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Humans have always wondered what their dreams were trying to tell them. Whether good or bad, dreams usually carry some signs about current circumstances in a person’s life or future prospective. And emotions after certain dreams are sometimes just too overwhelming to ignore. 

But can professional dream analysis give you answers you crave for? And what are the platforms that provide dream readings and interpretation of a high quality? Let’s find out.

Top 4 Dream Interpretation Sites

  1. Keen—accurate and 100% real dream readings
  2. Kasamba—professional dream interpretation on desktop and mobile
  3. Oranum—dream interpretations by professional broadcasters
  4. AskNow—dream analysis by phone in English or Spanish

Searching for the best interpretation website, the majority of users often choose one of the following platforms.

Keen—accurate and 100% real dream readings

  • First 3 minutes for FREE
  • Satisfaction guarantee policy
  • Blog and advice articles

Keen is one of the most prominent dream interpretation sites with over 20 years of experience.

Generally, you find psychics of all categories here: spiritual readings, numerology, vedic astrology, angel readings, and many more. There are more than 30 dream interpreters among all the specialists.

You need to register and create a profile to get a consultation. To find the professional, choose Dream Interpretation in the categories list. You’re shown a selection of dream readers whom you can sort out based on the price, rating, availability, skills and methods, ways to contact, and other.

Click on any specialist if you want to know more about his methods. Every profile contains descriptions of the dream analysis approach and background, as well as lists of specialties (such as love, career, life path, etc.), skills and methods (numerology, remote viewing, dream exploration, etc.), and languages experts speak.

Some users’ reviews present on the site help decide whether to trust a particular dream interpreter online.

The price for the consultation depends on the specialist and ranges from $1.99 to $9.99+ per minute. The first 3 minutes are for free. You can either call or contact dream translators in chat.

Kasamba—professional dream interpretation on desktop and mobile

  • 3Free minutes +50% OFF the first session
  • Email dream readings
  • Users reviews on each expert
  • Ability to add dream interpreters to favorites

Kasamba is always listed among the best dream interpretation websites. More than 20 years of experience, along with users′ positive feedback, make it a good choice for those who look for a professional dream explanation.

To get the desired answers on the life path, love relationships, or work by the interpretation of your dream, you can either use the desktop version or download the responsive Kasamba app for Android.

There are about 110 dream interpreters online on the platform. Besides, the service offers various other psychic readings such as astrology, tarot readings, rune casting, numerology, and others.

Each professional dream interpreter has a detailed profile. They indicate their experience and qualifications, describe services, and add a selection of specialties they work in besides dream translating such as spell casting, palm reading, astrology, or taro.

Here, you also get to see the cost of their services. The price ranges from $1.99 to $22.99 per minute and mostly depends on the expert’s experience. Every user is treated with the first 3 minutes free with every dream teller online.

There are 3 ways to get accurate dream interpretation on Kasamba: in chat, by phone, or via email. The price for letters is set separately and differs as well. Some specialists charge $100 for one letter, others—around $10 or are ready to negotiate it.

Oranum—dream interpretations by professional broadcasters

  • 10,000 free coins for credit card validation
  • Awards section with the most popular dream translators
  • Personal stories and videos from dream interpreters

Oranum is the best dream interpretation website for those who appreciate visual contact. All the experts are live on cam, and you can join their broadcasts any time.

There, you write in chat for free (for example, greet a specialist), but if you need a consultation, this option is paid. For this, start a private session or donate a particular sum of coins and ask a yes/no question to get the answer. There’s also an option to write an expert a chat message even if he or she is offline. In this case, you get the answer when they come back online.

On Oranum, you pay with coins. The first 10,000 coins you get for free when validating your credit card. Then, you purchase them with real money. The cost of psychic dream interpretation reading depends on a particular advisor. They always state the price in the video chat.

There are also a variety of other psychics on Oranum besides dream analysis who specialize in such fields as astrology, numerology, tarot, and even pet psychics.

Looking for the dream interpretation service on Oranum, you notice how they focus on the experts′ personalities, letting you know them better even before the consultation. The majority of dream translators post stories and videos in their profiles, which helps you feel whether a particular specialist is “your” person.

AskNow—dream analysis by phone in English or Spanish

  • First 5 minutes for free
  • Accurate dream interpretation by phone or in chat
  • Psychics′ schedules

AskNow is also among the top dream interpretation sites and famous for its phone consultations. The platform has operated since 2005 and already gained lots of loyal members.

Using AskNow for the first time, you get an introductory offer—30 minutes for $30 (or 20 minutes for $20). Plus, you have 5 free minutes with every new psychic specializing in dream interpretation. The average price for readings depends on a particular expert and ranges from $4.99 to $13.00 and more.

Most psychics prefer analyzing dreams by phone, but some still consult in chat. The price is the same both ways.

All the specialists′ profiles contain their schedule, which helps you understand when it’s best to plan a spiritual dream interpretation session. Moreover, you get to see the previous clients′ feedback, a list of fields the expert works in, and their descriptions.

Besides dream analysis online, psychics on AskNow also work with horoscopes, taro, spiritual guides, numerology, and others. You can also filter all the specialists based on the language they speak—English or Spanish.

How much does dream analysis cost?

The price for dream interpretations online mostly depends on two factors: the platform you use and the particular specialist’s experience.

Also, the way you get your dream readings matters. For example, chats and phone calls differ from letters.

Basically, the cost of 1 minute of chat or phone call ranges from $1 to $30 and sometimes more. But the situation is roughly different when it comes to email readings. A particular dream translator sets the price for 1 letter and starts from $1 or $10 and goes up to $100 and even more. Often, it’s negotiable and very changeable.

The field a psychic works in also influences the final cost. For example, those who specialize in solving love and relationship issues are more expensive than those who work on inner questions.

Who can do dream analysis?

On an elementary level, you can try to do that yourself. Many systems of symbols are used to explain what a particular dream means. For example, lots of people believe that seeing a snake in a dream means you have a person in your life who performs dirty, toxic behavior and influences you badly.

But what’s next? What does it mean if you kill a snake in a dream? Or when you bring it as a present to someone? Or when you’re a snake yourself? Such details can only be analyzed by professional dream interpreters.

A person who can read dreams is called oneirocritic. They have the gift and spiritual power to understand signs your dreams contain and analyze them based on your life situation. You get the most exhaustive explanation of your dreams when contacting a dream interpreter online.

How can I find out what a dream means?


It’s better to opt for specialized platforms like those mentioned above and contact an expert to get a real dream interpretation. But the results will be even more effective if you do the following:

  • Write down details. As soon as you wake up, get a piece of paper and write down everything you can recall about the dream you had. It’s ok if you don’t remember everything except some fragments. Only 11% of Americans always remember their dreams, while the majority usually forget.
  • Add associations. Connect the dream details to your associations with them. For example, if you dream of a teddy bear from your childhood your father gave you, don’t forget to mention it (not just “I saw a teddy bear”).
  • Try to compare all the dream events with your life circumstances. Let’s say you saw a nightmare. What could make you dream of such horrors? Do you have stress at work right now? Does anybody from your family have health troubles?
  • Provide all your notes to a professional dream interpreter. When you’ve made all the preparations, contact an expert and describe not only the details you saw in a dream but also everything that’s connected to it.

Getting a professional psychic dream interpretation reading might give you the answers you’re looking for. Choose one of the dream interpretation sites mentioned above to get the best experience and professional assistance.

Dream Interpretation FAQ

Do dreams have meaning?

Not all dreams have meaning and require dream explanations. Some reflect the emotions and worries you have in everyday life. But some offer you important messages and guidance you need at the moment.

Where do dreams come from?

It’s believed that people have dreams during the RAM (rapid eye movement) phase when the brain is the most active. Some studies also suggest that dreams come from humans′ imagination, not perception. It presupposes memories, abstract thoughts, etc.

Why do people have trouble remembering their dreams?

The biological explanation for that is an absence of the REM phase during sleep or various sleep disorders. But that’s still not the whole story. And it’s difficult to give one explanatory answer, as the majority of dreams are forgotten after waking up, often for no reason.

Can dreams predict the future?

Yes and no. Dreams that can predict the future are called precognitive. But you rarely see a clear picture of the future in your dreams. Rather, some signs and symbols substitute certain changes that wait for you. And accurate dream interpretation is only possible when contacting a specialist.

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Best Dream Interpretation Websites That Work

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