Michelle Singletary

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Why the future of America’s middle class is so financially fragile.


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While toys will soon be broken, contributions to a college fund can have a long-term impact.

Continue saving even when you are in debt

Don’t skimp on amassing a rainy day fund — it always rains.

How much money do you really need to feel rich?

How much money would you need to feel wealthy? A recent survey sponsored by Charles Schwab asked 1,000 Americans ages 21 to 75 what level… Continue reading

What do your parents owe you when they die?

I get a tremendous amount of feedback from readers every time I write on the topic of what’s fair in a parent’s will. Most recently,… Continue reading

How I got a perfect 850 credit score

While reaching this milestone is pretty cool, what does it really mean?

Should a needy adult child get more in the parents’ will?

It’s the parents’ money, and whatever they decide to do with it is fair.

Hey mom, back off on the car talk

Two experts respond to one helicopter parent offering unwanted financial advice.

What would Singletary do in these financial quandaries?

I do my best to provide informed answers based on my experience and reporting.

Sorry, adult kid: The spare bedroom comes with strings attached

If your grown kids want to move back home, make them sign this contract.

Who should foot the bill on the first date? #WhoPays

Some advice on avoiding awkward silences when the restaurant check arrives.

New federal ‘security freeze’ will be a win for consumers

You’ll be able to freeze your credit files for free — but identity theft will still be a threat.

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Here are the top excuses people use for not investing in a 529 college-savings plan.

Stop lecturing the kids today about money

Millennials get plenty of financial advice from boomers — most of which is bogus.

No, the end of credit card signatures is not good for consumers

Signing for credit is an opportunity to realize that you’re going into debt, even if temporarily.

Secrets of raising money-smart children

No, an allowance doesn’t teach your children how to manage money

Trump brags that he’s a billionaire, but doesn’t act like one

The Stormy Daniels saga shows the president doing things that super-rich people never do.