Editorial cartoon wrong about calling Biden a boomer

You ran an editorial cartoon recently that, while perhaps accurate in the essence of its message (Joe Biden is living in the past), was factually false as well as offensive to me and, I presume, millions of other baby boomers.

This cartoon depicts Joe Biden being laughed at by two Democratic Party donkeys. The reason for this is his use of archaic language, which indeed he is prone to use. The Democratic donkeys use the offensive meme, “Okay, Boomer,” because the cartoon has Biden saying things like ‘malarkey’, ‘whippersnapper’, and ‘dog-faced pony soldier’. True enough, Joe made such utterances. However, one problem is that no boomer I know would say “whippersnapper” or “malarkey” and no person on earth (other than Biden) would say something as weird as “dog-faced pony soldier.”

Whippersnapper and malarkey would be something I might expect from my grandparents generation. The bigger problem (the reason this cartoon should never have seen the light of day) is that Biden is not a baby boomer; Biden, born in 1942, is from the Silent Generation. Attributing anything beyond your realm of experience to the baby boomers is an indication of current generational presumption based on youth and ignorance. For the record, there are two generations extant in America preceding the baby boomers: the Greatest Generation (which lived through the Great Depression and fought World War II) and the Silent Generation which immediately preceded the baby boomers. Have you baby-food-sucking, oblivious-to-the-past, wet-behind-the-ears, whippersnapper Millennials and Gen Xers got that?

David W. Rash


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