Steve Smith

Words of encouragement for the frustrated gardener

This seems to be the week that we will finally shake off Old Man Winter, but just the same, I know what you all have… Continue reading

Don’t know what to get Mom for her special day? Here’s 5 ideas

Oh, the eternal question: What should we get Mom for her once-a-year special day? (Knowing that no matter what it is, it will never be… Continue reading

Wake up container gardens with variety of colors, textures

It’s time to move out of our comfort zone and get into container gardening in a whole new way. Gone are the days when we… Continue reading

Notes from a gardener with a Japanese maple addiction

This week’s The Whistling Gardener column is written by Sunnyside Nursery’s Trevor Cameron. By Trevor Cameron, special to The Herald One of my first plant… Continue reading

Lepidotes: Small-leaved rhodies you will love to grow

Anytime I write about rhododendrons, I know I am taking a chance on losing my readers. Most of us can remember these monster shrubs that… Continue reading

If March was yellow, then surely April is white and pink

Last month should be remembered for all the yellow flowering plants. Granted, other colors of flowers were present, but yellow seemed to dominate our landscapes.… Continue reading

A gardener’s to-do list for April

Considering all the cold and wet weather we have had, and evidently will continue to have for at least the first half of April, I… Continue reading

Your guide to the onion, a cool season vegetable

March and April are what we call the cool season when it comes to veggies. Typically that means it’s the season to plant vegetables either… Continue reading

Spring is here! What’s blooming in your garden?

This week marks that magic moment when our days finally become longer than our nights. While there is no guarantee that any of these days… Continue reading

What to do when it’s too wet and cold to garden

Trust me, I know how you feel. There’s no point in sugar coating this message: The weather sucks and it is going to continue to… Continue reading

It’s time to prep your garden for the spring season

The last day of February started out cold and frozen with a few snowflakes falling from the sky, but as the day went on the… Continue reading

Signs point to new season: It may not feel like it, but spring is almost here

I know it doesn’t feel like it but spring will arrive soon, despite the cold and wet (dare I say snowy) weather we have been… Continue reading

Plants show in Seattle can renew your excitement for gardening

It’s show time. This week marks the beginning of the 29th annual Northwest Flower and Garden Show, which kicked off Wednesday and will run through… Continue reading

Mid-winter gardens can have surprising transformations

I just returned from spending two deliciously warm and sunny weeks in Mexico while the rest of you endured Snowmageddon, along with some nasty freezes,… Continue reading

The gardener’s February to-do list (part 2)

Yes, this is a continuation of my to-do list from last week with more chores to work on. Time to roll up those sleeves, put… Continue reading

The gardener’s February to-do list

It’s funny how one year’s garden can be so different from the next. With last year’s winter being so mild, everything in the garden seemed… Continue reading

Happiness in a pot: Plants have mental health benefits

I realize that for many of you I am probably preaching to the choir, but for those who don’t garden, it never hurts to remind… Continue reading

Help your garden survive the deep freeze

By the time you read this column, it will probably be raining and the cold dry spell of late December and early January will be… Continue reading

The importance of finding awe in your own garden

I recently read an article by Jessica Hullinger in “The Week” magazine about the importance of experiencing awe in our lives. To quote Ms. Hullinger:… Continue reading

A new gardening to-do list for the new season

OK, here we go. Out with 2016 and in with a whole new gardening season and hopefully a whole new attitude about life. First off,… Continue reading