Vital Statistics


Brooke Brown and Kiel Brown

Craig Cahoon and Dawn Cahoon

Nicholas Schultz and Ondrea Schultz

Steven Cromer and Tamarish Cromer

Kimberly Poppy Gulden and Aaron Gulden

Mark Graves and Beth Graves

Stephanie Norman and Timothy Clancy

Carole Mangini and Donald Mangini

Aaron Lee and Mary-Michael Lee

Holly Johnson and Ross Johnson

Bridget Hysmith and Scott Hysmith

Jean Felix and Kimberly Moyer

Tiffany Perman and Scott Perman

Elizabeth Branham and Ronald Branham

Bret Lewis and September Lewis

Noranda Chenier and Richard Gillmere

Jeffrey Lippert and Patricia Lippert

Susan Montgomery and John Montgomery Iii

Cassie Moore and Jack Forrest Jr

Janet Graham and John Graham

Craig Hamman and Lynette Hamman

Darrell Martin and Valerie Martin

Zachary Fuentes and Amber McCable

Matthew Farnam and Melissa Farnam

Pamela Hadfield and Stefan Hadfield

Sherry Boone and James Moore

Tammy Rafferty and Tami Rafferty

Tsion Cham and Bai Cham

Deborah Townsend and Duane Flannery


Adey, Alwynne, 94, Snohomish,

Amador, Felix, 79, Everett, Aug. 28

Anderson, Gordon, 91, Everett, Aug. 29

Anderson, Doris, 89, Everett, Sept. 1

Anderson Jr., Douglas, 72, Mukilteo, Aug. 28

Asmussen, Oline, 83, Everett, Sept. 2

Baack, William, 70, Everett, Aug. 30

Barstad, Mikkel, 66, Everett, Aug. 27

Bittrick, Jeannette, 94, Bothell, Aug. 13

Bos, Stephanna, 28, Lake Stevens, Aug. 28

Brown, Kenneth, 87, Camano Island, Aug. 31

Bulcao, Loretta, 82, Snohomish, Sept. 2

Carey, Betty, 88, Monroe, Aug. 25

Carlino, Jill, 78, Langley, Aug. 25

Carter, Kenneth, 56, Everett, Aug. 21

Chinn, Gregory, 50, Everett, Aug. 24

Colella, Joseph, 62, Mountlake Terrace, Aug. 24

Comstock, Donald, 81, Marysville, Aug. 28

Cosby, Irl, 92, Lynnwood, Aug. 28

Day, Judy, 74, Mukilteo, Aug. 26

Deland, Polly, 95, Bothell, Aug. 28

Delora, Ralph, 81, Stanwood, Aug. 30

Derrig, Jr, James, 88, Seattle, Aug. 28

Dickson, Hugh, 61, Snohomish, Aug. 25

Donohue, Michael, 56, Edmonds, Aug. 29

Dorman, Wayne, 86, Arlington, Aug. 28

Doto, Leonard, 94, Marysville, Aug. 23

Doyle, Tania, 46, Lake Stevens, Aug. 31

Eidemiller, Eleanor, 92, Anchorage, Aug. 26

Escobar, Livia, 92, Bothell, Aug. 29

Gannon, James, 69, Lynnwood, Aug. 15

Gibb, Beatrice, 96, Monroe, Sept. 2

Gray, Fielding, 91, Everett, Aug. 24

Grondahl, Todd, 50, Everett, Aug. 30

Gustafson, Rose, 88, Snohomish, Aug. 28

Habul, Ahmet, 79, Lynnwood, Aug. 31

Hagerott, Alice, 89, Arlington, Aug. 28

Haines, Betty, 94, Snohomish, Aug. 30

Hanika, Byrle, 94, Everett, Aug. 25

Hanson, Sherry, 46, Twisp, Aug. 28

Harris, Robert, 91, Mukilteo, Aug. 26

Hatlen, Becky, 87, Seattle, Aug. 27

Hautamaci, Ornita, 95, Everett, Aug. 24

Hein, Charles, 25, Gold Bar, Aug. 29

Holtzman, Edward, 88, Marysville, Aug. 15

Hubschmitt, Jacqueline, 92, Edmonds, Aug. 30

Hurry, Nancy, 77, Everett, Aug. 24

Huynh, Hoa Thi, 63, Everett, Sept. 1

Int-Hout, Esther, 87, Lake Stevens, Aug. 31

Iverson, Robert, 90, Arlington, Aug. 31

Johnson, Harlen, 82, Everett, Aug. 28

Johnson, Elsa, 86, Snohomish, Aug. 26

Johnson, Richard, 84, Monroe, Aug. 29

Jurasin, Steven, 90, Stanwood, Aug. 28

King, Steven, 63, Arlington, Aug. 29

Knaack, Norman, 88, Edmonds, Sept. 1

Knoll Jr., Konrad, 51, Everett, Aug. 26

Kruick, John 85, Marysville, Aug. 28

Kuiken, Alice, 89, Everett, Aug. 29

Larson, Lynnshia, 16, Arlington, Aug. 18

Larson, Jr, John 40, Lake Stevens, Aug. 29

Lartch, Donald, 84, Bothell, Aug. 30

Leverton, Marlowe, 73, Mountlake Terrace, Aug. 29

Lloyd, Marilyn, 84, Edmonds, Aug. 24

Logsdon, Douglas, 62, Sultan, Aug. 20

Lyon, Michael, 45, Everett, Sept. 2

Massoud-Far, Ayoub, 92, Everett, Aug. 30

Mather, Bridget, 85, Arlington, Aug. 26

May, Ellen, 77, Everett, Aug. 31

McCrea, Corey, 33, Snohomish, Aug. 23

McDougall, Betty, 82, Marysville, Sept. 3

Mischhel, Janice, 76, Granite Falls, Aug. 10

Mongillo, Patricia, 70, Tulalip, Aug. 24

Nordin, Richard, 86, Lynnwood, Aug. 30

North, Raymond, 65, Lynnwood, Aug. 29

Osborn, Richard, 73, Granite Falls, Sept. 1

Panasyuk, Ykaterina, 90, Lynnwood, Aug. 31

Panasyuk, Petro, 86, Lynnwood, Aug. 24

Perry, Irene, 90, Seattle, Aug. 31

Pilker, Lee, 97, Everett, Aug. 30

Ramanauskas, Alairdas, 69, Everett, Aug. 28

Regel, Rupert, 80, Everett, Aug. 25

Roblyer, Imogene, 78, Everett, Aug. 29

Rohwer, Norma 88, Lynnwood, Aug. 27

Rygh, Alf, 82, Snohomish, Aug. 31

Sandven, Marilyn, 79, Arlington, Sept. 1

Sanford, Kelly, 52, Edmonds, Sept. 1

Sayles, Nadine, 81, Everett, Aug. 26

Schmitz, Lary, 57, Everett, Aug. 27

Schwalbe, William, 85, Everett, Aug. 22

Smith, William, 80, Marysville, Aug. 22

Smith, Gloria, 69, Seattle, Aug. 23

Smith-Kinard, Di’Angelo, 29, Woodinville, Aug. 25

Space, Daisy, 82, Lynnwood, Aug. 30

Stencil, Joseph, 89, Lynnwood, Sept. 1

Stromseth, Tonja, 49, Lynnwood, Aug. 11

Sundvall, Mitso, 78, Seattle, Aug. 30

Swan, Jr, Louis, 81, Everett, Sept. 1

Swenson, Amy, 89, Edmonds, Aug. 26

Talafuse, Amy, 60, Mountlake Terrace, Sept. 1

Taylor, Don, 83, Olympia, Aug. 28

Thomas, Paula, 54, Marysville, Aug. 28

Trice, Betty, 91, Lynnwood, Aug. 30

Vanney, Norie, 76, Arlington, Aug. 29

Vaughn, James, 80, Lynnwood, Aug. 31

Velez, Robert, 41, Everett, Aug. 21

Vergara Aguilar, Matilde, 42, Everett, Aug. 27

Voronchuk, Rozaliya, 89, Bothell, Sept. 3

Wadinski, Marrk, 54, Lynnwood, Aug. 21

Warren, Nicole, 31, Everett, Aug. 26

Weldon, Noel, 64, Arlington, Aug. 25

Wells, Phyllis, 92, Woodinville, Aug. 27

Wicker, Mary, 91, Everett, Sept. 2

Yun, Bokseon, 94, Edmonds, Aug. 25

Marriage Licenses

McCafferty, Christina Elizabeth and Wold, Tristan John

Busev, Eduard Vladimirovich and Monich, Valentina Alekseyevna

Mallory, Kyle James and Glass, Brandie, Monae

Anderson, Erik Olan and Ndegwa, Lilian Muthoni

Jorgensen, Justin Scott and Spoelstra, Lisa Ann

Dubois, Stacie Lynn and Bendokas, Mitchell Jon

Hendrickson, Ronald Allen and Johnson, Andrea Lee

Curless, Michael James and Dowell, Wendy Rae

Mirante, Arnie James and Lynn, Nikki Dawn

Kopick, Michael Phillip and Close, Melissa Lee

Neel, Daniel Anthony and Scott, Janice Lynn

Schuetze, Grant Christopher and Phillips, Abigail Rene

Farr, Kelsey Ann and Johansen, Erik James

Otis, Daron Andrew and McClure, Hannah Lynn

Brower, Nicholas David and Boldrini, Nikita Jo

Bigelow, Jared Medina and Shin, Grace Eunhye

Springer, John Smistad and Webb, Alycia Jolene

Carey, Michael Edward and Keith, Shawnie Lyn

Sinclair, Jordan Robert Iii and Parent, Emma Rose

Davis, Matthew Ryan and Dewess, Felisha Roxanne

Potrikhalin, Mellissa Amber and Santos, Anthony Andres

Welton, Derek Shon and Van, Horn Shannon Mae

Lewis, Lois Lorraine and Britt, Dennis Judson

Lindsay, James Ryan and Slade, Elenora Marie

Sherwood, Amy Christine and Rittman, Scott Thomas

Garrett, Michelle Elizabeth and Scarbrough, Andrew Taylor

Schulz, Kyle Patrick and Barr, Leigh Anne Marie

Vanags, Alexander Y and Chebotareva, Yana Pavlovna

Boatright, Kaysha Ann and Lane, Sean Robert

Giralmo, Nicholas David and Toone, Jennifer Anne

Lewis, Holly Merle and Durr, Marcus Jason

Clark, Andrew Steven and Sheheen, Gabrielle Renee

Kim, Charles Young-Rok and Webb, Jeannie Lynn

Prothero, Justin Daniel and Magee, Shannon Elizabeth

Magnuson, Amy Elizabeth and Joy, Jeremia Lee

Gracie, Timothy Michael and Hutchison, Samantha Rae

Robeck, Donna Delores and Schmidt, John Michael

Palmer, Chantil Marjean and Rivera,-Olmo Mark Anthony

Sinker, Jennifer Nicole and Lodholz, John Brandon,

Bassett, Lowell Revere Thomas and Speed, Sarah Anne

Corbin, Sarah Catharine and Wade, Kenneth Charles

Scollard, John David and Laundry, Cindy Ella Mary

Green, Christopher Paul and Shuri, Elizabeth Marie

Tait, Gregory Alan and Saturnino, Jeretha Marie

Dushkin-Hayes, Dustin Ray and Jansen, Kelley Jaela

Good, Patrick Duane and Bohannon, Melissa Morgan

Jones, Amanda, Rose and Olney, Ryan Michael

Mendoza, Oscar Navarro and Moreno, Flores Nadyme Adaly

Stewart, Michael Ray and Lee, Marin Malisa

Plymale, Benjamin Barton and Mathers, Jerrold Jourdan

Casagrande,, Luc Thomas and Petterson, Kelli Michelle

Rodriguez, Ma. Catherine Jean and Guanzon, Allan Lunhayan

Peterson, Steven Michael and Nestegard, Jamie Elizabeth

Cham, Dawda and Gaye, Haddy

Lafreniere, Diane Louise and Cashman, Timothy Joseph

Jagne, Malleh and Senghore, Clara M R

Peria, Ryan Wayne and Swankosky, Lindsay Sky

Smith, Amena Nicole and Swanson, John Phillip Iii

Marino, Nicole Kathleen and Steer, Raymond Joseph

Kimmons, Merrilee Dawn and Noworyta, Paul Joseph

Borchanu, Oleg Mikhailovich and Tsiporenko, Liliya Sophia

Nguyen, Huy Quoc Tran and Heppes, Amanda, Sarah

Neuman, Aaron Robert and Tastad, Brandi, Nicole

Fomin, Sergey Aleksandrovich, and Nagorna, Iryna Anatoliyvna

Randolph,, Russell Che and Middleton, Michelle Dawn

Olidinchuk, Sergy Valerevich and Tsibulko, Alina Alexeevna

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Jean Shumate has been at the helm longer than any other superintendent in Snohomish County.

A driver struck a woman in a motorized wheelchair Saturday in Lynnwood. (Lynnwood police)
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