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Best Free Psychic Reading Online Sites of 2021

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The use of paranormal abilities and systems to divine information has been practiced since the 8th century BC. Oracles provided kings and commoners with words of advice, glimpses of the future and warnings to avoid misfortune long before the idea of the Internet existed. These practices have persisted and evolved over the years, leading to the current situation whereby Psychic Readings can be obtained by simply searching Google.

This growing field of online psychics may make selecting the correct advisor for you somewhat tricky. That is why we have created this list. We have identified the three best sites where you can access Psychic Readings for free, listing all the information you will need to make your choice easier.

Top 3 Summary

  1. Keen – Best Site For New Clients
  2. Kasamba – Runner Up
  3. AskNow – Lengthiest Free Reading Offer

Let’s dive into the detailed review.

Keen – Best Site For New Clients

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  • Easy to create accounts
  • Top-notch customer support
  • Over twenty years of experience
  • More than fifty advisors to choose from


  • Satisfaction guarantee only applies to paying customers

Established in 1999, Keen offers psychic and spiritual services used more than 35 million times by visitors and members alike. At present, Keen hosts twenty-four services that visitors can take advantage of. These services include:

  • Psychic Reading
  • Other World Connections
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Aura Cleansing

With over twenty years in the psychic business, Keen has amassed a reputation for treating their customers fairly and providing accurate and empathic readings. Keen’s continued existence in what could be seen as somewhat of a niche market is its very first advantage as new users can be confident from reading past customer experiences that the company is genuine.

Keen is particularly helpful for new members to the world of Psychic Readings and spiritual advice as its primary and category pages include information on how to navigate the site and interact with advisors. Keen also supplies users with instructional videos created with the help of psychics and advisors. New members can visit the ‘Tips From Featured Psychics’ page to get a complete understanding of Keen’s services and how each service can be applied to everyday life.

To access the services offered by Keen, visitors must create an account. Keen requests that all visitors be eighteen or older if they wish to become a member. The actual process of registering with Keen takes less than two minutes. The site only requires an email address and a password, after which point members will have full access to the site.

Keen’s free Psychic Readings revolves around the idea that finding the right advisor is a process that might take some time. With this in mind, Keen offers members three free minutes with an advisor of their choice. If an advisor is willing to honour this offer, it will be displayed on their profile.

Using Keen’s free service has a unique advantage. Unlike free Psychic Reading sites that offer jumbled messages created by computer algorithms, professional advisors conduct Keen’s Psychic Readings. Members do not need to worry about the quality of their reading as the advisors are motivated to create the best experience possible in the hopes that the client will return as a paying customer.

Keen offers a selection of more than fifty Psychic Reading advisors who can be found using the dropdown ‘Advisors’ tab at the top of the homepage. Keen’s easy to use filtering system allows clients to find immediately available advisors. The system also allows clients to choose an advisor’s ratings and methods of communication.

Keen offers a satisfaction guarantee, but as this involves a refund, it is impossible to obtain by only using Keen’s free services. However, if you are not happy with a reading, Keen encourages you to take advantage of its superb customer support system and report the matter.

In conclusion, due to the detail and information on the site, along with a clearly outlined free minutes promotion, Keen is the best site for new users wishing to take part in free Psychic Readings.

Learn more at Keen.com

Kasamba – Runner Up



  • Over 200 advisors to choose from
  • Provides users with a mobile app
  • Helpful and professional customer service
  • Best promotional offer


  • New users might be overwhelmed by the number of advisors

Celebrating more than twenty years in the psychic business, Kasamba has hosted over 3 million visitors searching for clarification of life’s many issues. Kasamba offers more than 20 main categories of spiritual advice and aid. These categories are subdivided into specifications that cover a variety of areas, including:

  • Psychic Readings
  • Chinese Astrology
  • Dream Analysis
  • Cartomancy

Creating an account on Kasamba is quick and easy. Visitors who already own Google or Apple accounts can access the site by signing in to these accounts. Visitors who do not have access to either of these accounts must fill out a registration form that will take no more than five minutes.

New members can access three minutes of free Psychic Readings per advisor by taking advantage of Kasamba’s Best Match Guarantee. This offer is meant to help choose an appropriate advisor.

New users are offered a further 70% discount on their first reading, meaning that while a free three-minute session is available, clients also have a chance to obtain an entire session for quite a bargain. In addition, Kasamba is currently running a 15% deal to ensure that clients will pay little or nothing for their very first session.

To find advisors versed in Psychic Reading, users need only to navigate to the top of the homepage as this is one of the primary tabs. Kasamba employs more than 200 Psychic Reading advisors and currently has seven subcategories of Psychic Reading that users can choose from. These include:

  • Aura Readings
  • Remote Viewings
  • Crystal Readings
  • Pet Psychics

Kasamba maintains a rigorous application scheme for its advisors. Each practitioner is vetted before and during their tenancy on the site. This sturdy hiring process is to ensure that advisors are honest and open about their expertise. Kasamba prides itself on its selection of advisors, and its growing client base supports its approach.

From the Psychic Reading Advisors’ page, users can sort advisors by rank, length of time on the site or omit busy advisors. Kasamba also allows clients to switch between the two primary tabs that indicate communication methods that the client requires. At present, Kasamba offers options for email, phone call and chat Psychic Readings. Clicking on an advisor’s profile will provide the client with detailed information about their service, including their qualifications and available languages.

Kasamba’s wide selection of advisors might seem somewhat intimidating to new customers; however, the knowledge that clients can contact each advisor using their free minutes and filter according to their needs should make the process less intimidating.

To clients who are continually moving, Kasamba offers a mobile app that can be used with IOS and Android systems. The entire website can also be accessed via mobile or tablet with no reported issues.

Due to its generous promotional offers and the opportunities to experience limited services for free on numerous occasions, we have selected Kasamba as our Runner Up on this list.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

AskNow – Lengthiest Free Reading Offer

  • M4_210325_EDH_Psychic
  • Free question available for non-members
  • Advisors are regularly tested
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 5-minute free reading
  • Mobile app


  • Not all readers support free plan

Established in 2005, AskNow has been rated one of the most visited psychic websites, with many of its members located in the United States. AskNow hosts more than seventy advisors and has had millions of readings over the course of its existence.

AskNow offers 5 minutes free reading which allows for the lengthiest free readings of any of the sites on our list.Visitors who are unwilling to sign up for a membership can still gain advice from AskNow’s free question service. To access this, users must provide a question along with their name, email address, date of birth and the category that question would fall into. Upon completion of this form, users will be emailed by an assigned psychic who will provide answers and further details for a paid reading if one is needed.

With 16 years in the service, AskNow has gained a good grasp on the need for truthful and honest advisors with a good work ethic. AskNow has a very rigorous approach to employing new advisors and readers. This is done to maintain the four to five-star ratings of their most decorated advisors and reward client’s trust in the company. Advisors are regularly tested, and their ratings are adjusted accordingly. Clients are encouraged to report any cases of discrepancies in their readings to the company.

AskNow hosts over seventy Psychic Reading advisors on their site. To find the right advisor, clients can use the site’s filtering system to sort by Reading Type, Availability and Categories. AskNow offers nine categories for clients to choose from. These include:

  • Love & Relationship
  • Careers & Goals
  • Dream Analysis
  • Past Lives

Another unique advantage of AskNow is the amount of information provided in an advisor’s quick view profile. At a glance, clients can learn whether the advisor supports the five free minute reading offers, languages they speak, qualifications and years of experience. Advisor’s full profiles provide customer ratings and the ability to schedule a reading.

The site also plays hosts to a mobile app for clients who require their readings while on the go.

Learn more at Asknow.com

How Does A Psychic Reading Work?

There are many types and forms of Psychic Readings. To understand how the service works, we must first define what Psychic Reading is.

The practice of Psychic Reading has existed for hundreds of years. In simple terms, Psychic Reading refers to the ability to gather information using heightened senses and perception skills. Regarding heightened senses, there are four main types of information gathering, these are:

  • Claircognizance – Information gained from pre-natural knowing
  • Clairvoyance – Information gathered from vision
  • Clairsentience – Information gathered from feeling
  • Clairaudience – Information gathered from hearing

Psychic Readings have provided millions of people with information surrounding their future, love and relationship, careers and life issues. The spiritual service was regarded with scepticism resulting from fraudulent Psychic Readings often found at fairs and carnivals. However, recent studies have gone a long way to prove these Psychic Readings’ success, allowing the practice to gain a pseudoscience label.

There are several types of popular Psychic Reading methods. Each individual method’s practices differ from the other, so to adequately explain how they are conducted, they need to be examined. Five of these Psychic Reading types and procedures are as follows:

1. Palmistry -Also known as palm reading, this form of Psychic Reading allows the advisor to gather information by studying their client’s palm. Practitioners can glean information about a person’s future, love life and current problems by studying an individual’s hand lines. Every line represents a specific factor in a client’s life, with the four main lines being:

  • Head Line
  • Heart Line
  • Fate Line
  • Life Line

The right hand is often used during these Psychic Readings, but the preference is ultimately up to the advisor.

2. Aura Readings -Aura Readings refers to the Psychic Reading practice of gathering information directly from a client’s aura. The aura in question is described as an energy field that emanates from and surrounds the human body. Auras are believed to have different colours that can be read to give a client greater insight into their life and possible problems they might be facing. Some of the primary colours described are:

  • Orange – This colour gives an indication of the client’s creativity.
  • Green – This colour is linked to the heart chakra. It is believed to provide information about relationships and matters of the heart.
  • Black – This colour often gives insight into the client’s exhaustion levels.

3. Numerology -Using this Psychic Reading method, advisors can predict certain life events or gain information about a client using numbers. This practice is based on the theory that there is an existing relationship between numbers and events in a person’s life. Often, advisors will use the client’s name or the name of the person they are concerned about to create a number they will then interpret. The message gleaned from this practice depends on the system that is used. Some of the systems in circulation include:

  • Chaldean
  • Kabbalah
  • Pythagorean

It is important to note that Chinese Numerology advisors operate on a different system.

4. Tarot Reading – This practice of Psychic Reading involves using tarot cards to predict specific events or situations in a client’s life. Each card in a tarot deck has a particular meaning that can be used to pass on a message or advice to the client when combined. Tarot decks consist of seventy-eight cards that are split into two main categories, these are:

  • The Major Arcana – These twenty-two cards are used to predict major, life-altering events. When used independently, they may be arranged using either the Five Card Spread method or the Circle of Eight Spread.
  • The Minor Arcana – These remaining fifty-six cards are split into four main suits. These are the Suit of Wands, Suit of Pentacles, Suit of Cups, Suit of Swords. These cards are used to make predictions that are usually based on temporary events.

5. Psychometry -Also known as token-object reading, this form of Psychic Reading involves gleaning information from objects. This is based on the belief that particular objects maintain an energy field that practitioners can read to gain knowledge from that object. This form of Psychic Reading is often used to gather information about someone who is deceased or cannot communicate for themselves. By touching the object or the aura surrounding the item, advisors are believed to glean information about the item’s owner, situations that might have occurred where the item was located and intense emotions that might have been transferred onto the object by those around it.

Other forms of Psychic Readings include:

  • Cleromancy
  • Astrology
  • Rune Readings

Different Ways of Psychic Reading Online

As identified, there are many different methods of Psychic Readings available. Some methods, such as Psychometry and, to some extent, Palmistry, require that a client be physically present during the session, while many others can be conducted online.

There are several ways that Psychic Readings can occur using online platforms. These include:

  • Chat messages – Astrology sessions require limited information from the client and can be efficiently conducted via chat messages.
  • Email – Numerology is perfect for an email setting as all the information required can be requested and provided at the client’s convenience.
  • Phone calls – Clients can arrange callbacks or contact the advisor of their choice directly for Tarot Card Reading sessions if the advisor is amendable.
  • Video call – Experienced advisors are sometimes able to conduct Aura Readings over a video call. The success of the session will depend on the Internet connection available.

Are Online Readings As Accurate?

The accuracy of online Psychic Readings is often called into question. This is mainly due to the departure from the more traditional setting of the spiritual practice. There are worries that clients could potentially be scammed by fraudulent advisors due to the increased distance permitted by the Internet. However, this is not the case. Unlike the once-popular home Psychic Reading advisors, readers who are part of a site such as those identified on our list are rigorously checked. Most recruitment programs included scrutinizing past records and clientele, random tests to check the authenticity of a reader’s claims, and regular training to ensure that the reader’s skills are kept up to date.

Clients are also offered the chance to check advisors for themselves and are encouraged to do so. Reading customer reviews, checking ratings and even requesting sample readings are just a few ways you can ensure that your advisor is genuine.

In short, customers using online Psychic Reading services are somewhat more protected than clients who use random, available readers.

Even without the threat of scams, some clients might still be unsure about how easy it would be to conduct a Psychic Reading online. Such worries should be laid to rest with the growing number of advisors who have moved their services to online platforms. Even methods such as Palmistry which was once thought to be an offline, in-person form of Psychic Reading, can be conducted with a fully-functional webcam and steady Internet connection.

To get the most accurate online reading possible, clients must avoid websites offering information based solely on algorithms. Such sites have generated worry and confusion that have led to a poor outlook of authentic online Psychic Reading sites.

In conclusion, clients can get as accurate a Psychic Readings online as they would offline. This has been proven by the millions of clients who are using online facilities. Much as with offline services, the accuracy of the information gained depends mostly on the advisor’s authenticity. Using our list, clients should be able to weed out fake advisors and bag themselves an advisor who is perfect for their needs.

Best Questions To Ask A Psychic?

Your first Psychic Reading session will always be a bit daunting. It is crucial to understand how to conduct yourself to get the most out of the opportunity. One of the areas that have been identified as challenging for new members is constructing the questions that you want your advisor to answer.

The first piece of advice for new users is to avoid closed questions. Simply put, to get the most out of your session, don’t ask questions that can be answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. These questions limit the amount of information you will receive, and the abruptness of such an answer can often ruin the mood of the sessions, especially for nervous clients.

The second piece of advice is to decide on the topic that you would like to ask about. Going into a Psychic Reading without this information might cause you to be nervous, and you could lose the opportunity to gain valuable information.

Once you have decided on your topic, the next step is to craft your question. As this process can be somewhat tricky, we have taken the time to identify some topics and provide questions that you might wish to use in your next session.

Love and Relationships

  1. What can I do to find my soulmate?
  2. What should I change in my current relationship?
  3. I need help in my relationship. What should I do?
  4. What path should I take to find love?


  1. How can I find a job that’s right for me?
  2. What do I need to do to get a promotion?
  3. I’m having issues with my coworkers. How can I fix this?
  4. How can I grow my career?


  1. What does the future hold for my family and me?
  2. How can I help my family find peace?
  3. How can I repair the broken bonds in my family?
  4. What do I need to know about my family’s dynamic?


  1. What can I do to achieve happiness in my future?
  2. Are there specific paths I should follow or actions I need to do to succeed?
  3. How can I accomplish my goals?
  4. How can I make sure that I’m happy in the future?

These are just a few examples of structured questions. Each of these questions allows the advisor the opportunity to use their skills and abilities to divine the information needed to answer. This set-up creates a relationship of trust between you and your advisor, proving that you are confident in their skills.

The most important things to remember when creating your question is to be specific about the focus of your worry, craft your question to allow for explanations and to keep an open mind if the answer you receive is not the one you expected.


Online Psychic Readings are a growing business. As technology creates an irresistible lure for new clients with the promise of accountability and privacy, you should expect more sites offering these spiritual services to emerge every day. While the idea of wading through millions of advisors might seem daunting, with our list, you can narrow your potential advisors down to three sites filled with professional readers. With this information, making a decision should be easy, and your peace of mind should be within your grasp.

The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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