Steve Smith

Hurry! Winterize your garden before the arctic blast arrives

Follow these tips to help prevent freeze damage — but be prepared to do some repairs or replacements.


Gardening trends for the next decade (or at least the new year)

Dirt is healthy, and manicured lawns and gardens aren’t ideal — those are two of Steve Smith’s takeaways for 2020.


Seven last-minute gift ideas for the gardener in your life

Don’t know what to get? Why not try a Farmer’s Almanac, bird feeder, houseplant or gardening tools.


Why yes, you can grow citrus trees in the Pacific Northwest

We live in a horticultural paradise, so be adventurous and tend to your own lemon and lime trees.

Christmas or Lenten roses — whatever you call them, they’re back

The seasonal perennials, also known as hellebores, have many lovely hybrids and bloom all winter.

A gardener pauses to reflect and be thankful for what he has

Steve Smith pays tribute to the resilience of nature after a fire burned half his back yard landscape.

When picking out a Christmas tree, should you go real or fake?

Unless you’re allergic, go for a living noble, Fraser or Douglas fir. The trees have a host of benefits.

These six new flowering shrubs will be introduced next year

The plants are just a taste of what’s to come in the new year. Try one or more in your 2020 garden.

Here’s what you should be doing in the garden in November

Fertilize the lawn, prune the roses and spread a lot of mulch to prevent a big weed problem.

Surefire ways to bring colors from the garden inside for winter

Spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths can be tricked into flowering out of season.

Bulbs: Mother Nature’s little remedy for the dark days blues

If you plant bulbs now, you’ll enjoy cheerful color in the dead of winter. And it couldn’t be easier.

How to save your begonias and geraniums through the winter

If you’re serious about trying to preserve some of your plants for next year, time is of the essence.

Fall is in the air, so get outside and dig in your garden

October is a time of transformation in our landscapes — and we’re not just talking falling leaves.

From big to small, there’s a Viburnum perfect for your garden

They’re great in the fall garden, either sporting vivid colors and attractive berries, or even reblooming.

Four new plants that you’ll find in garden centers next year

Sunnyside Nursery in Marysville offers a sneak peek at what breeders have in store for the 2020 season.

While flowers are ephemeral, foliage can last all season

Focus on foliage when making your winter containers — but don’t forget to add a pop of color.

Often-overlooked mums and asters add color to the fall garden

Another great choice is the fall-blooming Japanese anemone — just don’t let it take over.

These fall gardening chores reap huge dividends come spring

Roll up your sleeves, don your gardening gloves and tack these seven tasks in September.

These seasonal grasses are fit for any setting in your garden

Ornamental grasses have graceful motion, attractive form, interesting texture and striking colors.

Summer’s in the home stretch — time to plant fall vegetables

There is a seemingly endless number of cultivars, but here are seven to zero in on.