Paine Field

Everett City Council postpones its vote on Paine Field resolution

The Everett City Council won’t take a stand on commercial jet service at Paine Field today as advertised. Vacation season and a packed… Continue reading

County first in state to successfully use wetland banking

For 10 years, people have enjoyed walks through shady woods, across bridges over ponds, because of what seems like a vague bureaucratic notion… Continue reading

Paine Field flight supporters diversify

Supporters of passenger flights at Paine Field have created a new, separate group to make the case for flying from Snohomish County. Citizens… Continue reading

Horizon wants to operate daily flights from Paine Field

Horizon Air will pursue flights at the Snohomish County Airport at Paine Field, the company announced today. Horizon, which is owned by Alaska… Continue reading

Horizon’s request is no worry to Allegiant

Allegiant Air beat Horizon Air by several months in seeking to fly out of Paine Field, but the airline is perfectly happy to… Continue reading

Money escalates debate over Paine Field

The two sides in the dispute over whether passenger flights should be allowed to use Paine Field are ramping up their efforts, and… Continue reading

Dueling surveys find far different views on Paine Field

Two surveys that attempt to gauge public opinion regarding opening Paine Field to commercial airline service, done for groups on opposite sides of the issue,… Continue reading

Horizon Air proposes flights from Paine Field

Horizon Air on Thursday announced that it wants to offer daily round-trip flights from Paine Field to Portland, Ore., and Spokane before next… Continue reading

Forum hears Paine flight backers

John McCoy said it doesn’t matter which hat he’s wearing; he’d like to see commercial air service at Snohomish County’s Paine Field airport.… Continue reading

Special camera aids rescuers

Firefighters at the Paine Field Fire Department this holiday season got just the gift they had hoped for. A federal grant allowed the… Continue reading

Town hall meeting about Paine Field is Thursday

A state lawmaker opposed to commercial passenger flights at Paine Field is hosting a town hall meeting Thursday to discuss the airport’s future.… Continue reading

Paine Field commercial flights wouldn’t bug Boeing

Commercial airline service will not hinder the Boeing Co.’s operations at Paine Field, according to a letter the company sent to county officials… Continue reading

Horizon Air sees flights from Paine Field by April

Passenger jet flights could be taking off from Paine Field as early as April, and there’s little Snohomish County can do to stop… Continue reading

An idea to minimize Paine Field flights

Snohomish County’s best chance of preventing an explosion of commercial airline service at Paine Field is by building the passenger terminal needed by… Continue reading

Huge blow dryer clears runways at Paine Field

Jet engines aren’t just for flying airplanes anymore. They also can be used to power giant blow dryers. One can be yours for… Continue reading

2009 will be a year of hardship and hope

The year ahead promises to be a mix of hope and hard times in Snohomish County. While the world awaits the Boeing Co’s. new 787… Continue reading

Boeing says it wouldn’t object to commercial service at Paine Field

EVERETT – The Boeing Co. would not object to air passenger service being operated at Paine Field, a company official said in a letter to… Continue reading

Paine Field lands $11.3 million in stimulus money

Paine Field’s planned makeover of its main runway and taxiway will get a head start, thanks to $11.3 million in federal economic stimulus… Continue reading

County might build Paine Field terminal

The Snohomish County Council could consider a resolution Wednesday saying it would prefer to build an airline terminal at Paine Field as opposed… Continue reading

Snohomish County and FAA play hardball over Paine Field

Two top Snohomish County officials have been told by an FAA official that possibly millions of dollars could be withheld from the county-run airport until… Continue reading