divide and Conquer’ charts the rise and fall of Roger Ailes

The documentary follows Ailes from Nixon aide to Fox News honcho to disgraced sex predator.

The departed: Horton’s list of Hollywood actors we lost in 2018

The Herald’s movie critic takes a look at some of the biggest celebrities who died last year.

‘Beale Street’ a worthy follow-up to award-winning ‘Moonlight’

Director Barry Jenkins’ movie favors mood over story, and is full of good actors and explosive color.