Noah Haglund

People speak out against proposed county tax hike

Executive says without the bump, $3 million would have to be trimmed.

Boeing marks the start of 777X production at Paine Field

The new jetliner combines “the best of the 777 and the best of the 787.” Test flights begin in 2019.

Help Snohomish County figure out how to make ends meet

Wanted: Five new deputies, a code-enforcement officer, an intact rainy-day fund and no layoffs.

Trail work by juvenile offenders builds resumes, confidence

Kayak Point trails were built out this year by groups from Denney Juvenile Justice Center.

Friend or stranger, Sikhs extend hand to those in need

Sikhs have accepted people of all backgrounds as equals, regardless of race, social class or religion.

Q&A with candidates running for Snohomish County Council

Republican incumbent Sam Low faces Democratic challenger Kristin Kelly in District 5.

County Council candidates have vastly different experience

Nate Nehring is young but politically anointed. Ray Miller is a civic volunteer and retired social worker.

Funds up for council vote would aid conservation district

District stands to receive an extra $1 million each year, if the County Council gives its approval.

Convoy of Snohomish County firefighters heads for California

Their 18-day deployment to the Napa Valley wildfires comes under a mutual-aid agreement.

County, family settle over jail inmate’s death for $675,000

Marilyn Mowan’s death was ruled a suicide. Her estate claimed she received insufficient supervision.

A first-time candidate takes on a County Council incumbent

Democrat Terry Ryan seeks a second term in District 4. Marcus Barton is a “left-leaning Republican.”

Real estate and development pros jump in to help Farmer Frog

It’s a nonprofit that gets children involved in growing their own food on small urban farms.

Plan for 3,080 waterfront condos still lacking, county says

Again, the developer of luxury high-rises near Woodway is sent back to the drafting board.

County parks upgrading boat launches, playgrounds, trails

The projects are part of next year’s proposed $10 million budget.

Snohomish County exploring Cathcart property sale, development

Consultants are working on ideas to turn the property into a mix of apartments and businesses.

It takes a gripe to get the attention of code enforcers

Four officers are investigating hundreds of cases each in Snohomish County’s unincorporated areas.

5 Snohomish County cities and the tribes join an Amazon bid

Teamed with King county, they offer options for a second company headquarters close to the first.

County to release joint plan for attracting Amazon’s HQ2

The business group Economic Alliance Snohomish County has been leading a combined approach.

A Democrat and Republican agree: Leave our signs alone!

County Council candidates send a joint message about the theft and vandalism of campaign signs.

County Council postpones decision on Bothell zoning changes

Representatives wonder how to protect rural properties from sprawl without being unfair.