Prep results for Thursday, Jan. 16




Jackson vs. Mount Vernon, ppd. (Wednesday)


Wesco 4A

Mariner 53, Kamiak 51

North Sound Conference

Sultan 73, Granite Falls 27

Northwest 2A

Lakewood at Nooksack Valley, ppd.

Northwest 1B

Orcas Christian at Tulalip Heritage, ppd.


Tacoma Baptist 50, Cedar Park Christian-Mountlake Terrace 29, stats not reported



Cascade 106, Oak Harbor 77

At Forest Park Pool

200 medley relay—Cascade (Jaxon Roberts, Devin Huynh, Noah Henderson, Jonathan Lopez) 1:57.1; 200 freestyle—Jose Alejandre (C) 2:30.85; 200 individual medley—Henderson (C) 2:14.8; 50 freestyle—Miles Thompson (C) 24.97; Diving—Anthony Nganga (C) 110.35; 100 butterfly—Roberts (C) 57.49; 100 freestyle—Alejandre (C) 1:05.92; 500 freestyle—Thompson (C) 6:27.14; 200 freestyle relay—Oak Harbor (Ridgely Briddell, Lawrence Zapata, Chandler Landolt, Micah Franklin) 1:48.23; 100 backstroke—Roberts (C) 1:01.85; 100 breaststroke—Henderson (C) 1:12.94; 400 freestyle relay—Cascade (Henderson, Huynh, Henry Nguyen, Roberts) 4:09.22.

Jackson vs. Mariner, not reported

Shorecrest 91, Edmonds-Woodway 79; Shorecrest 140, Mountlake Terrace 30

At Lynnwood Pool

200 medley relay—Edmonds-Woodway (Jeff Plum, Anton Teplouhov, Yuteng Wang, Niko Inadomi) 1:43.57; 200 freestyle—Erik Hallgrimson (S) 1:55.85; 200 individual medley—Andrew Harness (S) 2:13.88; 50 freestyle—Inadomi (E-W) 24.38; 100 butterfly—Teplouhov (E-W) 56.06; 100 freestyle—Hallgrimson (S) 52.62; 500 freestyle—Harness (S) 5:15.61; 200 freestyle relay—Edmonds-Woodway (Teplouhov, Inadomi, Andrew Rutz, Mate’ Pallos) 1:34.23; 100 backstroke—Plum (E-W) 58.02; 100 breaststroke—Wang (E-W) 1:06.16; 400 freestyle relay—Shorecrest (Cade Birgfeld, Hallgrimson, Gavin Kelley, Harness) 3:25.63.

Stanwood 126, Marysville Getchell 28; Stanwood 123, Marysville Pilchuck 42

At Stanwood-Camano YMCA

200 medley relay—Stanwood (Nehemiah Haskin, Tycen Johnson, Jake Grant, Dylan Link) 2:02.36; 200 freestyle—Hunter Blackburn (S) 2:15.3; 200 individual medley—Bryce Barr (S) 2:30.65; 50 freestyle—Ian Meetsma (MP) 24.4; 100 butterfly—Link (S) 1:15.34; 100 freestyle—Hunter Brown (MG) 58.43; 500 freestyle—Meetsma (MP) 5:19.91; 200 freestyle relay—Stanwood (Caleb Palaniuk, Malcolm Childs, Lucien Mailho, Johnson) 1:49.77; 100 backstroke—Haskin (S) 1:08.84; 100 breaststroke—Johnson (S) 1:14.77; 400 freestyle relay—Stanwood (Haskin, Blackburn, Barr, Grant) 4:08.01.

Kamiak 139, Snohomish 44; Kamiak 136, Glacier Peak 50

At Kamiak H.S.

200 medley relay—Kamiak (Shay Cunningham, Jared Luong, Max Fang, Martin Park) 1:48.17; 200 freestyle—Noah Clarke (S) 1:50.77; 200 individual relay—Fang (K) 1:58.69; 50 freestyle—Brian Park (K) 22.82; Diving—Ryan Quinn (K) 179.6; 100 butterfly—Jase Ugrin (K) 1:00.03; 100 freestyle—Zach Cermak (GP) 49.1; 500 freestyle—Ryan Fang (K) 5:24.48; 200 freestyle relay—Kamiak (Chad Lee, Oliver Holod, Yuji Kameda, B. Park) 1:35.34; 100 backstroke—M. Fang (K) 1:03.26; 400 freestyle relay—

Monroe vs. Mount Vernon, ppd.


Wesco 3A North

Stanwood 45, Arlington 24

At Stanwood H.S.

106—Ovenell (S) maj. dec. Dorchak 10-2; 113—Rhue (S) pinned Vogel 3:10; 120—Mayernik (S) maj. dec. D. Tollenaar 15-7; 126—C. Tollenaar (A) pinned Wemett 1:28; 132—Phillips (A) pinned O’Neil 2:47; 138—Ortega (S) maj. dec. Latta 12-3; 145—Shaffer (A) pinned Kinney 3:10; 152—Bumgarner (S) dec. Price 7-6; 160—Ferguson (S) pinned Lee 5:03; 170—Double forfeit; 182—Van Scoy (S) pinned Polkinghorn 1:57; 195—Tabor (S) pinned Vickers 1:46; 220—Inghram (S) pinned Stockman 3:47; 285—Strande (A) won by forfeit.

Marysville Getchell 54, Marysville Pilchuck 24

At Marysville Getchell H.S.

285—Cheron Smith (MG) dec. Justin Albee 6-4, 2OT; 106—Omar Salcedo (MG) pinned Aiden Johnston 2:44; 113—Jacob Steele (MG) pinned Juan Tzun 3:35; 120—Mikey Bejar (MP) pinned Igor Shabalov :20; 126—Taylor Herridge (MG) won by forfeit; 132—Cody Mitchell (MG) dec. Isaiah Woods 8-5; 138—TJ Schwietzberger (MG) pinned Corey Fregoso 3:08; 145—Ammar Humoud (MP) pinned John Allen 3:08; 152—Jesus Cabada (MG) pinned Douglas Cruz-Young 1:40; 160—Chris Bonneru (MG) pinned Andon Merrick; 170—Mauro Bejar (MP) won by disqualification; 182—Cayden White (MP) pinned Anatoliy Bay 1:05; 195—Caleb Blonk (MG) pinned Kamiakin Craig 2:17; 220—Erick Duenes (MG) pinned Daryl Kalisto 1:54.

Oak Harbor vs. Snohomish, ppd. (Tuesday)

Oak Harbor vs. Everett, ppd. (Tuesday)

Wesco 3A/2A South

Cedarcrest 48, Mountlake Terrace 26

At Mountlake Terrace H.S.

126—Jack Bode (MT) dec. Francisco Contreras 7-6; 132—Hayden Dill (C) dec. James Fletcher 10-6; 138—Evan Reid (C) pinned Tyler Ekse 1:18; 145—Arun Khou (MT) pinned Shawn Nykreim :43; 152—Lorenzo Ipanaque (MT) won by forfeit; 160—Dallas Carrier (C) pinned Dylan Breuer 4:51; 170—Shad Mills (C) won by forfeit; 182—Wayne Wright (C) pinned Ricardo Arriaga 1:20; 195—Matthew Weinert (C) won by forfeit; 220—Macauley Miles (C) pinned Connor McDonald :41; 285—Kadin Hixon (MT) pinned Rylan McPhee 2:54; 106—Seraphim Treperinas (MT) dec. Justin Link 17-0 (TF); 113—Miguel Tamayo (C) dec. Tommy Tran 7-3; 120—Bryant Reid (C) won by forfeit.

Shorecrest 71, Archbishop Murphy 6

At Shorecrest H.S.

106: George Fernandez (SC) won by forfeit; 113: Thomas Rhodes (SC) won by forfeit; 120: Joseph Martinez (SC) won by forfeit; 126: Double forfeit; 132: Luke Kendrick (AM) pinned Matthew Curtis 4:38; 138: Kaiya Conway-Yasuyama (SC) pinned Bo Carlton 2:31; 145: Arthur Christopher (SC) dec. Michael Barron 19-3 (TF); 152: Sejon Ashby (SC) pinned Cade Jensen (ABM) 1:25; 160: Trentyn Good (SC) pinned River Lien (AM) 1:44; 170: Ian Mortensen (SC) pinned Harrison Butler 1:00; 182: Connor Carrell (SC) pinned Jimmy Doud 3:36; 195: Evan Claar (SC) won by forfeit; 220: Elyjah Schultz (SC) pinned Carlos Garibay 0:49; 285: Wyatt Patenaude (SC) pinned Kohl Burke 1:20.

Edmonds-Woodway 60, Meadowdale 6

At Meadowdale H.S.

138—George Quintans (E-W) dec. Jin Lee 5-1; 145—Alex Rapelje (E-W) pinned Devin DeWeese 3:27; 152—Howie Hare (E-W) dec. Tanner Queere 7-3; 160—Alec Rust (E-W) dec. Thaddeus Gonzalez 3-1; 170—Russel Hare (E-W) dec. Caleb Monillas 5-1; 182—John Christin-Eriksen (E-W) pinned 3:32; 195—Evan Gibbs (E-W) dec. Joseph Williams 6-0; 220—George Kartono (E-W) dec. Adain Falin 9-4; 285—Alex Krueger (M) won by forfeit; 106—Ethan Nguyen (E-W) pinned Hilmy Burch 2:49; 113—Baylor Denkinger (E-W) pinned Cy Dethlefs :43; 120—Reece LeCompte (E-W) pinned Javier Richmond 1:24; 126—Jacob Pahre (E-W) won by forfeit; 132—Ousman Fatty (E-W) pinned Nathan Lee 2:24.

Shorewood 55, Lynnwood 21

At Lynnwood H.S.

106: Phillipe Ban (L) won by forfeit; 113: Clayton Elder (SW) won by forfeit; 120: Quincy Laflin (SW) pinned Luis Hernandez 0:21; 126: Kai Layton (SW) dec. Kayden Richman-Myers 8-7; 132: Aidan Jung (SW) pinned Julian Mishoe 0:34; 138: Curt Tanaka (SW) pinned Josiah Powell 0:30; 145: Kody Carpenter (SW) won by forfeit; 152: Georgino Moraga (L) dec. Devin Leach 3-2, 2OT; 160: Cole Becker (SW) pinned Nate Johnson 3:05; 170: RJ Buchheit (SW) pinned Adrian Morgan 3:11; 182: Hunter Tibodeau (SW) pinned Isaac Hernandez 5:45; 195: Max Null (SW) maj. dec. Dylan White 12-3; 220: Blake Hendersen (L) pinned Isaac Kabuchi 1:57; 285: Elisha Abahanna (L) pinned Milan Johnson 2:54.

North Sound Conference

Friday Harbor vs. South Whidbey, ppd. (Jan. 28)

Darrington vs. Sultan, ppd. (Jan. 28)

Friday Harbor vs. Sultan, ppd. (Jan. 28)


Ferndale vs. Everett, ppd. (Tuesday)

Ferndale vs. Snohomish, ppd. (Tuesday)


Wesco 4A

Kamiak 57, Mariner 37

Jackson 57, Cascade 23

Lake Stevens 59, Monroe 29

Mount Vernon at Glacier Peak, ppd. (Monday)

Wesco 3A/2A

Archbishop Murphy 43, Marysville Getchell 35

Arlington 60, Edmonds-Woodway 34

Meadowdale 74, Marysville Pilchuck 22

Mountlake Terrace 58, Oak Harbor 53

Snohomish 49, Shorewood 19

North Sound Conference

Cedar Park Christian 55, Sultan 38

Northwest 1B

Orcas Christian at Tulalip Heritage, ppd.


King’s at North Kitsap, not reported

Tacoma Baptist 49, Cedar Park Christian-Mountlake Terrace 28, stats not reported



Everett 48, Edmonds-Woodway/Shorewood 30

At Edmonds-Woodway H.S.

100—Averill (E) pinned Biggs; 105—Gurung (E) won by forfeit; 110—Moen (E) pinned C. Lumsden; 120—S. Lumsden (E-W/S) pinned Anderson; 125—Servin (E) pinned Freeburg; 130—Ho (E) pinned Norton; 135—Chau (E) won by forfeit; 140—O’Meara (E) won by forfeit; 145—Stroshane (E-W/S) won by forfeit; 155—Harris (E-W/S) pinned Garcia; 170—Polendo (E-W/S) won by forfeit; 190—Fidow (E) pinned Haley; 235—Keyes (E-W/S) pinned Phillips.

Oak Harbor at Mount Vernon, ppd.

Mountlake Terrace, Meadowdale at Edmonds-Woodway, not reported

Stanwood, Mariner, Kamiak, Jackson at Cedarcrest

Cedarcrest results: Abby Varady 2-0; Olivia Hillestad 2-0; Jessica Wonder 2-0; Bethany Smith 1-1; Serena Smith 1-1; Alyssa Adams 1-1; Abbi Link 0-2; Krystal Britton 0-2; Hannah Cummings 0-2.

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