Evergreen State Fair Judging Results

4H Public Presentations

Senior Champion, Illustrated Talks/Demonstrations; Lottie Duren, Napavine; Intermediate Champion, Illustrated

Talks/Demonstrations; Stuart Kuehne; Junior Champion, Illustrated Talks/Demonstrations; Jules Kuehne; 4H

Public Presentations Outstanding Primary Achievement, Impromptu Teaching; Esperansa Ramsey, Granite

Falls; Outstanding Primary Achievement, Impromptu Teaching; Mateo Kuo, Lynnwood; Outstanding Primary

Achievement, Impromptu Teaching; Malcolm Kuo, Lynnwood; Intermediate Champion, Impromptu Teaching;

Kara Anderson, Arlington; Intermediate Res. Champion, Impromptu Teaching; Cassandra Fieldson, Bothell;

Senior Champion, Impromptu Teaching; Aurora MacAvoy, Lake Stevens;

Senior Res. Champion, Impromptu Teaching; Wesley Simmons, Lynnwood;

Spinning, weaving and basketry Department

Best of Show Sharon Kito, Seattle; Best of Division Weaving

Karen Chabinsky, Monroe; Hand Spinning Mimi Dilman, Snohomish; Needle Felting Tammy Dow, Kenmore;

Basketry Sharon Kita, Seattle; Knitting Evanita Montalvo, Woodinville; Best of Class Needle Felting Alisa

Bright, Monroe; Tammy Dow, Kenmore

Felting Marsha Kuile, Snohomish; Donna Skoog, Snohomish; Weaving Karen Chabinsky, Monroe; Tryggve

Trivett, Bothell; Basketry Mary Auld, Seattle; Sharon Kita, Seattle; Sandra Wood, Seattle; Hand Spinning Mimi

Dilman, Seattle; Sharon Kita, Seattle; Sandra Wood, Seattle; Hand Spinning Mimi Dilman, Snohomish; Katie

Kent, Monroe; Evanita Montalvo, Woodinville; Donna Skoog, Snohomish; Katie Kent, Monroe; Evanita Montalvo,

Woodinville; Donna Skoog, Snohomish; Terry Yocum, Everett; Knitting Evanita Montalvo, Woodinville;

Crochet Sue Wilson, Kirkland;

4H Public Presentations Intermediate Champion, Let’s Compare; Kara Anderson, Arlington; Intermediate Res.

Champion, Let’s Compare; Cassandra Fieldson, Bothell; Senior Champion, Let’s Compare; Madeline Sybertz,

Marysville; Senior Res. Champion, Let’s Compare; Shahntae Martinez, Everett; Senior Res. Champion, Let’s

Compare; Aurora MacAvoy, Lake Stevens; Senior Creative Award, Let’s Compare; Wesley Simmons,


Open Class Floriculture

Third Show Best Table Presentation Dawn DeFreese; Design Sweepstakes Adult Tie

Davi Martin, Gold Bar; Debbie Wetmore, Snohomish; Design Sweepstakes Youth Hazel Volk, Everett;

Horticultural Sweepstakes

Martha Mercer, Seattle; Special Award Design Debbie Wetmore, Snohomish; Special

Award Design Jan Weakley, Arlington; Horticultural Excellence Donna Carren, Monroe; Chairman’s Award

Hazel Volk, Everett; Award of Appreciation Theresa Rose, Lake Stevens; Class Winners Dahlia Harvey Tatel,

Monroe; Merrily Shirey, Lynnwood; Dick Williams, Snohomish; Leslie Cutter, Monroe; Mary Everest, Monroe;

Dahlia Sweepstakes Dick Williams, Snohomish; Outstanding Exhibitor Miniature Design Linda Cline, Monroe;

Creative Award Melissa Volk, Everett;

4H Dairy Cattle Fitting and Showing Juniors Champion Danica Rupard; Blue Chloe Groeneveld; Blue Ella

Pettyjohn; Blue Maya Hartzell; Blue Adison Tubbs; Blue Hailey Hartzell; Blue Noah Berry; Blue Jack Kujawa;

Intermediate Champion Rick Heslinga; Blue Helena Van Ess; Blue RJ Rupard; Blue Abbigail Hartzell; Blue

Teegan Lowe; Blue Julie Contreras; Blue Jacy Smith; Blue Julia Kujawa; Blue Daesha Ali; Blue Declan

Bartelheimer; Senior Champion Maggie Bright; Blue Leah Galusha; Blue Bailie Shultz; Blue Tiana Cargill; Blue

Dale Jonker;

4H Dairy Type Grand Champion Brown Swiss Julia Kujawa; Grand Champion Guernsey Leah Galusha; Grand

Champion Jersey Helena Van Ess; Grand Champion Holstein Abby Hartzell; Supreme Champion Abby

Hartzell; Best Udder Award Abby Hartzell; Herdsmanship Bicycle Tree Elaine Kearney Award Maggie Bright;

4H Start to Finish

First Place Team Rick Heslinga, Julia Contreras, Daesha Ali, Hailey Hartzell; Second Place

Team Helena Van Ess, Bailie Shultz, Julia Kujawa, Ella Pettyjohn, Jon Robinson; Third Place Team Blake

Schoenbachler, Tiana Cargill, Danica Rupard, Noah Berry; Fourth Place Team Mieke Van Ess, Jackson

Kujawa, RJ Rupard, Chloe Groeneveld; Fifth Place Team Maggie Bright, Teegan Lowe, Maya Hartzell, Declan

Bartelheimer; Sixth Place Team Leah Galusha, Abbigail Hartzell, Jacy Smith, Adison Tubbs,

Gabe Robinson; Participation Award Dale Jonker

4H Dairy Cattle Publicity Report Primary Informational Posters

Layne Contreras Primary Award; Eissen

Groeneveld Primary Award; Fenna Groeneveld Primary Award; Junior Informational Posters Maya Hartzell

Blue; Chloe Groeneveld Blue, Reserve Best of Show; Noah Berry Blue; Danica Rupard Blue, Best of Show;

Max Contreras Blue; Jackson Kujawa Blue; Adison Tubbs Blue; Intermediate Informational Posters Rick

Heslinga Blue, Best of Show; Julia Contreras Blue; Helena Van Ess Blue, Best of Show; RJ Rupard Blue;

Teegan Lowe Blue, Reserve Best of Show; Gabe Robinson Blue, Award of Excellence; Jacy Smith White;

Abbigail Hartzell White; Declan Bartelheimer Blue; Julia Kujawa Red; Senior Informational Posters Dale

Jonker Blue, Best of Show; Balie Shultz Blue; Tiana Cargill Red; Leah Galusha Blue;

Dairy Cattle Photography

Tatum Hartzell 3 Primary Award; Maya Hartzell Blue, Blue, Red; Daeshal Ali Blue,

Red; Jon Robinson Blue, Blue Blue; Danica Rupard Red; RJ Rupard Blue; Maggie Bright, Blue, Blue, Blue;

Gabe Robinson Blue, Blue, Red; Balie Shultz Blue; Hailey Hartzell Blue, Blue, Blue; Ella Pettyjohn Blue, Blue,

Blue; Dale Jonkers Blue; Leah Galusha Red; Abbigail Hartzell Blue, Blue, Red; Teegan Lowe Blue Blue, Red;

Rick Heslinga Blue, Blue; Declan Bartelheimer Blue, Red; Chloe Groeneveld Blue, Blue, Red; Fenna

Goreneveld, 3 Primary Award; Eissen Groeneveld, 3 Primary Award; Overall Senior Balie Shultz; Overall

Intermediate Rick Heslinga; Overall Junior Declan Bartelheimer; Best General Dairy Abby Hartzell; Best

Creative Gave Robinson; Best Fair Theme Jon Robinson;

4H Dairy Recordbooks

Juniors Danica Rupard First Place Blue; Chloe Groeneveld First Place Blue; Ella

Pettyjohn Blue; Noah Berry Blue; Maya Hartzell Blue; Adison Tubbs Blue; Hailey Hartzell Red; Intermediates

RJ Rupard First Place Blue; Teegan Lowe Blue; Helena Van Ess Blue; Rick Heslinga Blue; Jacy Smith Blue;

Julia Kejawa Blue; Daesha Ali Blue; Julia Contreras Red; Abbigail Hartzell Red; Jack Kejawa Red; Declan

Bartelheimer White; Senior Meike Van Ess Blue; Maggie Bright Blue; Dale Jonker Blue; Bailie Shultz Blue;

Tiana Cargill Red; Leah Galusha Red;

Dairy Jepardy

Junior: First Maya Hartzell; Second Danica Rupard; Second Chloe Groeneveld; Blue Ella

Pettyjohn; Intermediate: First RJ Rupard; Second Declan Bartelheimer; Third Teegan Lowe; Blue Jacy

Smith; Blue Daesha Ali; Blue Rick Heslinga; Blue Helena Van Ess; Blue Julia Contreras; Senior: First Tiana

Cargill; Second Mieke Van Ess; Blue Maggie Bright; Blue Leah Galusha; Blue Bailie Shultz;

4-H Swine Showmanship

Champion Senior Amanda Toth Anacordes; Champion Intermediate Haylee

Brotherton Granit Falls; Reserve Champion Intermediate Shawn Moyer Stanwood; Champion Junior Izabella

Hartman Muchoney Snohomish; Type Overall Top Female Shawn Moyer Yorkshire Spring Gilt

Best Crossbred Female; Haylee Brotherton Crossbred Senior Gilt; Champion Yorkshire Shawn Moyer

Stanwood; Champion Berkshire Lindsey Kramme Granite Falls; Champion Crossbred Haylee Brotherton

Granite Falls; Special Events Costume Contest Braden Kjelland Camano Island; Informational Display Shawn

Moyer Stanwood; Hog Calling Wesley Simmons Lynnwood; Swine Bowl Shawn Moyer Stanwood;

Reserve Swine Bowl Haylee Brotherton Granite Falls; Demonstrations Shawn Moyer Stanwood; Premier

Exhibitor Shawn Moyer Stanwood;

Open Class Grange

First Place Quality South Lake Stevens Grange, Second Quality Kellogg Marsh Grange,

Marysville; Third Quality Horseshoe Grange, Snohomish; First Attractiveness Horseshoe Grange, Snohomish;

Second Attractiveness South Lake Stevens Grange, Lake Stevens; Third Attractiveness Kellogg Marsh Grange,

Marysville; Fair Advisory Board Outstanding Themed Award South Lake Stevens Grange, Lake Stevens;

4-H Pygmy &Meat Goat

Outstanding Primary Showmen Allison Bloedel Arlington; Danae Bonneville

Snohomish; Jade Bonneville Snohomish; Ruthie Hoiosen Arlington; Ryley Hoiosen Arlington; Seven Knight

Snohomish; Jack Wilson Arlington; Novice Junior Champion Showman Ayla Jensen Arlington; Junior

Champion Showman Kaitlyn Morgan Snohomish; Reserve Junior Showman Grace Meyer Monroe; Senior

Champion Showman Ashley Slemmons Snohomish; Reserve Senior Showman Brittney Batchelor-Harris

Everett; Champion Market Goat Brittney Batchelor-Harris Everett; Reserve Market Goat Kaitlyn Morgan

Snohomish; Champion Pygmy Crossbred Ayla Jensen Arlington; Champion Pygmy Wether Grace Meyer

Monroe; Reserve Pygmy Wether Natalie Wuerch Snohomish; Champion Junior Pygmy Doe Caroline Wuerch

Snohomish; Reserve Junior Pygmy Doe Mikayla Louis Snohomish; Champion Senior Pygmy Doe Kaitlyn

Morgan Snohomish; Reserve Senior Pygmy Doe Ashley Slemmons Snohomish; Grand Champion Pygmy

Doe Kaitlyn Morgan Snohomish; Reserve Grand Pygmy Doe Ashley Slemmons Snohomish; Champion

Junior Boer Doe Grace Meyer Monroe; Grand Champion Boer Doe Grace Meyer Monroe.

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