Vital Statistics: Dissolutions, marriage licenses, deaths in Snohomish County


Agustin Carbajal and Dana Zuniga

Joseph Mitchell and Brianne Mitchell

Nancy Beyer and Matthew Beyer

Monique Kylany and Kamal Kylany

Kelly Lecointe and Elvis Lecointe

Randy Willey and Tiffani Willey

John Parkowski Jr and Angela Parkowski

Sheri Mowles and Kevin Mowles

Daniel Hansen and Heidi Berger-Hansen

Lemuel Onggao and Veasna Onggao

Jeffrey Paquette and Sarah Paquette

Gerald Craig and Cynthia Craig

Brad Beetchenow and Patricia Cloke

Sean Powell and Caitlin Powell

Thomas Gilmore and Kimberly Gilmore

Carol Bravo and Marco Calva

Vadim Sidletskyy and Irina Sidletskyy

Katherine Sherman-Stole and David Stole

Baying Ceesay and Stephanie Sewell

John Becerra and Paola Caballero

Trent Oneal and Stefaniejill Oneal

Deborah Orr and Randall Orr

Alexandria Ballentine and Jared Ballentine

Timothy Haskins and Brenda Haskins

Kenneth Walker and Carl Brida

Shane Johnson and Kristi Johnson

Jessica Creps-Hall and John Hall

Drhonda Taylor and Lisa Westfall

Steven Sylvester and Kristin Sylvester

Lisa Ziz and Sebastian Ziz

Ngoc Luu and Cathy Truong


Baez, Ignacia 45, New York, Feb. 26

Barker, Shirley, 80, Arlington, March 1

Bennett, Kaylin, 30, Mill Creek, March 4

Bertalan, Philip, 75, Everett, March 5

Boerner, Colleen, 84, Everett, March 3

Boyd, Dale 65, Bothell, March 5

Burrell, John, 92, Lynnwood, March 6

Carlson, Lawrence, 64, Arlington, March 1

Clarke, Phyllis, 88, Arlington, March 4

Closson, Keith, 78, Sedro-Woolley, March 1

Cochan, Colette, 73, Marysville, March 5

Coggin, William, 64, Monroe, Oct. 25

Conner, Donna, 74, Marysville, March 7

Cooper, Kimi, 52, Everett, March 2

Crocoll, Kenneth, 54, Lynnwood, Feb. 25

Cullum, Dorothy, 71, Granite Falls, March 2

Cummings Jr., George, 85, Arlington, Feb. 25

Dahl, Lois, 96, Everett, March 1

Davis, Gene, 76, Mukilteo, Feb. 25

Duhon Jr., Samuel, 68, Killian, LA, March 2

Eddy, Burrard, 76, Lynnwood, March 4

Favrow, Isabella, 88, Mountlake Terrace, March 1

Fern, Joan 86, Lynnwood, March 6

Flanik, Elaine, 83, Snohomish, March 3

Frohm, Jan, 67, Lake Stevens, March 1

Garrison, Daniel, 62, Everett, March 6

Gast, Linda, 66, Monroe, Sept. 24

Geil, James, 53, Kent, Feb. 29

Gerlach, Loren, 69, Bothell, March 2

Goff, Patricia, 88, Langley, March 3

Greb, Dorothy, 89, Lynnwood, Feb. 25

Hales, Lynda, 68, Bothell, March 3

Hart, Mary, 61, Marysville, Feb. 23

Hollingsworth, Audrey, 75, Edmonds, Feb. 26

Hopkins, Louise, 88, Stanwood, March 7

Hosheit, Manda, 94, Bothell, March 6

Hunt, Thomas, 57, Mukilteo, March 7

Hutchinson, Jean, 80, Everett, March 5

Jacobsen, Erling, 98, Lynnwood, March 8

James, Richard, 66, Mill Creek, March 7

Jenkins, Steven, 62, Snohomish, Feb. 23

Kennelly, Amy, 48, Edmonds, March 3

Knight, Jamie, 55, Marysville, March 3

LaCasse, Patricia, 87, Snohomish, March 7

Lee, Yun Seong, 84, Lynnwood, March 7

Lester, Thomas, 73, Gig Harbor, Dec. 1

Lopez, Carl, 65, Everett, March 7

Lopp, George, 85, Everett, March 2

Lovell-Hansson, Adam, 43, unknown, March 6

Luckerman, Norma, 82, Lynnwood, March 5

Mais, Roger, 86, Mukilteo, March 4

Marcum, Jeffrey, 52, Everett, Feb. 26

Marthaller, Michael, 49, Everett, March 5

Matthies, Eugene, 64, Everett, March 5

Maynard, Richard, 55, Stanwood, March 1

McCoy, Amber, 96, Bothell, March 1

McFarland, Frances, 72, Snohomish, Feb. 28

Miller, Barton, 70, Stanwood, Feb. 24

Motteler, William, 86, Everett, March 4

Murick, Jean, 91, Lynnwood, March 1

Nordstrom, Robert, 87, Monroe, Feb. 27

Norway, Betty, 97, Everett, March 4

O’Donnell, Mary, 72, Mount Vernon, March 1

Oliver, Emmett, 102, Lynnwood, March 7

Oram, Robert, 83, Edmonds, March 5

Ostrander, Allen, 67, Stanwood, March 1

Parkhill, Phyllis, 80, Bothell, Feb. 4

Parry, Wilfred, 94, Marysville, Feb. 26

Pickett, Marlys, 77, Everett, March 2

Porter, Judy, 71, Everett, March 8

Potter, Gerald, 52, Everett, March 2

Prescott, Eric, 32, Mountlake Terrace, March 3

Purefoy, Rick, 50, Snohomish, Feb. 26

Radford, Michael, 44, Everett, March 4

Ramsey, LaVerne, 96, Arlington, March 5

Rancich, Shirley, 81, Lynnwood, Feb. 27

Rancich, Michael, 86, Lynnwood, March 4

Rasheed, Sughad, 66, Mountlake Terrace, March 2

Reeves, Jon, 61, Seattle, Dec. 25

Roach, Charles, 83, Edmonds, Feb. 28

Roberts, JoAnn, 70, Marysville, March 7

Robinson, Garrick, 57, Everett, March 5

Ruth, Yance, 30, Zuni, VA, March 4

Santeford, Robert, 74, La Conner, March 7

Schumacher, Minnie, 81, Marysville, March 5

Sherensky, Robert, 75, Seattle, March 4

Shin, Chung, 45, Mukilteo, March 5

Sly, Donna, 73, Marysville, March 7

Smith, Letitia, 92, Everett, March 3

Snyder, Laurence, 64, Marysville, March 7

Stack, Freda, 66, Arlington, March 1

Stamper, Thomas, 49, Everett, Feb. 26

Staoecker, Lite, 51, Edmonds, March 3

Steward, Sally, 85, Marysville, March 7

Sunde, Willis, 86, Lynnwood, March 4

Taylor, John, 87, Snohomish, March 5

Thomson, Eileen, 91, Everett, March 7

Tibor, Linnea, 79, Stanwood, March 5

Trenary, Guy, 67, Marysville, March 4

Vandelden, Rudolph, 58, Everett, Jan. 10

Watts, George, 95, Seattle, March 5

Whitson, Paulette, 67, Everett, March 2

Wright, Donald, 78, Lake Stevens, March 6

Youngquist, Doris, 101, Everett, March 7

Zvyagintseva, Mariya, 88, Tulalip, March 7

Marriage Licenses

Cham, Baye and Brown, Rochell Elaine

Weems, Joseph Leon and Abebe, Tsigereda Melesse

Borjas, Ryan James and Smith, Bethany Elizabeth

Juhlin, Peter Clifford and Bueing, Theresa Louise

Johnson, Crystal Danielle and Getty, Benjamin James

Tsimbalyuk, Vita Leonidovna and Rzayev, Nijat Elshad

Noch, Sodara Steha and Bui, Tran Hoang Phuong

Mcnallie, Kurt Ryan and Fergin, Jasmine Chandelle

Garcia, Carlos Eduardo and Zarate, Burgos Luz Angela

Garrison, Mitchell Lee and Browning, Ola Kathlene

Vu, Trang Hoai and Dinh, Ha Thanh

Goodman, Shawna Leanne and Schwantor, David Leslie Jr

Watson, David Ray and Van, Dyk Traci Lynn

Aguilar, Maranon Fabiola and Esquivel, Elias

Duval, Sean Robert and Del, Rosario Jasmin E

Bunke, Christine Renee and Schmidt, Rhett Michael Paul

Mckinley, Dylan Winston and Cole, Renee Patrice

Crutcher, Lisa Lacole and Mone, Allassane

Adair, Natasha Renee and Labuhn, Kenneth Richard

Tung, Charles Lau Jr and Xu, Ruzann Ruru

Wyatt, Elizabeth Dawn and Gardner, Nathaniel James

Damon, Timothy Allen and Kaufman, Krissy Ann

Santiago, Ramonita and Bland, Steven Wade

Cole, Charles Edward Jr and Walter, Cynthia Marie Anne

Garrett, Marion Wesley and Garrett, Mistie Rose

Mora, Rubalcava Eugenio Rodolfo and Ramos, Lopez Laura Cecilia

Shackelford, William Edwin and Elias, Barbara Marie

Amaya, Josue and Reyes, Cristina Daniella

Webb, Kenneth Michael and Muller, Elyse Renae

O,’brien Mary Elizabeth and Parken, Douglas Paul

Webber, Kevin Duane and Ahrens, Stacey Lynette

Huang, Yu and Wang, Xinyi

Guiberson, Katherine Elizabeth and Dechenne, Ian Matthew

Tauasosi, Jane Sanele and Dawson, Tanya Anne Haunani

Eagle, Brian Lee and Russell, Laura Rose

Kyoybashiev, Dimitar Zdravkov and Topalova, Lidia Mladenova

Hedin, Garth Paul and Hunter, Mala Jean

Pacheco, Julia Anntoinette and Cardiel, Cesar Benito

Denton, Blake Christian and Jahrman, Ceara Katherine

Ostler, Adam Haley and Federspiel, Jaqueline Suzanne

Elder, John Percy and Nguyen, Hoang Truong Thao

Wischler, Heidi Helen and Maki, Harri Matti

Thompson, Leroy Robert and Johnston, Kyla Jean

Adams, Courtney Ivy and Ure, George Alex Ii

Yoo, Cheang Tad and Lin, Yuanyuan

Ngai, Chi Fung and Chen, Zou

Odegard, Megan Kelsey and Mcmurray, David Wayne

Taylor, Sean Dean and Kast, Katie Ann

Duncan, Justena Joan and Allison, Micahl Leland

Hanshew, Frank Leo and Bernath, April

Lopez, Daniel Adrian and Neguita, Elisa

Santos, Gabriel Antonio and Escobar, Fatima Moncerrat

Shiosaki, Gregg Norman and Eskenazi, Sarah Jane

Werecho, Bersabhe Mitiku and Abagare, Dagnachew Debisa

Holbrook, Blaine Austin and Passer, Devon Renee

Grossman, James Edward and Parker, Katey Ann

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