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Start planning for your 2019 tax return now

Here’s advice from an expert on how to better position yourself for next tax season.


Pay taxes by April 15 — period

No, filing an extension does not give you more time to pay the IRS.


How to pay for college when you’re neither poor nor wealthy

If you’re a middle-class family and can’t afford college, here’s how to appeal for more financial aid.


The credit card vs. debit card struggle

Wow Air’s recent shutdown highlights why one is better than the other.

How a major tech retailer allegedly exploited hacking fears

Office Depot and Support.com agree to pay $35 million to settle charges of rigging computer scans.

Office Depot and Support.com agree to pay $35 million to settle charges of rigging computer scans

The companies used a program to identify malware in computers that weren’t infected.

What to do right now to improve your 2019 tax return

The first order of business is to ensure you’re having enough money withheld from your paycheck.

Honest (and non-rich) people can get their kids in college

You say you can’t afford to pay bribes? Here’s some help to appeal for more financial aid.

Get ready for the next federal shutdown

Trump’s budget could lead to epic battles and another shutdown in the fall.

CPAs answer the most common 2019 tax-return questions

Thanks to the magnitude of the changes, this will continue to be a challenging tax season.

Tax-refund recipients respond to critics: ‘Stop shaming me’

Some view the refund as a savings plan for lower-income folks.

Surprise, no income tax refund for you!

What not to do if you owe the IRS and don’t have the money.

Talk is not cheap when it comes to love and money

Frank, regular discussions about your finances will help your relationship bloom and prosper.

Were you kicked out of the 401(k) millionaire’s club?

Even with the recent decline, the fact that people can become millionaires should spread hope.

Here’s one way to stop living paycheck to paycheck

Furloughed federal workers are pawns, but they’d be better off had they budgeted better.

They’re feeling the shutdown squeeze — and it hurts

In a panic about their missing paychecks, federal workers apply for unemployment.

How to deal with the shutdown if you’re a federal employee

Take these financial steps as the partial federal government shutdown drags on into 2019.

Bad financial habits that you shouldn’t take into the New Year

I meet a lot of people who have spent years making a financial mess of their lives. They come to me deep in debt. They… Continue reading

How to dig out of your holiday debt

If you want to become debt-free in 2019, make this your mantra: Live by overspending, die in debt.

The SMART way to make financial resolutions for 2019

You can’t just say you want to pay down debt, etc. You have to make a detailed plan.