Problem at Lord Hill Park is not bikes but their speed

I am a long-time hiker and equestrian user of Lord Hill Park. I believe mountain biking can be a fine use of the park if it is a way of traveling through it at a pace that allows for appreciation of the wonderful natural landscape in the park.

When technical mountain bike “flow” trails or “down-hilling” trails are built and used, the focus becomes the speed and features of the trail itself. It is analogous to snowshoeing versus downhill skiing, both are fun but the focus on your surroundings is different due to the speed at which you are traveling through the terrain.

Certainly, there is a need for technical biking trails that allow mountain bike riders to experience speed and features, but I believe these types of trails could be built in other venues where the landscape and nature might not be the main attraction. This way, the bikers get their fast trails, and Lord Hill Park remains a serene space for quiet enjoyment by everyone- hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

Marla Hamilton Lucas


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