Steve Smith

While flowers are ephemeral, foliage can last all season

Focus on foliage when making your winter containers — but don’t forget to add a pop of color.


Often-overlooked mums and asters add color to the fall garden

Another great choice is the fall-blooming Japanese anemone — just don’t let it take over.


These fall gardening chores reap huge dividends come spring

Roll up your sleeves, don your gardening gloves and tack these seven tasks in September.


These seasonal grasses are fit for any setting in your garden

Ornamental grasses have graceful motion, attractive form, interesting texture and striking colors.

Summer’s in the home stretch — time to plant fall vegetables

There is a seemingly endless number of cultivars, but here are seven to zero in on.

The 5 P’s of August aka timely chores for the summer garden

If you finish these gardening tasks this month, you’ll improve the look and health of your plants.

Versatile, easy-to-grow vines for the Pacific Northwest garden

Try to incorporate a vine or two in your garden. Three years from now, you’ll be glad you did.

Garden too crowded? Expand your horizon with climbing plants

Hops, wisteria, honeysuckle, trumpet vines and clematis are just some of the choices available.

Cone flowers continue to thrill in the summer garden

The perennial also known as echinacea used to come only in purple or white; now, a rainbow of colors are available.

Crocosmia’s many varieties pack a colorful punch in summer

These hardy perennials are beloved by hummingbirds and easy to grow in Snohomish County soil.

Do you have one of these blooming machines in your garden?

Whether they’re planted in full sun or part shade, hardy fuchsias will bloom from June until frost.

Four sprinklers perfect for watering the Northwest garden

As our summers get longer and drier, our plants are more and more stressed for moisture.

Everything you ever needed or wanted to know about lavender

Some fun facts: The oil is said to soothe and heal insect bites, sunburns and small cuts, even acne.

The blooms of June will stay colorful well into the fall

Lots of daylight means it’s an ideal month to fill in those empty spaces in your garden.

Dark-foliage plants for those shady spots in your garden

Every green thumb will appreciate these distinctive varieties. Some literally have black leaves.

Canna lilies: Bold perennials for the flamboyant gardener

Cannas grow as tall as 12 feet — just be sure to give them tons of sun, moisture and food.

Turn a few heads this summer with these 4 showstopper plants

Step away from spiky Dracena and add some drama to the containers on your patio.

Wisteria is the queen of vines, but she can be a finicky one

Keep the plant blooming every year and from overgrowing the garden with this simple pruning regime.

Spring is here — time to get cracking in the Northwest garden

From planting veggies to deadheading rhodies, here’s what you need to be doing in May.

Dwarf lilacs are compact, dependable and even reblooming

They look and smell just like their full-size counterparts — without all the insects and diseases.