GOP will face a reckoning for its cowardice

Sometime in the future, after Donald Trump’s attempt to establish a dictatorship has failed or after his dictatorship, like everything else he does, has come to ruin, there will be a reckoning with the Republican Party. History will hold it accountable for having placed in power and defended the most obviously unfit president in American history.

Every Republican in Congress knows this president presents a grave threat to democracy and the rule of law in the United States. But they are silent. Their cowardice is monumental. Their obsession with partisan power and cynical self-interest have utterly overwhelmed their concern for democracy and the U.S. Constitution. The party has become the tool of a tiny number of malignantly wealthy Americans who oppose Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, and label any government program that provides services to the poor or the middle-class as “socialism.”

Cynically exploiting no-cost social issues like gun rights, abortion, and racism, the real controlling issues are economic: tax breaks for billionaires, sacking the environment and privatizing everything. Acknowledging that a functional democracy would adopt programs that serve the general public, these oligarchs, through the Republican Party, have declared war not only on Democrats but democracy itself.

I highly recommend that everyone watch Rick Steve’s hour-long documentary “The Story of Fascism in Europe.” You can see it free online. The parallels to the Trump administration’s behavior are uncanny. But the most amazing thing is the great imitation of Donald Trump performed by Benito Mussolini.

Ken Dammand


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