Steve Smith

Planting season: May isn’t the only month we can plant gardens

There’s no rush to get buying and digging — you have all summer long to do it.

Four must-have flowers, vines and grasses for the May garden

Steve Smith recommends planting these eye-popping plants to add interest this month.

A life-long gardener shares the simple joys of gardening

Steve Smith is happiest when weeding, pruning, fertilizing, mulching and planting new plants.

How to make the most of your small garden space

How to make the most of your small garden space

Containers, smart design and savvy plant choices are the key to a small garden with big impact.

How to make the most of your small garden space

Does gravel help with pot drainage? Gardening myths debunked

Steve Smith has been gardening for most of his life — so he’s heard all sorts of wives’ tales.

Focus on beauty of your April garden — not the bad weather

Here are some beautiful bloomers to consider that are sure to put you in a better mood.

Organic gardening 101: Feed the soil and not the plant

Organic gardening 101: Feed the soil and not the plant

The philosophy of the nature-focused movement is that healthy soils will produce healthy plants.

Organic gardening 101: Feed the soil and not the plant

One more reason to play in the dirt: It makes us happier

Scientists say a bacteria found in dirt boosts serotonin levels, making you feel relaxed and happy.

Another sign of spring: Fun facts about the Pacific tree frog

This time of year, chorus frogs can be heard singing for a mate in evenings and mornings.

Fun facts about robins, the musical harbingers of spring

Some of the birds live here year-round, but most head south for the winter.

Gardens can and do come back to life after a freeze

Time will tell if there is winter damage, so don’t get in too much of a hurry to pull plants out.

Growing up: Some plants go through changes not unlike puberty

Arborvitae, junipers, spruce and pines, for example, exhibit juvenile and adult characteristics.

How do plants survive freezing temperatures? With genetics

Plants have evolved to tolerate the weather conditions of where they are growing.

Is your yard more moss than grass? It’s time to take control

At the top of the to-do list: Treat your lawn with an organic product to get rid of moss for good.

Get rid of shot weed now to prevent lots of yard work later

Here is Steve Smith’s gardening to-do list for the month of February. Weeding is a top priority.

Gardeners, take heed: This is your last chance to goof off

Steve Smith is giving you permission take it easy in the garden until Feburary arrives.

A visit to the nursery helps put you in the mood to garden

Not ready to get back into gardening? January is still a fun time to poke around a garden center.

Indoor gardens: Four easy-to-grow house plants for beginners

If you want to get in on the house-plant trend but you don’t know where to begin, read this column.

New year, new garden: What are your planting plans for 2018?

Now is the perfect time to dream big and make plans for the next growing season.

Compost: It’s what every gardener really wants for Christmas

A pile of decomposed and recycled organic matter is the gardener’s gift that keeps on giving.