Michelle Singletary

When pension plans fail, people suffer

Hundreds of workers were left without their retirement safety net. Here’s why you should care about their plight.


Should you speak up when you see bad money decisions?

When family and friends in your social network lack good financial judgment, do you butt in or stay out?


Diners should tip servers 20%, no matter what

When you don’t tip, it affects the wages of servers.


When your debt drops — and so does your credit score

It has to do with how your FICO score is calculated. It also isn’t worth stressing over.

No, you do not have to be in debt to have a good credit score

There is a lot of misinformation about credit scores, but when it’s coming from someone who should know better, I want to scream. During a… Continue reading

A victory for consumers in the age of Trump

The fight over shutting down the CFPB consumer complaint database is over. It’s staying.

Experience should count as much as a college degree

If we’re being honest, we’ll admit “degree inflation” is contributing to the student-loan crisis.

Average FICO credit score hits new high

I’ve had a perfect 850 credit score for more than a year. How has my life changed? Not one little bit. I’ve been getting about… Continue reading

Here’s how to retire to a rich life as an entrepreneur

Start with your passion, but make sure it’s bankable.

Remember, nothing’s ever free in the credit card business

I’m not impressed with the Apple Card cash-back reward. Here’s why.

Here is Bad Thing No. 358 about student loan debt

What to do when a loan forgiveness program keeps you handcuffed to a job you hate.

Time for a refresher course on restaurant bill etiquette

No, splitting a check is not being cheap. And yes, it’s wrong to shame someone for leaving a tiny tip.

The number of 401(k) millionaires reaches record highs

The millionaire next door could very well be a co-worker sitting in the next cubicle. The number of employees able to reach millionaire status in… Continue reading

What does it mean to ‘max out’ your retirement plan?

Fear can be a powerful motivator to figureout what you don’t know.

Live — and party — within your means

Hey millennials: If you’re hosting a party, your guests don’t pay — even if you’re broke.

Preventing unwelcome tax surprises

Were you blindsided by your taxes? The IRS has a new withholding tool that will help for next year.

Fraudsters already trying to make a buck off big data breach

The Equifax settlement has already spawned deceptive websites. Be careful, because the scammers are coming for you.

Companies fail to protect their databases from criminals

The Equifax hack: Here’s what’s been offered and what I think consumers should have received.

The nation’s community colleges deserve respect

Let’s stop treating them like the ugly stepsisters of four-year universities.

Slap alerts on all your accounts

I was in church recently taking notes on the sermon with my smartphone when the first alert popped up. The notification claimed I had just… Continue reading