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7 Best Love Psychic Readings Online: Most Accurate Love Readings And Relationship Predictions

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  • Wednesday, June 7, 2023 3:15pm
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7 Best Love Psychic Readings Online And Love Fortune Readings

Love psychic readers are people with special gifts who know how to help others through difficult times and guide their relationship in the right direction. They’re not only exceptionally talented but also professionally trained to use specific tools that help to get the answers the universe has for everyone.

Top psychics love readings:

  1.—live love readings.
  2.—love psychic mediums via chat or phone.
  3. —psychics readings for love via chat or phone.
  4. —love horoscopes from top astrological psychics.
  5. —love spiritual readings on a webcam platform.

Do you want to get a psychic reading? Keep reading to learn how it all works and what services to use for that purpose.


Great for: those who seek advice on any life issue.

Type of readings: spiritual, tarot, signs.

Specialties: astrologers, psychics.

Special offer: free chatting for 3 minutes.

Top Features

  • spiritual readings
  • life and love questions
  • financial outlook
  • psychic mediums
  • otherworld connections
  • pet psychics
  • aura cleansing


  • psychic advisor for an affordable cost
  • over 30 million satisfied clients
  • 2 ways of connecting
  • search filters to get matched with a specialist
  • lots of positive users’ reviews
  • all kinds of divination


  • no video connection
  • few low ratings

Register at NOW and get 3 minutes of FREE chatting

About Keen

Keen is a huge web community of talented people who help others using their special skills and gifts. There are 3 main directions the platform can be used for. First, advisors’ assistance. Users can address them any time of the day and night about any pressing problem or an inquiry via chat or call. The categories they specialize in are endless: dream interpretation, feng shui, angel readings, chakra cleansing, astrology, etc. You can choose a method you trust by using special search filters.

Second, a blog. There are hundreds of informative and useful articles on the site. The topics are various — self-love, compatibility, what your dreams mean, tarot cards, love and relationships advice. You might find it helpful to read a few of them. They may contain answers to the questions you’re looking for.

Finally, love horoscopes. Humankind has been looking at the stars and planets for a few thousand years. It’s sure that astrology is beneficial to people. That’s why professional astrologers work for Keen to create the most accurate daily, weekly, monthly love horoscopes to find your clarity. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can have a private session with an expert to know what’s behind your zodiac.


Great for: women and men who need a spiritual consultant.

Type of readings: spirituality, tarot, astrology, dream analysis.

Specialties: fortune-tellers, spiritual advisors.

Special offer: 3 free minutes of chatting with a new psychic plus 50% of your first session.

Top Features

  • love tarot readings
  • marital life help
  • love forecast
  • past time reading
  • intimacy
  • graphology
  • dreams interpretation
  • new age spirituality


  • top love psychics
  • over 20 years of quality
  • refund request if you’re not satisfied
  • privacy and security guaranteed
  • availability 24/7
  • Kasamba app


  • no video connection
  • few expensive experts

Register at NOW and get 3 minutes of FREE chatting

About Kasamba

Kasamba is a social platform with a variety of spiritual specialists and experts to select from. First, just choose the type of reading you want. Think of the category you need (love, job, finances, friends, or whatnot). After that, get acquainted with psychics presented in the category you’re interested in. All of them have ratings based on other users’ opinions, personal information, cost per minute.

Finally, connect with an advisor you find the most suitable. There are 3 ways to do that — chatting, emailing, and calling. The price is the same for all means of communication. Only registered members can use means for interaction.

There’s also a blog where everyone can read all about tarot, astrology, finding happiness, and horoscopes for free.


Great for: those who seek psychic experts on love.

Type of readings: tarot, relationships, dream analysis.

Specialties: tarot, advice on relationship, spiritual guides.

Special offer: bonus minutes (when purchasing an introductory package).

Top Features

  • chatting and calling the best spiritual advisors
  • horoscopes for every day
  • blog with informative articles


  • introductory offers
  • a set of videos for newcomers
  • online chat
  • only best professional psychics
  • competitive cost
  • many years of experience


  • outdated design
  • few filters to look for a specialist

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About AskNow

What’s special about AskNow love psychics, and how are they different from all its competitors? As it’s claimed on the site — the most critical difference is the quality. A regular selection process ensures you’ll always receive the very best love psychic experience. A team of professional psychic managers tests every candidate for their clarity, accuracy, and commitment to helping people. That’s why only experts are allowed to work for AskNow. According to the data mentioned on the platform, only 1 in every 85 applicants gets the job.

What’s more, there’s attentive customer care stuff that always helps to find you a spiritual advisor based on your individual needs. They also provide users with all additional information required concerning a particular psychic. They encourage you to ask questions because you can’t find an answer the other way.


Great for: those who need quality professional horoscopes.

Type of readings: zodiac, stars, planets, palm.

Specialties: astrology.

Special offer: first 3 days free.

Top Features

  • love compatibility
  • horoscopes
  • astrology
  • natal charts
  • daily affirmations


  • professional astrologers
  • checking compatibility in a relationship, business, work, and friendship
  • planning haircut, workout, and travel within the moon cycles
  • safe community of like-minded people
  • no ads
  • refund requesting
  • affordable pricing


  • a limited number of readings
  • no live communication

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About Nebula

Nebula is one of the best mobile applications designed for those who believe astrology can be a powerful tool for quality love life improvement. What does it offer to its users?

Love horoscopes for a day, week, month, or the whole year. When you sign up, you’re asked to fill in a short questionnaire about your date, time, and place of birth, gender, relationship status. Based on the information you give, Nebula’s astrologers create love horoscopes for you. You can also find data about your polarity, modality, key elements, planet, moon sign, lucky flower, number, and many more.

Love reading of your palm lines. Another prominent and unique feature you won’t find anywhere else — your hands scanning. Do it when you register using your phone camera and once you’re finished, you’ll have lots of useful info about the heart, head, and lifelines you have on your hands.

Love compatibility with other zodiac signs. You may find out how compatible you and your partner are in terms of love, family, sex, business, friendship, etc.


Great for: those who seek face-to-face live communication.

Type of readings: tarot, relationships, angels, signs.

Specialties: tarot, spiritual advisor, gurus.

Special offer: up to 9.99 free credits.

Top Features

  • live advisors
  • sound healing
  • spiritual guides
  • tarot reading
  • hand reading


  • the biggest number of reading categories
  • huge spiritual community
  • the only live webcam psychics’ platform
  • 24/7 availability
  • private readings
  • free and premium services
  • lots of languages


  • lack of clear organization
  • limited free features

Register at NOW

About Oranum

Oranum is another platform that has gathered a big spiritual community in one place. Its main advantage is a unique service it provides for members — video connection via a webcam. This feature distinguishes Oranum from its competitors. How does it work?

First, you choose the category of love reading you need. For example, love tarot reading, astrology, palm reading, rituals and energies, home and family, numerology. Then a list of spiritual advisors appears. You can see their photos and basic info about them (rating, languages, specialties, and online status).

Choose an expert that’s most to your liking and click on their account. If they’re online, you’ll see them live-streaming. Do you feel like you want to get a consultation on your relationship? Press “Start private show” and you’ll be connected to a love psychic in a moment. You have to be registered and have credits on your account.


Great for: those who look for peace and comfort.

Type of readings: tarot, angel, numerology, cartomancy.

Specialties: clairvoyants, love, mediums.

Special offer: 3 free minutes with your first paid reading.

Top Features

  • live readings by phone
  • consultations via chat
  • video readings
  • horoscopes
  • blog


  • as low as $1 per minute
  • new customer offer
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • a variety of communication tools
  • only best experts
  • many search filters


  • outdated design
  • high prices sometimes

About PsychicSource

Psychicsource is one of the most experienced operating psychic services. They put a lot of effort into creating a safe and trusted community full of experts who help find the answers to the most burning love questions. There are 3 ways to get a reading.

Video connection is one of the most popular ones among users. They like it because it helps to create a special atmosphere with face-to-face, live conversations. It allows making eye contact and reading body language. You can also see the divination tools or card spreads throughout the reading. It also gives an opportunity to begin or finish a video chat at any time.

Calling. Many psychics say the second they hear your voice, they’re able to pick up on your energy and dive right in. It helps to make the readings very accurate and guide you through the uncertainty you have. Moreover, it doesn’t take ages to get what you require through a phone. Often advisors need 5-10 minutes to give what you need.

Chatting. Finally, you can connect in real-time via instant messages. It’s convenient for those who’re not ready to interact with psychics more closely. Moreover, the method is as effective as the others.


Great for: those who need online astrology predictions.

Type of readings: horoscopes.

Specialties: astrologers.

Special offer: free astrology predictions.

Top Features

  • chatting with an astrologer
  • talking with an astrologer on call
  • detailed manual report
  • daily horoscopes
  • matchmaking


  • mobile application
  • complimentary astrology services
  • 20M+ satisfied customers
  • 500+ astrologers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • blog


  • no video connection
  • no free trial

About Astrotalk

There are lots of services on the platform. You can learn more about your present and future through astrology horoscope for free and get some solutions out of pressing life issues. Besides, you can talk to a specialist on the phone and get assistance and guidance on any question using various forms of reading. What else? Learn your lucky number through Numerology for business opportunities, career solutions, success, and also know your Celtic sign through Chinese Astrology and love compatibility.

There are lots of free services. First, a yearly horoscope for each zodiac sign. Know what, when, and how to make some important life steps. Second, free Kundli. Using your birth details, you can predict the future for yourself by reading the birth chart. Third, the Chinese animal zodiac. Find out your lucky number, flower, color, direction, and many more. Astrotalk has a lot to offer.

How to choose the best online love psychic readers:

There’s a great number of spiritual readings online. How are they different from each other? How to find the best one that’ll meet all your requirements?

  • Read the reviews. The ones that both users and experts leave on the web. They’re usually very informative in terms of their effectiveness, user-friendliness, cost, offered means of communication, etc.

  • Use free trials. As a rule, psychics online give newbies an opportunity to try their services for a short period of time for free. It’s usually enough to conclude whether a website suits you and can give you what you’re looking for.

  • Learn how long a site has been working. What’s its experience? As a rule, long years of committed work is a good sign a site has a reputation and users trust it.

  • Think about what features you need. What method of interaction with a spiritual advisor do you prefer? Email, chat, phone, or webcam? Most commonly, sites have limited options. What’s the use of a service that doesn’t have what you specifically require? Go for the one that’ll satisfy your demands.

Also, remember that cheap psychic readings aren’t always the most suited option as certain means are required to maintain quality.

Types of online love readings

There are loads of divination methods and ways of reading for love and relationship. The most common ones that are widely practiced by people all over the globe today are below.

  • Tarot reading. This is more of a way to get guidance rather than to receive solutions to your love problems. There’s a deck of cards that gifted clairvoyants apply to direct you to the right route when you lose it. Every card has many interpretations and usually only a professional can interpret them correctly. You may inquire about anything — family, desire, wealth, profession, friends.

  • Astrology. Probably everyone reads their horoscopes occasionally, sometimes just for fun. But there’s much more behind the stars and planets than people might think. Your time, date, and place of birth can hide many secret things. Their interpretation can serve to make your life better, but just in case you address a specialist who knows the laws of nature and galaxy and how it all works.

  • Palm reading. What do palmists do? They interpret your character, future, important events in your life by the lines, marks, and bumps you have on your hands. The length of your fingers is also taken into account. Besides, palmists usually use a right hand more, considering it more informative.

  • Dreams analysis. People understand the dreams they have are significant and have meanings that can influence their lives. Dream interpretations are usually among the top psychic readings because they’re often very precise and help to reveal the truth.


What is a psychic reading?

The term is perceived and interpreted in many ways. Let’s refer to the most universal description of what psychic reading is. It means to discover and comprehend information using the five senses that are sharpened and increased. Psychics have more responsive human senses. Their eyes, ears, skin, etc. are more sensitive to the outer world.

It allows understanding, perceiving, and feeling things that ordinary people can’t. It’s a talent given from above to help others in need. Fate, karma, and life purposes. Mediumship and grieving. Love and desire. A real psychic reading can guide you with any of the life issues.

Is psychic reading real?

Psychic readings have been researched and studied since the earliest times. Even the governments and parliaments of different countries applied psychic gifts during the most difficult times like wars and crises. Furthermore, they have been employed to deal with unsolved crimes. It was successful in many cases and helped to resolve lots of issues.

Psychic readings are widely practiced on a day-to-day basis by ordinary people for different purposes — to get guidance, learn the best period of time for important events, get rid of curses, even talk to dead people. Judging by their popularity and positive reviews psychic readings get, many believe it’s all for real and can be used as a great tool to make life better, ease the pain, discover the solutions.

Are psychic readings accurate?

No one can predict the future in every detail. It’s impossible because there are billions of options and choices that intervene in people’s lives every second. That’s why no one ever talks about deep-dyed psychic readings’ accuracy. However, there’s plenty of people who claim psychic readings can help to see something you can’t in your normal everyday life.

There are situations that provoke lots of loose ends. People can’t find the answers and feel absolutely lost. A spiritual advisor is the one who directs out of what seems like an unmanageable issue. Returning you to the proper route and supporting you to see light at the end of the tunnel is a psychic’s main purpose, not giving you straight and exact answers.

What to expect from a psychic reading?

Your expectations are important during your psychic session. If you’re skeptical and pessimistic, even top rated psychics won’t be able to help you. You have to be open to a new experience and perceive the information as something that might change your life. You should be ready to apply it and work hard to make so desired changes.

Don’t expect to receive a well-elaborated plan or a step-by-step guide. Don’t wait for someone to solve all your problems. Take the information, process it, and think of what you can do about it and how you can use it to make positive shifts in life.

How do psychic readings work?

A psychic reading is a cooperation between a spiritual advisor and their so-called customer. It can be happening in many ways and at various places — face to face or online on different continents. It doesn’t matter where you are. What’s essential is your spirit, strength, and desire to interact.

As a rule, little or no information is asked by a psychic. In any case, it isn’t bad when they ask you to tell more. Any specialist has to know as much about their client as required for a satisfying result. Answer all the questions and be ready to ask yours. Get prepared for your psychic reading and come up with at least 3 issues bothering you. The less vague your questions are, the better.

What questions to ask a psychic?

You can ask anything that bothers you. But generally, questions can be divided into several groups. One of the most common categories — love and relationships. People ask something like “When I meet a partner?”, “What should I do to become happier in marriage?”, “Will I have children?”, etc. Another popular group is career-related questions. For example, “What should I do to get promoted?”, “Do I suit for the job position I’m going to take?”, “Do I need to change my workplace?”, etc. Or questions about your health and well-being like “How can I improve my health?”, “What am I doing wrong that I’m feeling so bad?”, and many more. There’s no “right” question. Ask anything and you’ll get what you need.

Online love psychic reading—use or not?

Best psychic readings for love are at your service 24/7 to direct you through difficulties and uncertainty in relationships. If you have any doubts about their quality and accuracy, read all the review users leave and learn how their lives change. Or, better, try it yourself, as the majority of platforms have free trials and special offers. You can’t lose anything. You can only gain and benefit. Agree?

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Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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